Hi, guys. This is the sequel to Big Brother Instincts. It's best if you read BBI first, but you can read it alone. Since most reviewers wanted more, I decided that I could extend this storyline to this. I wanted to experiment with this idea anyway, so it worked out well. I hope you enjoy this. Just so you know, I don't know own Numb3rs, or anything Numb3rs related. I just write fanfic stories about it.


Charlie felt better after he talked to his brother. It was the first time he had told anyone about Russ Cartman, the man who had abused his friend Jessica, and had threatened to kill him. For years, Charlie had kept an eye out for Russ, even when he was at Princeton. He couldn't take the chance. He had to be on his guard. But after a few years, Charlie finally calmed. He hadn't expected to see the man again, hadn't expected him to recognize him over 17 years later. But Russ Cartman had known who he was. He had asked him about his threat. He remembered, too.

Charlie shivered at the thought as he graded papers in his office. He had lost time the other day when he didn't come back in after seeing Russ Cartman. Now he was paying for it. Papers piled up on his desk in scattered mounds. There was no order to the mess. Charlie was looking forward to getting it out of the way.

After a long day of catching up on grading papers and aiding students, Charlie was ready to go home. It was almost six o'clock; his last class ended by 4:30. The sun was beginning to set as Charlie walked outside to the parking lot. Few cars were left, mostly just faculty and students who had late classes.

Charlie was fishing around in his coat pocket for his keys when he heard footsteps behind him. Feeling the hairs raise on his neck, Charlie looked behind him quickly, but didn't see anyone. Shaking his head, he tried to tell himself he was imagining things.

"Charlie Eppes. We have to stop meeting like this," Russ Cartman's voice called from behind him. Charlie stopped in his tracks, keys still in his hands.

"I wouldn't try anything, since there's a gun pointed at your back."

Charlie dropped his keys back in his pockets as he turned around. With both hands still in his pockets, he blindly used the speed dial on his cell and turned on the speaker phone. Hoping that he hit the right buttons, he took his hands out, and held them up in front of him.

"I don't want any trouble, Mr. Cartman."

Russ smiled. "And I don't expect to have any."

Aiming the gun at Charlie's head, Russ stepped closer. "Don't worry. This will be quick."

Charlie shook as he stood in front of Russ. "Where's Jessica?"

"I haven't seen her in ten years. Good riddance. The girl was a disappointment to me all her life."

Charlie shook again, but anger was the key reason this time. "She was a wonderful person. You broke her."

"She was just like her mother. You know my wife left when Jessica was four. I never wanted a daughter in the first place."

"Why did she leave?"

Russ smiled, a smile so sinister it scared Charlie. "Same reason Jessica got away."

"What? Rape?"

Before Charlie could react, Russ shot Charlie in the lower right calf. Crying out, Charlie fell to the ground.

"If I were you, I'd think before speaking more. After all, I'm the one with the gun, remember? And you're the insignificant weakling... and the one who is about to die."


Don was sitting at his desk, filling out some paper work when his cell phone rang. Pulling it out, he answered gruffly, "Eppes."

In return, all he got was silence. He pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at the caller ID, and saw that it was his brother's cell phone.


Getting worried, Don listened closely. He could barely make out muffled voices, and then he heard the terrifying sound of a gun shot.

Unsure of what was going on, he started a trace of the caller's location, the location of his possibly shot or dead brother. Making an educated guess, Don assumed Charlie had called him when he knew there was trouble.

Heart racing, Don waited impatiently for Charlie's location to appear on the computer in front of him. When he saw Colby walking by, he grabbed the agent.

"Colby! I need your cell phone."

"Okay. Here. What's going on?" Colby willingly gave up his cell phone, but was unsure as to why.

"I just need to borrow it. Stay here until the location comes up. Please, call me on your cell when it does. I'll be in my car."

"You got it."

Before Colby got the full sentence out, Don was taking off at a run to his car. Assuming his brother was still at CalSci, he headed in that direction until he had a confirmation from Colby.

Don had barely left the parking garage when Colby's cell phone rang.

"Talk to me," Don answered.

"Don, it's at CalSci. What's going on?"

"It's Charlie. I have to go."


Don hung up and turned on his siren. Driving as fast as he could, he drove the distance to CalSci. It took him less than ten minutes, and he searched the parking lot for his brother's car, or even his brother. Something shone off his headlights, and he saw the familiar shape of a gun.

