New Year

For the first time in his life, James Potter had no plans for New Year's Eve. It was the last day of 1976, and James was stuck at Hogwarts, without any of his friends. Sirius had gone to his cousin Andromeda's house to baby-sit her three-year-old daughter, and Remus and Peter had both gone to celebrate the holidays with their parents. Yes, James Potter was utterly alone. He glanced up at the clock above the fireplace: 11:25. Thirty-five minutes until the year 1977 officially began.

"James?" A soft voice said tentatively.

James turned.

"Lily!" He exclaimed, eyes settling on a pretty, red-haired girl, "I thought you went home for the holidays!"

"I did," she said, coming to sit on the couch across from him, "But my uncle surprised my mum and dad with a vacation, and it was only for two." She smiled softly and cuddled a pillow to her chest.

"Well that's great!"

Lily raised an eyebrow. "It is?"

"Yeah!" James grinned, "Now we can celebrate New Year's together!"

Lily looked hesitant.


"Of course, we don't have to do the New Year's kiss, or anything," he added quickly, "How would you feel about an exciting high five to ring in '77?"

Lily laughed, a melodic, tinkling-of-bells sound, and James's heart leapt wildly in his chest.

"I'd like that, James."


By 11:45, James and Lily were fairly tipsy. The house-elves had come up to clean and check the fires, and had declared that school rules didn't apply on New Year's Eve.

(James had later whispered to Lily that the house-elves must have been rather drunk, themselves.)

Immediately, James had realized that Lily Evans was most definitely not a regular drinker. After only half a bottle of Firewhisky, she was giggling much more than anybody ever should, and had come to sit very near James on the couch.

"So, Mr. Potter," Lily asked, "What are your New Year's resolutions?"

James tilted his head and thought for a moment.

"Er, I dunno…I guess to get you to finally go out with me, as usual."

Lily giggled.

"Not funny!" James exclaimed, "It's my resolution every year!"

Lily looked almost sober for a moment.

"Really?" she asked softly.

James nodded.

"But you always say no," he said sadly, looking down at his empty bottle of Firewhisky.

"I never realized you were serious about me," Lily said softly, "you always joked about it…"

"Yeah. It's what I do. I joke."

"So why are you being serious about this now?"

"It doesn't matter. You're sloshed; you won't remember anything I'm saying tomorrow morning."

Lily looked down at her hands.

"James, I need to tell you something…"

But James brightened up suddenly.


"What?" Lily turned to him, confused.


He pointed, eagerly, towards the clock, and Lily finally understood.














"So, Miss Evans, about that high fi--"

But James was cut off as Lily swung around and kissed him, hard, on the mouth. When they finally broke apart, she was quite red. She nodded, awkwardly, and set off towards the stairs, leaving a very confused James Potter behind her.

"James?" She called, before she turned the corner.

"I wasn't drunk." She smiled slyly, and waved, before disappearing up the stairs.

A/N: Just a little oneshot I thought up when my dad gave me a "New Year's High Five".