Note: I do not own any characters. I only own the plot. Twincest. If you do not like it, do not read it. This is a one shot and it's my first time submitting, so, reviews are much appreciated:)

With a strum, Tom finishes his melody. He smiled with satisfaction. Another tune to record. It'll be a part of their new album as soon as Bill comes up with the lyrics. Suddenly, someone hugged him from the back. Tom turned around. It was his twin. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Just finished creating a new melody for the new album." He replied, putting his guitar away. "Hey, since you have nothing to do, why don't you think of the lyrics?" He said. Bill groaned. "I'm sick of that! Always working, even on a Saturday. It's not like the fans will leave us if we don't work!" Tom shrugged. "Entertain me! I'm bored." Bill pleaded, releasing his arms from Tom. He grabbed a chair and sat beside his brother. Tom rolled his eyes. "Well, Georg and Gustav are going out. You can go with them, if you want." He replied. "Are you going?" Bill asked, twirling his hair. Tom shook his head. "Then, I'm not going." The girly looking twin mumbled. "Why not? Go. So that I can have some peace." Tom said jokingly. Bill elbowed his brother. Then they laughed. Bill then leaned over to Tom's ear and whispered, "besides, I want us to have some alone time. Just the two of us." Tom looked at Bill. "What? What are you talking about?" He said in shock. Bill giggled. "You know," he replied, "don't tell me you've never been curious, Tom." The older twin looked down at his feet. Bill then twirled his pinky around Tom's.

Tom looked at the black fingernail. I am curious, but, you're my brother, he thought. Tom stood up, breaking the link between their pinkies. "You're my brother, Bill. This isn't right." He said, looking away. Bill stood up, with his arms resting on Tom's waist. "Do you love me, Tom?" He asked, whispering into his ears, with his long black hair tickling the back of Tom's neck. "I-I do. But-" He said, being cut off by Bill. "But only as a brother?" Bill continued, hugging Tom even tighter. Tom nodded. The younger twin kissed Tom on the cheek. "I love you, Tom. I know you love me too." He whispered. That's it, I can't stand it anymore. If he can express his love for me, so can I, Tom thought. He turned around and looked into Bill's eyes. They smiled at each other. Bill's hug tightened. Their faces got closer and closer, and soon enough, their lips were locked, tongue embracing each other gracefully. Tom felt his brother's piercing. It was cold. But, he didn't care. He was enjoying the deep, passionate kiss he had wanted for so long. He just kept it to himself. He didn't want to express his love. He was afraid of embarrassment and shame. But now, knowing that his brother felt the same way, he didn't need to feel ashamed anymore.

Finally. They decided to release each other. They were reluctant to do so, but, they can't go on kissing forever, or until someone saw them kissing. Bill gave Tom one final kiss on the lips and they ended the moment which will be attached in their minds. Forever.