Warning contains refferences and descriptions of rape, murder, dying and torture. Also contains graphic descriptions of injury and mutalation.

Twin trails of crimson regret, the very essence of life drips and runs down the battered and warn body of a heavily injured kunoichi as it forms a path like a marker that constantly followers her no matter how far she moves or how much she tries to stop the blood from escaping her. Moving through pain on sheer force of will the young Sound kunoichi passed tree by irritating tree as she tried to remember the route's her master Orochimaru etched into her mind in case she was ever captured in Konoha's bounders and escaped however it didn't help that they the tree's and everything else was spinning in a disorienting mess due to her possible concussion and serious blood loss. Aside from the obvious visual problems she also had the distinguished honor of feeling a new type of pain all together as she had to endure both the agonizing pain of a portion of her body's nerves dying in the lower part of her body and the numbness that followed those nerves deaths and as anyone could imagine it felt like a living hell.

Each and every step became more painful and harder to bare then the last but stopping to rest would surly kill her now and she knew it, because now she had came to the realization that if she let the adrenalin in her stop flowing she would collapse and drift into an unconsciousness she would never wake from. With her left leg now being the better leg, the young girl had to press all her weight on it, which in itself, caused nothing but pain and unevenness but her right leg was far more damaged as part of her legs bone was horrifically popping out of her kneecap, something she hadn't even taken the time to further inspect since she dragged herself out from underneath the chopped logs of timber with once made up Konoha's illustrious forest and tree line.

The sun which was once high in the sky that morning had now sank from above as night approached and this little fact hadn't gone unnoticed by the young red haired kunoichi as she finally and unwillingly gave into her injuries and slumped against a nearby tree and tried her best to keep her dark brown eyes open as human and inhumanly capable to try and savor what bitter moments of life she had left to reminisce over her tragic existence since being abandoned and left to fend for herself as a small child in the land of waves to when she had finally found a place to belong to in Sound after being taken in by the snake Sannin Orochimaru who would further bless her with her current Station as the North Gate of the Sound Four and received the curse seal which marked her as his devoted servant but only after did she realize that her new found power wasn't hers but her masters to use and the same went for her life for if she spoke against him or objected to his whim she would endure a hell worst then imagination before she would even bat a punch...yes the life of Tayuya sucked as she well knew and soon would be ending because of the intervening of the Suna whore who so quickly took all she had become away from her in just one single attack...truly life wasn't fair for her and she knew this so well.

Tayuya was mere moments from slumping into oblivion itself had not the brush of the bushes and the breaking of twigs nearby triggered her adept ninja homed senses and forced her heart to rapidly pump precious blood through those tired veins once more as she scanned the area like a rabid animal as to the disturbance that was so close to her. In her attempt to find the cause a few possible ideas ran through her head, the hope of salvation of her teammates coming to her aid which was more of a insult to her as they would most likely belittle her for having her ass handed to her, the fear of Konoha ninja finding her which would either lead to a quick execution or a prolonged suffering in a cell which would be worst then the last thought of a hungry animal following her blood trail to finish off the wounded prey. In all her pain and disillusions it was a mixture of all three in a sense.

From a nearby bush both the male ninja and female kunoichi responsible for her current injuries and situation immerged and stared at her both with weapons in hand. The male with a kunai which he lazily readied to chest length after confirming Tayuya's presence and the female who swung her fan off her back clearing the bush in front of them clean off the ground.

Tayuya actually considered that she had already died and his was just a mere scenario that would replay itself over and over again in hell as punishment for her crimes on earth but tried to dissuade that thought given the immensely stupid looking the face the Nara was giving her.

"Can't believe she actually made it this long with those injuries, you really are a stubborn woman aren't you?" the newly elected Chuunin asked aloud earning him both the ire of Tayuya and his female companion Temari.

