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"For that, your dead bitch!" Tayuya warned simultaneously as she forced the kunai deep into the bed with her right hand while twirling her body back to force the back of her left hand against her attackers skull knocking her off balance as well as releasing the blade from her grip causing her attacker to stumble as she frantically tried to refocus her vision only to see a quick blur of red rush towards her followed by immense pain to the left side of her forehead as she sustained another debilitating blow that sent her tumbling to the floor as her would be target scrambled in her white hospital gown and took hold of the blood stained kunai while turning her body to the still stunned blond girl. It may have been the possible concussion the attacker was suffering from but the swirling image of red and white looked as if a demon from heaven was about to set its teeth upon her. Struggling to refocus her vision the blond attacker braced her arms for the coming attack.

"If only Shikamaru w-would see you for what you really are!" The would be attacker slurred to her would be victim catching the red head off guard as she lowered the kunai in realization.

"You...your his teammate, the one he came with in search of flowers?" Tayuya asked aloud as she still held the weapon gripped tightly in hand as her cheek burned with pain from the blades edge.

"Why is he protecting an animal like you!?" Ino screamed as she struggled to her feet to stand off against the crouched girl on the hospital bed.

"I wish I knew why too bitch." The former sound nin answered dejectedly as she slowly and cautiously moved her body back on the bed with her free hand and working knee. "Get the fuck out of my sight, I don't need any more worthless blood on my hands."

"Shut up!" Ino yelled as she placed her hands in front of her self making the appropriate hand signs. "I'll take you out for Chouji I swear it, Shintenshin no Jutsu!"

Before Tayuya could ready for the jutsu her body had already become paralyzed followed by the vision of her eyes slowly fading to darkness with her last glimpses being that of the blond girl collapsing before her.

Slowly light reappeared in her vision though somewhat distorted then before. She still saw the blond girl laying on the floor uncontentious before her. Besides the blurred vision everything would have been normal...had she not noticed herself bringing the kunai over her chest prepared to plunge it into her heart. Startled Tayuya tried to stop her body from its action only to notice she no long had any control.

"What the fucks going on, is this another kami damned nightmare?!" Her mind wailed into the void of darkness and she stared out of her own eyes as if trapped behind glass.

"Its no dream." A voice echoed loudly into the recesses of Tayuya's mind. "What your seeing is your real death."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Tayuya shouted back into the void of her mind.

"Its my clans specialty jutsu, with it I can enter another persons body and control them meaning you get to watch your own body kill itself with no way to prevent it." The blonds voice taunted as Tayuya was forced to watch her hands take the kunai and slice it across left arm much to her horror. While enduring the burning pain in her mind Tayuya peered through her eyes to see the blonds body convulse slightly on the floor.

" Of course my jutsu is not with out its dangers as you can see." Ino called out with a pained voice. "It renders my body immobile and defenseless as well as transferring any damage you receive to me."

" Then I doubt you have the balls to kill your self with me bitch!" Tayuya mocked as she desperately tried to regain control over her body. The kunai in Tayuya's hand lowered before it was dropped to the floor.

" You not worth me throwing my life away to rid the world of." Ino called out in anger to her captives taunts. "That doesn't mean I cant have you kill your self." Her voice filled with confidence as Ino controlled the body to turn and stagger to the open window.

"I don't know how this woman can move around like she does given she can only use one leg." Ino mentally noted as she stumbled against the wall of the window before picking her self up.

"Its because I am a hell of a lot stronger then your diabetic ass bitch!" Tayuya mentally snapped back at the invading girl upon hearing her thoughts.

"Not strong enough to resist my jutsu, only people of strong body and will are able to but you cant because your nothing more then a worthless wounded animal that needs to be put down!" Ino mentally countered after delving into the red heads mind. She now had the girls frail body looking out into the rail filled streets of the small village.

"Get the fuck out of my head!" Tayuya roared suddenly to the remark momentarily pushing the surprised Ino out of control causing the body to slump over the windowsill. Ino now had to use every ounce of concentration to hold off the rage filled will power of her Oto nemesis. Forcefully she controlled the red heads body to exit the window and stand on the ledge as she ignored the constant mental barrage of curses and obscenities that deafened the blonds mind.

The rain whipped across Tayuya's bodies face as she stood on the ledge slightly swaying in the cold nights breeze. The red heads mental outburst subsided as she watched from her own eyes the deadly drop to the streets muddy surface. Even Ino remained silent as she starred down looking at the deed she was about to commit.

"Believe me when I say I don't want to pry into your disturbing mind." Ino's mental voice was calm and collected as she starred down into the street. "I am using every inch of my will power so I don't have to be defiled by your wrenched memories."

" Get the fuck out of my head bitch before you regret it!" Tayuya screamed as her neck began to burn with hatred at the mere thought of this woman defiling her mind further.

" I will leave once I disengage my jutsu as you plummet to the ground, by the time you regain control it will be too late to react." Ino then tried forced the Oto nins leg off the ledge only watch as it remained stationary. "Whats going on?" Her mind raced as she stubbornly attempted to move her captives body. Before the blond kunoichi could focus her concentration harder to budge her captive she felt a tightness strangle around her neck.

" Now you will wish you left my mind alone bitch!" A dark twisted figure with five horns spook with a sadistic grin as her arm tightened around the mental manifestation of Ino's throat.

As the blond struggled in the dark skinned girls grip she could only watch helplessly as she struggled as the girls free left hand rose to the blonds face pressing the five sharp finger nails deeply against the blonds skin before quickly dragging them across her face and ears while delighting in the ghastly wail that emitted from the blonds mouth.

Screaming Ino disengaged her jutsu to escape the mind numbing torture the redhead had inflicted towards her. Her first moments of consciousness were spent wailing loudly on the floor of the clinics floor gripping her face to stop blood from flowing from a wound that didn't exist. Before that realization could be made the newly transformed redhead had regained control and had already entered the room with yellow eyes drawn on the screaming blond. As she watched the blond scream in agony Tayuya could only grow more disgusted with the sight.

"Bitches like you make me sick!" Gripping the collar of the blonds shirt firmly with her left hand Tayuya sunk her right fist into the side of the blond girls cheek with a grin of satisfaction. One after another she struck the girl till the sobs stopped and her fist was numb and covered in crimson fluid.

With out a word spoken to her felled opponent Tayuya let go of the beaten and mangled girls collar and let the girls head thud against the blood soaked wooden planks beneath her. The older kunoichi simply stared at the mess she had made of her attacker who now took deepened delayed breaths from her blood frothed mouth.

" ...Are you happy now bitch?" Tayuya's empty voice called out to the wounded kunoichi before her as the redhead rested her body against the side of the bed over looking the girl.

Ino could only cough up blood as she choked and tried to remain conscious.

" ...You got your wish bitch...your partner...that rat, is going to kill me for this." Her horned head rested back against the bed as she focused her gaze to the ceiling as her skin began to revert back to its pale version as the curse mark receded. As if on que she felt a presence approach and draw in on the clinics window.

"You pick the best time to pop up rat." Her empty voiced said aloud as she heard the sound of feet landing on the windowsill amidst the heavy rain.

"Expecting the reaper so soon?" A different voice then she had expected called back snapping the redhead to his direction. "Your pretty perceptive for a cripple." The figure mocked as he easily slipped into the room with shurikens in hand while closing the window casually before noticing the bloody body of a lifeless girl on the floor being overlooked by a girl with black lines moving on their own over her body. "What in the hell..." He said aloud as his mouth gapped slightly at the sight before him.

"Who in the hell are you?!" Demanded the redhead as she hastily pulled her self up off the floor and stood ready to engage the person before her.

"Dammit I always get the crap assignments!" He cursed to him self as he flung two shurikens dead on for the red heads skull only for them to slice off small locks of hair as they whizzed over her head. Tayuya ducked to the floor as she closed the distance gap of her new threat

Surprised by the crippled girls speed the attacker stretched out a kick to distance her from him so that he may launch a second volley into her defenseless form. This move would be his down fall as his target braced for the impacted of the kick as she tackled forward knocking his flimsy assault aside and causing him to lose balance as he fell backwards against the window.

Stumbling forward to reach him Tayuya gripped his forearm to balance her self on her good leg as she used her remaining strength to spin him around then pin her attackers face against the glass sending cracks spreading out from impact.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Tayuya demanded as she pressed her right elbow hard against the base of his spine which only caused him to winch and grunt in pain as he struggled against her grip. "Answer me scum!" Losing patience she head butted the back of her skull into the glass much to both their discomfort.

"G-GGahhh my name it Ritsuki, one of lord Kato's men." unsatisfied with his response the red head dug her elbow until she began to hear his spinal cords begin to crack as he gasped in agony. "A-Ahhh, I-i was sent to kill you alright?!" He pleaded for her mercy only for it to fall on deaf ears.

"Just me fucker?" She asked casual as she gave him an extra nudge against his spin for the information.

"Y-you and that blond girl and her ninja friend!" He yelped to the sudden pain.

"What a useless piece of trash you are, you cant even kill a cripple like me but you think you can kill two Leaf shinobi?" Her voice held a sadistic mock as she released him momentarily only to regrip the back of his skull and smash his face into the window shattering it upon impact.

"G-Ggaahh t-there just orders, it was nothing personal!" He tried to reason as small shards of glass pierced into his face causing him to struggle harder against her hold.

"Yeah?" Tayuya asked mockingly as she held his head out of the broken window. "Well either is this." Gripping the back of his skull Tayuya pressed his head down against the bottom of the shattered window frame slicing his throat open from the broken glass beneath. Silently the former kunoichi held him firmly in place as he violently struggled momentarily as his voice let out one last blood choked scream before he fell limp as his blood ran off the building as quickly as the falling rain.

Slowly her firm hand receded as Tayuya took a single step back to take in the gruesome scene. Letting her body fall back she rested on the edge of her bed as she lowered her head to think. She was glad she could hear the faint breathing coming from the blond girl who had attacked her but it was a bitter relief since it was against her policy to allow any one the opportunity to live if they had crossed her.

"You really fucked things up." Her now monotone voice spoke aloud to the unconscious blond as Tayuya's ears perked to the multiple foot steps and voices outside her door. She knew eventually all the nurses who heard the ruckus of her fights who were too afraid to enter before were only moments away from discovering the grizzly scene now that things had calmed down.

As their foot steps grew closer so did the exhausted girls arm for her crutch. By the time the door cautiously slid open to the frightened gasps in the room Tayuya was no where to be found.

Beads of sweat mingled and intertwined with the droplets of rain that rolled of Shikamaru's brow as he checked over his shoulder one last time to see if he had been followed out of the manner. It appeared as if he had escaped being caught as he saw no one scurrying across roof tops trying to track him down. Taking a deep breath he placed his faith on the gamble and nonchalantly walked out of the dark alleyway he had concealed himself with. Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.

With hands gripped tightly in both pockets he walked slowly ignoring the rainfall and destruction around him as he neared the entrance to the clinic. Walking over the wreckage that was caused by the sound girls demon his attention was grasped by the loud chatter of voice on the second floor. With growing concerns his slow pace turned into a rush as he saw nurse and patient alike talking, shouting, gossiping and in the rare case breaking down in a corner.

"Whats going on here?" He asked aloud to seemingly no one in the loud cluster of people. Upon hearing a new voice half the crowed turned to him to bombard him with indecipherable information.

"Another attack!" An old mans voice responded.

"Those killers must have returned?!" One girl asked the group.

"He is a ninja, he can protect us." A man in the back of the group called out.

"She's lucky to be alive right now." Another commented.

"They must have kidnapped her, you all heard how they attacked her before." Another person chimed into the shouting masses.

"Enough!" Shikamaru shouted losing his composure to their jumbled words. " person tell me what happened." His words hushed the mob momentarily as one nurse broke off from the others to stand before him.

"It will be easier if you follow me, I can explain on the way." Her voice was wavering with fear and nervousness but she stood firm before the chunin and opted for him to follow. With a gratuitous nod Shikamaru agreed and followed her past the rows of cluttered people who filled up the halls.

Their destination was quickly reached, a location he knew all too well. The Sound girls room. Not bothering to ask the nervous nurse Shikamaru gripped the handle and turned it to find the room barren save for a males body leaning against the now broken window. Entering the room Shikamaru looked around for signs of the redhead as he neared the limp man. It didn't take long to verify he was dead, not pleasantly he might add.

"What in the heck happened here?" He asked back to the nurse with concern as he checked the dead mans injuries.

"W-we don't know, we heard noise...a lot of noise then nothing. When we entered Camilla was gone and..." She hesitated to talk as she looked away from the body.

"And what?" He insisted sensing urgency behind her voice.

"Y-your shinobi friend was found in the room beaten badly, she hasn't woken up yet!" Her fingers gripped tightly into the fabric of her uniform as she bowed apologetic to the stunned chunin.

"...Take me to her."

Ino Yamanaka lay unconscious on her hospital bed. The sounds of steady beeps from machinery and dripping liquid being feed into her veins via IV assured she was in stable health. Contrary to the brutal bruises and swollen face no bones were broken. Her beauty however had been greatly marred. Her long pony tail she was once so proud now was undone into long and unkept fashion. When Shikamaru arrived in the room he could only stare in disbelieving appearance and condition.

"She isn't in any danger sir." The nurse stated consolingly as the chunin knelt down to his teammates side gripping her now frail hand. "Were going to make sure she receives the best medical treatments we can provide for her, its the least we can do for her after she protected and saved so many of our lives."

"...Thank you for that." Shikamaru replied hesitantly as he felt Ino's hand squeeze back. "Ino...just open your eyes for me." He called out softly hoping it would stir a response.

"Its best not to disturb her and leave her to her rest." Reluctantly Shikamaru obeyed the nurses words and withdrew his hand from hers.

"I'm sorry nurse...I watched a very close friend of ours die like this before s-so its hard to see her in the same condition." Shikamaru chocked as he held back his tears as he walked pasted the nurse to exit the room.

"Excuse me sir but you can stay longer if you want." With out turning around he shook his head slightly.

"It'd be troublesome if I stay here when we have a missing person on the loose." Slowly the chunin trudged out of the room with a tightening clenched fist.

One after another, one after another. One after another the shovel would dig deep into the moist muddy ground and uproot another segment of earth. One after another the young girl would take deep uneven breaths despite her severe exhaustion and force the tool to deepen the hole. And one after another she would take forced breaks to rest as her leg ached from kneeling so long supporting her worn out bodies weight. Yet she did not give up on the task she set before her self, she continued as her muscles burned and strained. Slowly she came to a complete stop, not due to fatigue but from sensing the eyes of another upon her.

"Was it you?" The familiar males voice called out with strained breath. Slowly Tayuya rose still looking away from her persecutor, a sad smile spreading slowly at the realization of what he meant.

"Is she still alive?" As her words finished leaving her mouth Tayuya could already feel his presence already upon her. It was only a matter of moments as she felt his fingers deadlock onto her shoulder as the enraged chunin spun her around to face him and his deadly stare.

"Why...why did you attack Ino?!" His fingers gripped tighter into the threshold of pain but with restraint she endured keeping her face even and emotionless.

