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Go Team Go

Attempts to keep the premier of the Go Team Go cartoon series a secret from Shego failed, the Middleton conspirators neglected to bring her mother into the plot. Shego's efforts to pretend she didn't know about the show met with greater success. By the day of the first episode to air, however, her secret – that she knew their secret – threatened to unravel.

Her suspicious nature would have been aroused at dinner with Bonnie in from California, Felix and Justine (ostensibly to see Bonnie, although neither was particularly friendly with her), six-year old Hana, and Kim's brothers all around the table. The whole sitch screamed something was going on, but Shego acted as if the totally abnormal were perfectly normal.

After dinner Ron nudged Hana, who delivered her line, "May the twins and I be excused to watch television?"

Hana managed to pull off the line, had either Kasy or Sheki sounded that polite Kim and Shego would have checked them for mind control chips the way they checked the kids over for ticks after a trip to the woods.

Shego felt a certain amount of pride that even Kasy managed to say nothing, although her body language screamed that she had a secret she wanted to tell. The three girls left the table.

A minute later Tim checked his watch, "Shall we go see what the kids are watching?" he asked Jim.

Shego considered banging her head against the table and screaming, "You people couldn't be any more obvious if you tried!"

"Help me clear the table and load the dishwasher?" Kim invited as other guests slipped away from the table.

"Shouldn't I play hostess?" Shego asked innocently.

"Ron can take care of that," Kim assured her. "You can tell me about your day." Shego smiled at another out-of-character line. Kim had as much interest in life at the law firm as she had in a root canal without anesthesia.

Shego glanced at the kitchen clock as they worked. Kim would want to finish the job just in time for the start of the program. Shego started by working fast to make Kim worry they would be done too quickly. As it actually got closer to time for the show to start Shego slowed down, forcing Kim to frantically quicken her own pace.

"Why don't we go into the living room?" Kim asked.

"We can't load that casserole dish in the dishwasher. I'd better scrub it out by hand."

"I'll do it later. Let's go into the living room."

"If you put it off the food will just dry out. I'd better—"

Shego thought Kim would explode as she grabbed the green woman's arm and began pulling, "Living room, now."

Everyone applauded as Kim and Shego walked into the living room. A seat of honor on the couch remained open for Shego, with room beside her for Kim. Bonnie had the easy chair and Kasy sat on the floor at her feet, with Smaug draped over her shoulders like a stole. Sheki patted the spot by her on the couch, "Sit here, Eemah."

"What's going on?" Shego asked.

"Shhh," Bonnie hissed. "Sit down and watch."

A few seconds later the commercial on the screen ended and the bouncy Go Team Go theme started. Shego almost told everyone she had known for weeks about the program, but they all looked so anxious to see her surprised that she didn't let them know of her foreknowledge.

The show completely enthralled Kasy and Sheki, who kept telling Shego what a good job she was doing on the program – confusing the real woman with her cartoon counterpart. The twins and Hana gasped appropriately at the villains and cheered wildly as Team Go triumphed over the Gang of Evil.

Wild applause broke out in the living room as the show ended. The twins and Hana jumped around to the closing music as Bonnie warned, "Watch the closing credits." The girls ignored Bonnie, and an excited Smaug tried to climb on top of Kasy's head.

"Ow!" Kasy screamed as sharp little claws racked her scalp. Justine tried to keep Kasy calm as Kim untangled the little monster from Kasy's hair.

Not fully understanding why they had been told to watch the credits Ron followed Bonnie's orders. "Whoa! Timothy North voiced Mego! I should have known," Ron chuckled.

"Hush," Bonnie warned as her name appeared on the screen as the voice of Shego, bringing a combination of howls of laughter and a gasp of surprise.

Amid the general chaos and conversation after the program Kim noticed Shego seemed unusually subdued, but wasn't sure why.

To Ron's disappointment Bonnie returned to work almost immediately. He brought Hana over the next week for the second show. The girls demonstrated the same high level of enthusiasm as they had the first week. Kim watched Shego closely. The green woman seemed unhappy as she watched. Kim could have been mistaken the first week, but clearly something bothered Shego about the show.

For two days before the third show Kasy and Sheki talked about little else than how they were looking forward to watching the program. Shego's unhappiness appeared to border on depression and Kim wondered what was going on. When the younger woman asked what was wrong Shego lied and denied any problems.

Part way through the show during the third week Shego left the living room and didn't come back until it ended.

"Where were you?" Kim asked.

"Bathroom. Need a detailed report?"

Kim thought Shego lied about the disappearance, but decided to let it pass.

On the fourth week the twins once again eagerly awaited the new episode of Go Team Go. "Mommy, where's Eemah?" Kasy demanded. "I want to sit with her during the show."

"I don't know; it's like she vanished."

Kim noticed Smaug walking by and picked him up. She held him up at face level, his little snout inches from her nose, "Find Shego, be a good little dragon and find Shego." She had no idea if the creature had a clue what she said, but he wagged his tail. And Kim had no idea if that meant, 'I'll find her, put me down', or 'You're annoying me, put me down or I'll bite your nose'. Uncertain which interpretation to ascribe to the tail Kim put him down and with a clicking of claws on hard floor the little beast began to run around, sniffing the air. "Follow Smaug," Kim told the girls. Even if Smaug was simply hunting for a mouse it provided Kim with a way to distract the twins.

