Hinata couldn't quite remember when she had fallen asleep. The bed she was sleeping on wasn't the most comfortable; her back was sore, her neck achy, and she felt as if she hadn't slept a wink. Slowly, she opened her eyes; unfortunetly, everything came back to her then. Gaara had tricked her. She was a ninja, for crying out loud! All he had to do was wrap his arms around her, make her comfortable and warm, and whisper into her ear to make her faint!

If I'm on the bed, then where's Gaara? She wondered and sat up abruptly. She knew where Gaara was; or, more importantly, where his wasn't. She rushed to the door to open--

"He locked the door," Hinata said in disbelief, "He locked the door." She repeated the fact, letting it sink in. Hinata Hyuuga isn't stupid. She did what any sain person would do, or well, any ninja would do; she picked the lock. It was a relatively simple thing to do; why more patients didn't do it was beyond her? Well, then again, you had to have something to pick the lock with. Within minutes, the lock was picked and she opened the door. Sighing, she walked out the door, hoping her little mistake would go unnoticed.

"Finally awake?"

The voice sent her straight up and at attention.

"H-Hokage-sama!" Hinata's voice wavered as she stared at the amused, elderly woman in front of her. Tsunade let the girl straighten her clothing and hair.

"Gaara-sama, told me you needed some rest, so I didn't wake you to tell you one of your patients had escaped," the Hokage smirked at the young Kunoichi as a mortified expression crossed her face.

"H-Hokage-sama, I-It--H-he...I p-promise you," Hinata began trying to explain herself, but was stopped by the blond in front of her.

"It's forgiven. Gaara is in the room next door. Amaya caught him and took care of him; which he really--appreciated. I've decided to give you a chance to make up for you little mishap," Tsunade smiled mischeiviously.

"O-oh, anything Hokage-sama, and I promise it won't happen ag--," the Hyuuga heiress was once again, interupted.

"I know. As you know, Gaara-sama will be unable to walk on his legs for quite some time,and he'll need a care taker. Someone who he can live with, that will be there whenever. You job Hinata, is to be Gaara-sama's caretaker."

"B-b-b-b-but, m-my clan. M-my f-father," Hinata began, knowing Tsunade would catch on.

"I've already spoken with Hiashi-san, he agrees," Tsunade left out her and Hiashi's little conversation; and how Hiashi really didn't fully agree. Hinata was frozen stiff in shock. Her father agreed to let someone like Gaara, who used to be a threat to Konoha, stay with the Hyuuga clan?!

"How long will he be staying with--with us?"

Tsunade didn't answer, but the evil smirk that appeared on her face was answer enough.

Hinata headed towards Gaara's room at the hospital; she had to pack his things and get him ready to go.

Apon entering the room, she met two curious and amused faces; Gaara and Kankuro.

"Awake, sleeping beauty?" Kankuro teased, as he stood up from the chair in the corner and walked over to the indigo haired kunoichi, "Gaara-sama, really did pull a mean trick on you."

"She needed her beauty sleep," Gaara commented dryly, trying to keep the amusement from his voice.

"I don't think she needs beauty sleep. She's beautiful already; like an angel," Kankuro said dreamily, as he lifted her hand and kissed it.

Both Hinata and Gaara turned a dark red; one out of embarrassment, the other out of anger. Hinata drew her hand away and thought about slapping the boy; he took his teasing a little too far.

Kankuro turned his head to glance at his brother for a moment, making sure he was satisfied with his brother's reaction; before turning back to Hinata.

"That wasn't a joke," he whispered into her ear; which made Hinata feel rather uncomfortable.

"Don't you have a date or something?" Gaara asked, annoyed, "...Some guy named Kichiro?"

A small smirk appeared on the elder brother's face, "I'm not gay. I really appreciate a fe--"

"You were going," Gaara stated flatly, cutting off his brother's comment. Why Kankuro was acting so strangely Gaara couldn't even begin to understand. Why he was so angry by his brother's behavior was even more of a mystery.

"Fine, fine. If I didn't know any better Gaara; I'd think you'd want this las for yourself?" Kankuro teased, right before walking out the door; leaving an embarrassed brother to explain himself to the 'las'.

After Kankuro left Gaara changed. Hinata couldn't explain it, but he seemed colder.

"Did Hokage-sama explain the living arrangements to you?" Gaara asked; his voice flat and emotionless, the exact opposite she'd heard the night before.

"Y-yes," Hinata stated plainly. She decided not to go into the incident the happened last night.

"Did she tell you Kankuro would be accompanying us?" Gaara asked, while raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Was all the girl could say as she stared unbelieving at the Kazekage, "At the Hyuuga compound?"

Gaara nodded, his facial features remaining neutral.

"Why?" Hinata asked; trying to keep her voice from getting winy. To be honest, the thought of Gaara staying at her house scared the living shit out of her. Not because he used to be a murderer or used to have a carnivorous demon in him; frankly, he scared her because he was a guy. Hinata, like most girls, likes guys, but her house already had two very dominant, proud, and competitive males. Hinata really didn't like the idea of bringing in two more very dominant, proud, and competitive males into her father's household. Men had a tendency to see everything as a challenge.

"Because he thinks I need watched," Gaara's voice held annoyance; he knew what she was about to say.

"Isn't that what I'm for?"

"He says he watching me to make sure I don't...that we don't...that I don't take advantage of the fact that I'm staying with you." Garra appeared to be angry, irritated, and embarrassed.

"H-has Tsunade okay'd this?" Hinata asked.

"Yes, she has and so has the Hyuuga household."

"Y-your brother went to the Hokage and my family to tell them he n-need to w-watch you to make sure y-you d-didn't..." Hinata trailed off; her voice full of fear; fear of humiliation.

"No, he told the Hokage and the Hyuuga clan that he wanted to make sure his younger brother and Kazekage was alright."

Hinata held back a groan.

Kankuro smiled, broadly at his sister as he approached her near the Konoha gates, where she was getting ready to leave.

"I can't believe you're going to leave me to do the Kazekage work by myself," Temari grumbled; her voice becoming dangerously low, "If either of us were to stay in Konoha, it should be me."

"Why?" Kankuro asked curiously.

"Because I can calm Gaara down more, and--"

"And you want to see Shikamaru," Kankuro finished for her; which she denied.

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