The Curse of the Smiley

Chapter Five the Makeover


As we drove up to Edwards's fraternity house we notice a large group of people gathered around in the front yard. "Oh great, I should have know someone was going to throw a party this weekend," Alice mumbled, she hated that they had so many parties. I think she hated it because parties mean girls and alcohol, and if the party was at this house it also meant Jasper. She hated the idea of other women hitting on HER man, as she put it. The moment the car had stopped Alice had her phone to her ear summoning Jasper to come grab our bags, that and to make sure no drunk guys grabbed at us. Sure enough a few seconds later Jasper sprinted out the door followed by Edward, Emmett, and surprisingly Rosalie. Rosalie looked like a model, she was runway in everyway, and I know every girl who is in the same room with her feels inferior. The last time she stood near me she made me feel like Ugly Betty, oh and she is a total bitch to anyone who gets in her way.

"Hey ladies! How about you come over here and see the love doctor?" the moment Emmett finished that statement Rose smacked him upside the head. "Ouch Rose that hurt."

"Sure he can stand up to the entire pledge class but the moment his girlfriend touches him he turns to putty." I glanced over and caught the eye of the man who put Greek gods to shame and did I mention that I was pregnant with his baby. Oh yes I had sex with that amazing man. "Hello Bella, I must say that color blue looks amazing on you." Then he leaned in the window to whisper in my ear I shot a glance and realized Alice had already gotten her things and I'm sure was starting her reunion with Jasper. "I can't wait to take you out this evening, in my eyes the sooner the better."

My door flung open and I was dragged into a massive bear hug by Emmett who had apparently knocked Edward down in the process, "Bella, do you know what it's been like living with Edward after your last visit?"

"What are you talking about Emmett?"

"Oh so your going to deny that you did a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' or in this case mister?" Emmett was seriously losing his mind, he was talking like Edward actually wanted more. Edward was a frat guy, I was just another girl to him, wasn't I? just then I glanced at Edward who surprisingly was blushing, this was the first time I had actually seen him blush and let me tell you, he looked even better blushing then he did normally.

"Emmett why don't you get Bella's bags and we will meet you inside."

"Little brother I would be glad to take her bags!" Emmett started walking towards the back of the car when he realized, "except Jasper already grabbed them. So I guess I will just meet you Love Birds inside."

"Hello again beautiful, I am so sorry for what Emmett said he is just well Emmett. Before you got here he was forcing the new pledges to kiss his feet, have you every smelt his feet? It was disgusting to even watch." Oh no not disgusting, no anything but disgusting, this baby was trying to make me relive my lunch in reverse. I had to get away from Edward before he saw me hurl, I thought this was supposed to be morning sickness not all fricking day sickness!

"Edward I would really love to finish this conversation but would you let me freshen up before we do, I would like to change before we have dinner." Ugh, dinner I about lost it just saying the word, why was the baby tormenting me?

"Sure Bells."

With that I ran in the door not bothering to glance at the group gathering around Emmett, up the stairs straight in to Jaspers room and then proceeded to the bathroom, where I once again emptied my stomach. Oh no, someone was watching me I could feel it, why did this happen to me?

"Bella?" Thank god it was just Jasper, if it had been Edward I would have needed the toilet again.

"What Jazz?"

"Are you going to tell him?" I glanced behind me to see Jasper standing in the doorway arms folded across his chest. Jasper had a knack for always knowing how people were feeling he knew when to be caring and when to scold you like a little kid, he just knew.

"Yes Jasper I plan to tonight. Did Alice tell you?"

"Yes and no, she had hinted something was up but never actually said it, this however," he gestured to me still gripping the toilet. "Just verifies everything, so how are you going to tell him?"

"I still don't exactly know that myself, I was hoping to after dinner but now I don't even know if I could eat I'm so nervous and I have morning sickness that lasts all damn day long." I finally released the toilet from my death grip and moved to sit against the tub. How am I going to get thru this date, should I just blurt it out or should I ease into it?

"Well why don't I get your bag from Alice and give you a minute to figure things out?" I merely nodded and he was gone. I just stared at the pattern on the floor and before I knew it a pair of feet were in my line of sight. The feet were small and strapped in to death traps, aka high heels and as it turned out I knew these heels.

"Alice, am I doing the right thing?" I whispered secretly hoping my voice would get lost in a breeze. Unfortunately they did not because Alice had sat down in front of me looking me square in the eyes.

"Yes Bella, you are doing the best thing you are being honest. Just be yourself and no matter what you say he will love every word coming out of your mouth he will love you," how did she always know what to say like she me saying something before I ever had to voice it. "Do you know what I would love?" I knew that tone the tone that could only end in a-"Makeover!"

"Alice," I scowled, "I am pregnant and hormonal and," GASP- I just stood there wide eyed, oh great now who else knows. I slowly turned toward the doorway to see Emmett and Rosalie standing in the threshold. CRAP! Emmett just stood frozen jaw dropped while Rosalie was gasping repeatedly. Rose's eyes caught mine and she hurtled herself forward before I could speak her arms were around me and she was trying to comfort me. This has to be one of the most memorable months of my life, first pregnant then telling my best friend next a road trip and now Rosalie was actually being nice to me!

"Bella," Emmett wearily said. "Whose is it?"

"Emmett I didn't know for sure until this week I am so sorry I had to tell him myself. I couldn't bear telling him over the phone. