DBCA- Not much to say Happy New Years!!

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"Nya! Oishi! I can't believe the year's almost over!!" exclaimed the acrobat.

"Yeah I know pretty soon we'll be in High School and everyone will be split up…" He commented quietly gazing at the other regulars on the mountain.

"Poor O-chibi will be stuck with left with Kaidoh and Momo …But, hey at least no more Inui Juices!"

The doubles pair started to talk about High School tennis and more importantly how they were going to win Nationals next year without Ryoma.

I hope we can always be a team…

"Ne, Mamushi can you believe we won Nationals! And, we even played doubles together! Can you believe it?"

Said snake twitched at the name but bit back the retort, "Ah, I figured we'd already lost when we put on those masks…"

They sat in silence before glasses glinted behind them, "Actually your success was expected but you exceeded my predictions. Hmm I need more data…"

"Inui!" came the collective shout, "forget it!"

Maybe we do make a good pair…all three of us…

"Saa, Tezuka are you going to be able to play next year?" The Tensai had his eyes opened with concern.

"…Sensei says I shouldn't…but," He looked towards Ryoma, "It should be healed in time for Nationals…"

Fuji didn't even question him. He already knew which Nationals Tezuka meant.

"Souka well I suppose I'm going to train harder for then too."

Ryoma finally looked up, "Buchou remember you can't lose to anyone any more…" he smirked, "And, Fuji-senpai, I'm going to break all of your counters even Hoshi Hanabi and however many else you create…" he pulled his cap down, "Yudan sezu ni ikkou, right Buchou?"

The captain's lips twitched, "Ah…"

I wish we could stay like this for a little while longer…

"Oi!" shouted Taka, "It's almost New Years! Think of your resolutions!"

10 This

9 Year

8 all I plan on

7 is improving

6 is aiming for Nationals

5 is making new counters

4 to play with out regrets

3 becoming a better cheif

2 To be the best

1 To beat baka Oyaji

Happy new year!

To stay together…always…no mater how far apart…

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