Quickly, Don got out of the car, holding his own gun out in front of him. Cautiously, he came closer. Still unseen to the gunman, Don ducked behind cars, as he assessed the situation. Looking around the edge of a car, Don caught sight of his brother, lying on the ground, holding his leg.

"Get up!" Russ barked at Charlie. Charlie was barely to his knees when Don came out, gun pointed at Russ.

"FBI! Drop your weapon!" Don shouted as he came closer, hoping to put distance between Charlie and Russ. Then the unthinkable happened. Russ grabbed the barely standing Charlie and pointed a gun at his head.

"No, agent. You drop your weapon."

Don fought to keep the horror out of his eyes. For a brief moment, he looked from Charlie to Russ, then focused on Russ.

"That's not going to happen, Russ."

"Oh, right. You're big brother, aren't you?" Russ laughed.

Don kept the emotion out of his face, even though inside he was steaming. His heart beat faster than normal, and his stomach churned. But he had to force the agent in him to take care of the situation.

"So, what's it going to be, agent? You going to drop your weapon, or am I going to shoot your brother?"

"You're going to drop your weapon, and we're all going to walk away alive."

Charlie's breath became shaky as the gun was pressed tightly against his temple. A small whimper escaped his lips, and Charlie could feel Russ smile.

"You like watching your brother sweat?" Russ asked as he turned his attention to Don.

"Russ, let's just end this peacefully. No one has to get hurt. You don't want to put murder on your list of crimes, too, do you?"

"Actually, I don't really care. I told your brother if I ever saw him again I'd kill him. I can't be a liar, now can I?"

"You don't have to do that, Russ."

"Oh, but I do." Russ smiled at Don, and, in turn, Don glared at Russ.

As silent moments passed, Charlie grew more and more uncomfortable. His heart was pounding out of his chest and tears were forming in his eyes as the barrel of the gun pierced into his temple. Looking to his brother, Charlie hoped to find his hero.

"Don, just shoot him."

"Charlie, shut up!"

"Don, please-"

"Buddy." Don's eyes shut for a brief moment. "Just stop."

Charlie stopped talking and, surprised, watched his brother carefully.

"I... I can't do this with you talking to me. I can't do this when I look at you."

Don's eyes glazed with tears as he looked at his brother. Charlie's heart broke and Russ laughed.

"Isn't this sweet? I'm not one for wasting time, so why don't we get this over with?"

"That's not going to happen, Mr. Cartman," Megan's voice called loudly. She came from behind Don, and Russ looked around him. Colby was coming up behind Russ, and David was coming from Russ' left. All were armed, pointing their guns at Russ.

"And why is that?"

"Because you have four guns pointed at you. Dying was not in your plan today."

"Yeah, but killing him was."

Charlie cried out as the gun shoved deeper into his head.

"We're not about to let that happen. You have an FBI consultant at gunpoint. We're not going to let you shoot him and just walk away. You're stuck, Mr. Cartman. Just let Charlie go. Nobody else has to get hurt today." Megan kept the gun pointed at Russ as she tried to talk him out of harming Charlie.

"Just put the gun down."

"Why should I? I'm just going to go to jail anyway!" Russ shouted loudly, angrily, as he tightened his hold around Charlie's neck.

Charlie's eyes got a little larger as he looked desperately at Don. Don tried to avoid his brother's gaze, but had to look at him. When he did, he wanted to just shoot Russ then and there. But he wasn't going to do that.

"Yes, you will go to jail, but you don't have to die today, Russ. Just put the gun down, and step away from Charlie."

Russ took a moment to look at each of the agents. Weighing his options, he kept the gun pointed to Charlie's head as he looked between the agents. He really didn't want to die today, but going to jail didn't seem much better. He wanted to just shoot Charlie and get it over with. He had never planned this, just like the agent said. He had spent his life breaking laws, and hadn't been caught until now. And there seemed to be no way to get out of this situation.

"All right. All right." Russ let go of Charlie and slowly dropped his weapon so that it was pointed down at the ground. Don cautiously went toward his brother while David went to Russ to place him under arrest.

With the gun pointing down, Russ stopped. In a split second he changed his mind.

"Gun!" Megan called, pointing the gun back at Russ.

Russ raised the gun again, and fired.

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