Kim tried to figure out what could be troubling Shego. Her thoughts were interrupted after a couple minutes as Sheki called, "Smaug is trying to get into the closet in the library."

"Open the door," her mommy called.

"It won't open!"

The redhead assumed the little fellow had located a mouse, there was no reason anyone would be in the closet. On the other hand, Kim didn't think there was a lock on the old door and went in to investigate why the girls couldn't open it.

The door lacked a lock and Kim pulled on it. The door resisted, but Kim pulled harder and began to force it open. When Shego let go of the knob on the other side of the door, however, the resistance ended and Kim fell down.

"Uh, thanks for getting me out of there," Shego lied. "The door got stuck."

"You're welcome," Kim responded in a voice that said she didn't believe the pale woman. Kim linked arms with Shego, "We're just in time to watch Go Team Go."

During the program the girls kept their eyes glued to the program. Shego's eyes never left her daughters. And Kim's eyes never left Shego.

As the show ended Kasy turned to her mothers, "Wasn't that great?"

"Yes," Kim agreed.

Shego gave a noncommittal grunt.

"Okay, what's going on with you and the cartoon?" Kim demanded.

Shego addressed Kim and the girls.

"It's a bad show. They got everything wrong," Shego complained. "I was never on Team Go when Connie was there. And she calls herself Chemo, not Go-Girl. And she isn't a cousin. And she wasn't in the tree house with us. And she—"

"But she's going to marry Uncle Ed isn't she?"

"Yes," Kim assured Sheki.

"And we gets to be flower girls?" Kasy demanded.

"Yes, and you two will be flower girls," Shego promised. "But you know how important it is not to tell anyone you know who Team Go really is. Someone might want to hurt one of us."

The girls nodded solemnly. This lesson had been drilled in thoroughly from the day they began talking.

"And Connie isn't a skinny little girl. I swear; they make Go-Girl look anorexic on that cartoon. And Uncle Matt doesn't have a deep voice like that, and he was never the leader – Uncle Henry was. You know Uncle Matt can't grow taller. Drak- … Someone thought he might learn how to grow big with some bio-feedback training but he never tried hard enough. And my boobs aren't that big—"

"They did that so more adolescent boys would watch," Ron explained.

Shego turned to the blond man, "So, are they trying to get the pedophile audience with the way they show Connie?"

"What's a pet-a-file?" Sheki asked.

"Never mind," Kim blushed. "You're taking it too seriously - it's just a cartoon," she told her partner.

"Those are just some of the reasons I don't like it," Shego insisted. "And the Gang of Evil broke up long before Chemo joined Team Go. And the Alchemist is Connie's dad. He would never fight her—"

Kasy interrupted "Is he dead?"

"No dear," Kim explained. "He'll be there at the wedding. That's part of keeping a secret identity. When 'Chemo' joined Team Go she said that her father, the Alchemist, had died. That way no one will realize Chemo, who said her father died, is really Connie – whose father is still alive."

"But he was a bad man?"

"Yes, he was a bad man. But he changed. Anyone can change. He isn't a bad man any more and he makes the potions Chemo uses to help Team Go."

"I still won't talk with him at the wedding!" Kasy declared flatly.

Kim saw a look cross Shego's face that told her this had nothing to do with the size of the green woman's boobs on the cartoon or making Connie look like a fifteen year old famine victim. "Ron, would you take the girls and read them a story? I want to talk with Shego alone for just a minute."

"Okay, KP, got your back."

"Thanks Ron, I can always count on you."

After they Ron and the girls left Kim turned to Shego, "Okay, what is this really about?"

"I'm going to sue Matt," Shego muttered. "I'm sure I was a minor when I signed that contract giving him rights to Team Go images for publicity and commercial purposes."

"Please, something's been eating you for weeks, and it has nothing to do with the excuses you just listed. What's the real problem?"

Shego remained silent for a minute, and Kim waited. Finally Shego sighed, "Do you hear the way they cheer for Team Go and applaud when the bad guys get beaten?"

Kim nodded her head yes.

"I was one of the bad guys. I quit Team Go. I was a villain—"

"Mercenary," Kim corrected her.

"You don't need to sugar-coat it with euphemisms for me. I was evil. Period. What are the girls going to think about me when they learn that? They're going to ask why I left Team Go. You heard Kasy just now?"

Kim nodded her head yes.

"Now do you know why I hate that show? They're going to start asking questions I don't want to answer."

"The questions will come someday, you know that."

"They don't have to come now!"

"Will it ever get any easier to deal with what happened, or will they just think we hid the truth from them?"

"You're saying tell them now?" Shego demanded.

Kim sighed, "There will never be a good time. But better now, be honest with them."

"You'll be there with me?"

"Of course."

"What if they hate me, Kim?"

"They won't hate you."

Shego wished she felt that confident. She gave her partner a half smile, "Tell me, Kim, would you let your name be put on a cartoon show?"

Kim thought for minute, "Honestly? After seeing what they did to Team Go there is no way in the world I'd let them put my life in a cartoon. Besides, you and me together? Adult Swim on Cartoon Network maybe. You know there's no way some network like the Disney Channel would want to handle the real story."

"Subtext? Subtle hints that adults could catch while the kiddies and literally minded remained clueless?"

"Nah, I'm pretty sure the Disney Channel doesn't have adult viewers."