"The whelp doesn't look like she is gonna last much longer if you ask me; it was a waste to follow her here like I said!" the blond headed woman shouted heatedly to her companion who only removed the earwax from his right ear which fazed her only to provoking a huff of frustration from the wind master.

Despite her obvious grave injuries Tayuya did her best to push herself up the side of the tree into a defensive standing position although it didn't do her much good since she needed to immediately wrap her left arm around the gash which was inflicted on her when part of a tree branch had impaled threw her right side as the tree crushed and pinned her firmly under its immense weight, her right hand had to grip her right knee to not only keep the bone in place but also keep her balance from both falling over and in case the weight of standing pushed the bone all the way out of her leg.

Seeing her defensive display the pony tailed Chuunin groaned heavily that the girl he had just fought hours ago still wanted to fight given her immense injuries...the whole idea was troublesome to say the least.

"Don't get so comfortable Nara she is still a threat so long as she is alive," the blond Suna woman snapped focusing his attention back to the matter at hand.

No matter how much the red head tried to shout and curse both of them she was having enough trouble properly breathing never mind yelling obscenities at the top of her lungs. She simply lacked the luxury to insult either of them at the moment in her current condition even if it only was to agitate her executioners so that they'd put her out of her misery quickly instead of taking their time.

Despite their obvious advantage over their wounded adversary neither nin made a move. Each of the three gauged the situation carefully because after all each nin in their own respect were masters of tacticians and one careless move could bring about horrible results so all three waited for someone to make a move but Tayuya didn't have the luxury of waiting as her body reminded her that death was inevitably close no matter what happened. Once the quick shot of pain ran its effective course through her Tayuya despite her best efforts fell back against the tree and slumped into a beaten and bloody mess as she eyed both nin to finish her off with a cold emotionless stare as she accepted her fate.

Seeing this the Sand kunoichi smirked and readied her fan to deliver the killing blow to at least give her opponent the dignity of being killed in battle by a warrior admirably instead of succumbing to her wounds like a wounded animal caught in a trap.

As the fan was raised high above the Sand kunoichi's head ready to end the Sound girls life her Leaf companion stretched his arm in front of Temari to stop her which caused her to give him a weird look back as to why, which his only response was scratching the back of his head with his other hand and a "Tsk" sound uttered from his mouth as he forced the effort to give Temari a reasonable reply.

"Hey I am not too keen on the idea of needlessly taking lives unless there's no other possible way okay?" He waited for a reply from the Sand kunoichi but she only frowned and lowered her massive weapon disapprovingly at the soft ways of the leaf on how they treat their enemy's so mercifully.

"Which is?" Her frustration overflowing in her tone.

In response to Temari's question Shikamaru placed his hands into a few of his vest pockets and took out his medical supplies which only got a deep huff of dissatisfaction from his Suna ally and a shocked and confused look from Tayuya who had no choice but to sit and endure their constant bickering which drove her even more furious at the current situation since she was being over looked as a threat which as much as she hated to admit it she wasn't at the moment.

Shikamaru carefully tossed the supplies to the injured red head making sure to keep his distance should she retaliate. Tayuya only stared at them with a bewildered expression then slowly looked up at him to see if he looked like he was about to kick them away from her but saw no such intention on his uninterested face.

The beaten girl tried to move to retrieve them but only budged momentarily from her seat against the tree and fell back against it hard causing pain to run its course again causing visual cringing on her face which Shikamaru only shook his head disapprovingly at her and cautiously knelt down to her and took the supply's in hand after looking to Temari to signal her to watch his back as he tried to apply first aid personally, an act she only nodded in acceptance despite her obvious physical disapproval on the matter.

Tayuya pulled back from him like a wide eyed wild animal and pressed herself as much as she could to move away from his reaching hand and the needle he readied in hand and if Shikamaru didn't know better from his previous battle with her he could of sworn he saw fear in her eyes but he eventually took hold of her arm which she furiously tried to pull from him but only caused spasms of pain to run all over her body and it was in this opening he took the opportunity to inject a medical needle into her shaking arm as much as he could before she could notice the cold metal sting puncture her. Once she did however she quickly snapped her head to meet his and watched as the vile pushed the green liquid into her veins which as far as she was concerned marked her for death of the most inhumane kind, to be put to sleep to painlessly die in slumber...humane yet so inhumane at the same time.

"…You… son... o-of a... bitch!" was all she could muster in a defeated low tone.

Her brown eyes only stared into his dark eyes as she waited for the drugs to take effect, her face was contorted between anger and solemn acceptance that this was how she was going to die but she didn't pass out and to her surprise the pain in her body subsided a little which made her eye him intently as to what it was.

"What? How troublesome... its morphine for the pain." He answered rather annoyed at the obvious explanation.

"For Kami's sake Nara do you really intend to aid an enemy who would have killed you had I not arrived?!" Shouted the blond woman as she slammed her fan into the ground making a large dent into the earth.

"Yeah I guess so, we did take the time to follow her to see if she'd lead us to Sasuke so we could at least do something for her since she isn't gonna make it." Nara shrugged back at her as he prepared to do something about the bleeding coming out of the gash that was too close to the girl's jugular vein.

"You know what these pills are right?" Shaking a bottle of pills in front of her.

"…Plasma... pills... fucker..." she groaned still in moderate pain as she tried to examine the spinning bottle.

Tayuya acknowledged what they were as she remembered that Kabuto often used them to make up for blood loss as the pills recreate more blood in the body of the one who takes them and seeing how blood loss was her biggest medical problem at the moment she had no choice but to allow her enemy to administer it to her but once it was swallowed she quickly spat her old blood which had been pooling inside her mouth since the Suna bitches attack, it was obvious to all she was suffering internal bleeding that would also pose a serious threat to her life. However where she chooses to spit the blood was in her doctor's face purposely missing his eyes which if it had hit there would have signaled the Suna woman to finish her off while Shikamaru was blinded. After Nara wiped the blood off and was about to scold her as to what a pain in the ass she was the sound kunoichi had began convulsing on the sudden rush of new blood which flowed from in between her teeth and seeped out of not just the corners of her mouth but now flowed freely out of her whole mouth as well as the other deep wounds such as her gash in the stomach, broken leg and gash along her neck, the sudden burst of blood and her obvious pain and horror on her face shocked and even worried Shikamaru who wasn't exactly skilled in the healing arts outside of the basics of first aid so healing internal damage was beyond his limited capability when it came to the healing.

"Damn it Nara if you don't do anything all this crap will have been a waste, move over and use your shadow possession jutsu to restrain her so I can heal for now!"・

Quick to comply the young Chuunin stepped aside and formed the hand signs to activate his signature jutsu the shadow possession which he quickly used to restrain the Sound nin from pulling anything as well as to keep her from pushing her body too far. No sooner was she secured against her will she was then healed by what limited healing ability's the Suna woman knew since it was now a mandatory practice for any squad to have at least one nin dedicated to healing and even though Suna didn't officially adopt Konoha's policy's it did however take note of it and made the effort to teach some healing ability's while not dedicating a single squad member to heal which would reduce their destructive ability's since offense was the best defense to them. It took over several grueling minutes of nonstop chakra channeling but Temari was able to for the moment heal the internal wounds to the point where her opponent wasn't in any direct danger of them at the moment, an act which was rewarded by the Sound kunoichi bitterly spitting blood up at her which Temari allowed to hit her purposely.

"That's for... the sneak attack... bitch!" taunted the wounded girl as hate filled as she could.

"That's all? Hell then I'd love to see what you got for me for demolishing you so badly," Temari smirked seeing that her statement only infuriated the Sound girl more to the point she coughed up blood and yelled in pain quickly as she had opened her neck wound wider.

"Reckless brat..." spurned the Suna kunoichi as she turned and walked away to cover Shikamaru as he would be the one taking over now to tend to her wounds.

After he had returned to applying medicines and bandages, even to go so far as to snap her bone back into place in her knee, a gruesome feat which almost went unnoticed by the nearly unfazed Sound nin who only spent her time looking ahead to when she would be a prisoner worthy neither of pity or mercy nor even the dignity of being treated like a human being, who would be forced to bare through all of the Leafs tortures and interrogation methods imaginable. Yes she had been told the tales of Ibiki's special treatments and techniques to break even the strongest of will in the firmest of ninja and while her lord and master did teach her nearly ever resistance method he knew Tayuya already knew that for her it would be only a matter of months to years at best before her will would carry her before she became a cracked egg shivering in the corner of some underground god forsaken hellhole cell where she will either to be forgotten by her comrades or left to rot by them or if they are desperate enough they will have her secretly killed...it wouldn't take much to infiltrate a heavily guarded prison cell and poison an overlooked prisoner, hell it would look at it as an internal assassination by a guard who had a grudge against the Sound...no one would miss her on either side.

Deep down the young kunoichi already knew that if Konoha was truly insistent on getting any information from her that they would because the methods already existed as she had witnessed firsthand down in the bowels of Sounds tunnels and Orochimaru's privet rooms lined with organs and mutilated bodies of his 'subjects' and enemies as well as hapless villagers though they never showed any value other than being untalented flesh bags as Orochimaru put it. She had witnessed what real torture was both mentally and physically simply because he had shown her as well as the rest of her team just what can be done to the most impenetrable of people but for her being a kunoichi she was showed things that still gave her nightmares till this very day. One such nightmare was when Orochimaru called her down to his entertainment chamber to show her just how vulnerable she was by taking the closest person Tayuya had known in Sound during her 'academy' days, the first and only person that Tayuya had ever considered to be a friend was bound and beaten to a wall by fellow nin's, when Tayuya had protested to her fellow kunoichi's treatment she herself would be struck by her master for being weak and told that this was for her own sake that if her fellow ninja allies were captured then witnessing this would harden her to resist giving in and helping them. Of course her masters teachings would not end once Tayuya accepted this fact because as soon as she had told him that she understood her savior took the lesson to the next level by ordering his minions to display the more...advanced ways of breaking someone...she had to watch the closest thing she had ever known to be a friend raped and once that girls iron will was left a quivering mess on the floor she was instantly picked up and had her throat sliced open and her blood poured on her interrogator then died and was left in the center of the copper colored torture room.

"You see Tayuya my dear? These are but a few of the ways an enemy can get what they want out of you, I only ask that you understand the meaning of her death today for you may be in the same position one day but do not fear my power will always protect you my dear as I have promised," hissed the snake Sannin as he caressed his pale white hand lovingly across her cheeks as she shook at looked down at a possible outcome for her, she vowed never to let that happen.

"Your greatest asset is your pride Tayuya-chan, it reflects in everything you do and will keep you strong even under the most intense circumstances but as you have bared witness there are ways to stripe someone of their pride completely... let this be a lesson." The Sannin then took hold of her by her shoulder and walked her out of the musky foul smelling room to signify an end to today's tutelage.

"Hey... should she be as zoned out as she is? I didn't overdose the morphine did I?" Nara asked with somewhat genuine concern as he just popped bone back into flesh without much more than an audible grunt.

"How the hell should I know?! I stopped caring what you were doing once you decided to help the whelp," Temari retorted letting him know just how irritated with him and his bleeding heart she was.

"...You're going to regret this you fucking rat bastard... you know that right?"

"Yeah I know, and that's why I'm doing this now because later it'd be too much of a troublesome act."

Her dark brown eyes only glared at him for him pitying her and for lack of a better word it disgusted her beyond words to be treated as she is by any enemy but him...she almost killed him and he knew she would have enjoyed his last moments as she slowly dug his own kunai into his vest and grinned it into his chest and between his ribs till she was able to personally stop his chicken shit heart from beating any longer...yet that same person was healing her and keeping her from dying, pure ludicrously.