"Its simple Nara, she attacked me first." He shook her once in anger.

"Don't lie to me, Ino isn't a violent person like you are!" Her blank face shifted into an angry scowl.

"Ohh really rat, well who the fuck do you think gave me this wound?!" Tayuya turned her head sharply to the left exposing the still bleeding gash across her cheek. "Or this one?!" She showed her arm that was sliced into by her own controlled hand.

"How do I know you or that other guy didn't cause that!" Tayuya could feel his grip lessen as his voice slowly became slightly weaker. Disgusted with her rivals weak resolve Tayuya stood upon her working leg straighter as his stance slowly lowered.

"She concealed a kunai in a bouquet of flowers, I told her I didn't want them but she insisted if only to get close enough to plunge it into my throat. When she failed and did this to my face I struck the bitch in her skull." She paused for a moment as if savoring the instance in her mind before adding. "Hard." Shikamaru could only shake his head slowly at the information in disbelief.

"She mentioned you protecting me then the next thing I know I am standing outside the window ready to crash into the gutter like useless trash. She invaded my mind, MY MIND!" Her harsh voice bellowed as the chunin let go of her shoulder as he looked away horrified to what he was hearing.

"But my cursed self wouldn't have that, see I might not give a fuck if I live or die any more but I will be damned if I let a weak ass bitch like her take my life with out a fight!" Her back turned to him as she returned to her digging with heavy breath. "It wasn't enough I had to fight her off but that son of a bitch too, I am surprised your Leaf friends haven't tried to kill me yet."

"..That guy must have been the assassin they talked about at the mansion, he was suppose to kill witnesses who could identify the attackers so that no one could link their affiliation with Kato."

"Did you kill the bastard?" Tayuya asked with venom as she turned giving him a threatening glare.

"He is...dead, they must have double crossed him." He hoped she would believe that.

"...Serves the fucker right." Tayuya continued to her work slightly satisfied to hear of his death leaving the chunin quite.

"...So what happens now rat?" She asked when his silence became far too much of an annoyance to bare.

"...I don't know. Ino might have woken up by now..." He rubbed his brow wiping off small beads of sweat.

"I could have killed her and blamed it on that assassin piece of shit but you would have known the truth eventually and killed me." Tayuya stated as if reading his mind. "Chances are she already identified me as her attacker so I am pretty much fucked now aint I?" Her voice empty and hollow sounding. "I cant look after Chinoisei after all so make sure she finds a good home rat."

"What are you gonna do?" Shikamaru asked a little surprised at how calm she sounded.

Letting go of the shovel Tayuya turned to the chunin with an even face.

"Isn't it obvious yet Nara?" Her voice stern as she keeled before him in front of the grave. His face told her that it wasn't. "I dug this grave to bury either my family members...or myself." Her eyes closed slowly as she knelt before him. "Do what you need to do rat."

Shikamaru stared for a good long minute while his mind muled over the situation. There was a ninety percent chance that the red head was already uncovered by Ino had she woken up. A one hundred percent chance that once she wakes up regardless she will disclose the kunoichi's identity at the swiftest moment. The redhead may be from an opposing enemy village but she was not the typical blood lusting villains Sound normally spawned. Whats more she was asking to die, something Shikamaru was not comfortable with. It wouldn't be the norm where two great opposing ninja do battle with the virtuous one succeeding in the end like he had imagined. It would be...murder.

"...I'm not killing you." His voice spoke up with finality opening her brown eyes revealing an irritated glare.

"What the hell kind of ninja are you Nara?" Tayuya shot back with anger. "I am an enemy, I am your enemy. I participated in transporting one of your so called friends to Orochimaru's side, you lost almost your entire team due to my teammates...hell I even helped Orochimaru kill your Hokage not to mention almost beating your teammate to death so what the fuck is holding you back?!"

