I feel myself falling apart

I feel the dark

So persistent, it stops at nothing

For the light of my heart

It's coming

With nothing to stop it's hunting

It's coming, it's here

My heart is drumming

It's not my death

It wants something worse

To steal my heart

And darken it without reverse

I feel myself splitting gnittilps flesym leef I

Into two parts strap owt otnI

As my mind leaves me Where is my heart?

I feel a faint spark

A memory

A friend

As I cling on

And pray that this isn't the end

I hear him so faintly

As he calls out to me


I said, using the last of my strength

As I fall into open arms


Kairi, Sora and Kingdom Hearts belong to Disney and Square Enix

I only own this poem itself, as a part of the Alone Series

Future Chapters will account for more.

Thank for reading! -Kita (CF)