Light faded in the canopy allowing only scarce rays of the golden suns illumination to pierce down to the forest floor where the three presided, it had been over forty minutes of preparation but the young kunoichi's life was out of danger of failing her for the moment and she had the thanks of both her opponents for that. To the new Chuunin for sparing her life and caring for her grave wounds and the Suna broad for both allowing the Leaf Chuunin to spare her as well as keep her awake by repeatedly pressing the blunt end of her fan dead center into her left shoulder every time the Sound kunoichi was about to slip away into unconsciousness and risk never waking up again due to her concussion, an act Tayuya only gritted her teeth bitterly and snarled at the odd four pony tailed woman due to the apparent fact the Suna woman made no attempt to hide the fact she enjoyed toying and injuring her prey past the point of defeat.

"That's the best we can do here, let's get going," Nara said aloud as he stood up and left the med kit on the forest floor next to the heavily bandaged kunoichi who waited impatiently for her captives to take custody of her.

"Aren't you the one taking her back to your village Nara?" Temari interjected.

"We're not taking her captive," his reply sounding of dull annoyance.

Both females stared dumbfounded at the statement due to the obvious recklessness it presented.

"Your joking right Nara?" the Suna woman asked with a slight laugh in her voice. "You can't be serious about allowing an enemy to live not to mention all the time we just spent keeping her alive?" again ending her sentence with a mock laugh since the whole idea was absurd.

"Yeah that's right, it'd be too troublesome to carry her back to the village during this mission never mind all the annoying paper work we would have to go through and well yeah taking her back would be a complete drag," letting out a sigh at the mere thought of the trouble he would be forced to go through by taking her back.

"No Nara!" she pronounced firmly while containing her anger. "We are not going to let her go because you do not feel like it, I only agreed to letting her live this long because Suna is your ally now and I am aiding your mission and you choose to spare her life for capture but I refuse to allow you to make such a stupid mistake as to allow this enemy to go back to her base so she can have revenge against us!" Temari physically shook with heated anger as all she received from her teammate was a blank bored stare.

"The bitch is right you know..." Tayuya's dark brown eyes narrowed on Shikamaru as best she could focus given the weakness her body felt. "... You let me live and I will kill you in your sleep one night,"adding a few hoarse chuckles at the thought as old blood made its way out of her mouth.

"No you would wake me up before you killed me so I would know it was you," replied the young genius with a mock tone.

"..Yeah I would fucker," Tayuya's head dropped a little as she weakly smiled at the thought of killing him.

"She admits it herself, what further proof do you need that letting her go is a horrible mistake?!" Temari did her best to remain on guard against the wounded redhead less not to over look her and fall into a genjutsu trap.

"I have my own reasons for letting that enemy live so let's leave it at that huh? It'd be a real drag to try and explain it while you are pissed right now." Forcing a weak smile at her obvious anger.

"Give me one good one Nara!" Slamming her fan in front of the wounded kunoichi another time, snapping her out of her slumped position against the tree.

"…Troublesome," he sighed before continuing. "Because she is strong I guess."

"All the more reason to kill her then Nara, you would be doing both our villages a favor as well as any other people she might attack," the Suna woman's reasoning being obviously solid.

Amidst their constant bickering the young Sound kunoichi struggled to focus on them with her eyes and ears as much as she could but their voices were sounding more and more muffed and distorted as her vision began to fade against her will, her wounds may have been healed to keep her off deaths door for the moment but her body was increasingly unresponsive as it felt more and more heavy.

"F-fuck… why now… t-that fucking mark… why the fuck now?! …Draining… every… thing… I… have…" Her mind went blank as both nin in front of her were replaced by darkness what swirled and dispersed leaving her in a near eternal blackness from which she feared she would never wake to escape from.

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