"...My honor as a shinobi of the Nara clan and as a man." Tayuya simply stared at him dumbfounded for a few moments unable to respond.

"Your serious aren't you?" Tayuya finally asked as she stood her self up on one wobbling leg as she tried to retain balance. The chunin simply nodded to her, resolve evident in his face.

"I don't understand you Nara. You have every reason to hate me and kill me but you wont over some idiotic outlook on life. You even tried to kill me earlier today so what the hell is different now?!" Tayuya shouted as she rubbed her forehead in frustration.

"...When I tried to kill you before I was consumed with anger at the sight of you. I convinced myself you were the same enemy nin from back then and I sure as hell was going to avenge my teammates no matter what the cost. Heh in a way I was no better then Sasuke I guess." The chunin chuckled for a moment at the thought before continuing."But it wasn't as I imagined it when you were slowly dying beneath me. I didn't feel better, I didn't see their faces cheering me on as I avenged them. All I saw was one of the most troublesome girls I have ever known gasping for life. I broke one of the shinobi's golden rules then...'Don't consider your opponents needs.'"

"It creates an opening of doubt that distracts you from the mission at hand, it gets you killed." Tayuya finished his sentence as she remembered the rhetoric Orochimaru had taught them.

"A ninja must not show emotion, a ninja must not consider their opponents needs and a ninja must not allow personal feelings to cloud their minds or allow their emotions to jeopardize the mission. Those are all the iron codes we live by and time and time again I broke them." A silence set in and drifted between the pair until Shikamaru turned his back to the soaked kunoichi.

"W-where the hell are you going?"

"To the clinic, I already told you I wasn't going to get involved in any troublesome affairs with you that involved taking your life." He waved her off as he continued his pace down the ruined street.

"Nothing is settled yet Nara, I am not taking the risk she already squealed on me!" Turning Shikamaru could see the desperateness evident in her face. "I wont allow myself to have false hope knowing it will be crushed in a matter of moments."

"You wont have too." Ino's voice could be heard saying as she stepped out from behind one of the small ruined houses that marred the once beautiful street.

"Ino, your awake!" Shikamaru exclaimed surprised and happy until he saw the bandages applied to her face. "Ino...I..."

"Its okay Shikamaru, you don't need to say anything, this is what I got for not trusting in your judgment." She gave the redhead a wary stare remembering all she had to endure because of her. "Its enough for me to know you attacked her for the same reasons I did...even if you didn't have the resolve to finish it."

"He never finishes what he starts." Tayuya's cold voice added as she cautiously watched the injured blond walk up to her teammate.

"And either do you apparently." Ino motioned her head showcasing the damage. "You could have killed me at any time, so why didn't you?"

"Who the fuck knows anymore, I decided to try and live a normal life in this hellhole and you walk in and fuck it all up. So who can say why I let you live." With Tayuya's words being said silence fell upon the trio as no one spoke or even made any movements.

Unbeknown to the trio sharp eyes watched over them from a distance.

"Progress report." A shady figure requested as he knelt down next to the camouflaged man atop the over looking roof.

"Marks are situated together Karashi-sama, it appears violence broke out between the two females though it is hard to confidently decipher their lip movements in the current downpour. Are we still set to engage sir?" The mans whispers barely audible over the rainfall.

"Negative, Kato's assassin failed at the clinic. The people know he was an underling, but they don't know why he was there. We shall spin it as a case of a rampant individual taking advantage of the current chaos, the people will be non the wiser. However we must not raise further suspicion by killing two shinobi in this territory now that the fall man is dead." Higato rationalized to his subordinate while also convincing himself.

"Master Danzo-sama will not be pleased with our reports." The subordinate whispered letting his concern known to his leader.

"Of course he wont be, however we may keep our lives if we explain the circumstances of their predicament." His masked face gazed over the distances as he overlook the trio. "Konoha shinobi aiding a suspected Sound nin...yes I believe Danzo-sama will be very interested in that information."