"Neji! Did you get Kotoko ready yet?" A voice called from a house within the Hyuuga complex.

"Yes Tenten. Hurry, we need to go to see the 6th Hokage." Neji replied.

"Wait Neji! I'm almost done!" Tenten replied. "There, done. Let's go!"

A woman with two buns and a man with long black hair exited the Hyuuga complex. The woman was holding a baby and they hurried off toward the Hokga's building.

"Shikamaru! We need to go to see the Hokage so hurry up!" A woman with four pig tails shouted. She was putting clothes on a baby boy.

"Yawn..." A man with a pigtail entered the room. "I'm ready. How's Arashi?" He patted the baby on the head. The baby laughed.

When the woman finished, she picked the baby up.

"Shikamaru! Get the bottle so that he won't start crying in the middle!" She ordered Shikamaru as she walked toward the door.

"Temari, is that necessary?" Shikamaru asked as he picked up the bottle and followed her.

"Yes, he is a crybaby like you afterall...like you." Temari said as they left the house.

"Troublesome women..." He said as they walked off.

"Have you finished feeding Akamaru and Hana?" A woman with blonde hair asked a man who was holding a baby girl and dog.

"Hana and Akamaru are done Ino!" The man replied while waiting for his wife.

"Okay! Then we can go Kiba!" Ino replied and took Hana from Kiba.

"Rokudaime must be very happy right now." Ino said looking at the Hokage's building.

"I bet he is." Kiba said as they walked over to the Hokage's building.

"Sasuke! Wait a little bit more!" A pregnant woman with pink hair tried to stop a man with black hair who had a boy sitting on his shoulders.

"I'm not waiting forever..." He said as he looked over at the people walking toward the Hokage's building.

"I wasn't suprised..." She said.

"What Sakura?" Sasuke asked.

"That he would become Hokage." Sakura said.

"Yeah..." Sasuke remembered how he had always talked about being Hokage.

"Okay, I'm ready! Aren't you excited to see the Hokage, Satuki?" Sakura asked the boy.

"Yes!" Satuki replied.

"Well, let's go!"

The sun shined on the Hokage's building. The whole Konohagakure was waiting around it.

A young man was standing on top of the building. He was slowly walking forward. When the people could see him they cheered. He put his hand on his hat and pulled it off.

"I'm the new Hokage dattebayo!" He shouted to the crowd that cheered.

Neji and Tenten, Shikamaru and Temari, Kiba and Ino, and Sasuke and Sakura all clapped happily. Everyone else was there too. The teachers, Lee, Shino, and Chouji, and they were also clapping and cheering happily.

Naruto watched them for a while but turned around when he heard,

"Naruto-kun..." A woman with long black hair came up behind him. When Naruto saw her he gestured her to come over.

When she came back the crowd cheered louder.

"Their lovebirds aren't they?" Sakura asked Sasuke while laughing.

"Well, if anyone I thought Hinata would be standing there with Naruto." Sasuke replied.

"It's wonderful." Hinata said watching everyone rejoice.

"Yeah!" Naruto said.

Naruto had finally gotten to his goal.

He had overcome the monster inside him.

He has been given a wonderful wife,

His dream has come true,

People respect him,

And he thought,

This is what I have been searching for.