The Plot: (Being Human) -Jinmanicchio-

One day while traveling in the streets of Shuggazoom City, Jinmay notices lots of citizens smelling flowers and having fun without a care in the world as she thinks to herself "If I was a real human, I've wouldn't worry about being a robot" when all the sudden a strange beam out of nowhere hits Jinmay, causing her to feel strange until she faints. Jinmay wakes up in the super robot feeling different as Gibson tries to check her plug behind her pigtails but finds out that she doesn't have it, Otto tried to open her heart symbol, but her symbol stayed on her dress like a real patch as she starts feeling a heartbeat on her body. Antauri checks Jinmay's mind and notices that he can see real brainwaves inside Jinmay's skull and no circuitry inside her as Gibson scans Jinmay's body and sees a human skeleton instead of her metallic exo-skeleton, meaning Jinmay has been turned into a real, breathing human girl as Jinmay felt like a non-metallic hero. The hyperforce is shocked to know that Jinmay has turned into a human, instead of a machine, Jinmay got so shocked as she starts crying and hugs Chiro as he pats her head to comfort her knowing that they'll find a way to may Jinmay a machine again as Nova plans to make Jinmay more human by teaching her steps on human life. The monkeys check Shuggazoom City on where Jinmay was found when she fainted and find what made her into a living human being until they see an abandoned laboratory in an alley as Sprx finds the machine with a message saying "Property of 'us' " meaning that a mysterious person was involved with stealing Jinmay's powers. Who is responsible for turning Jinmay into a human being?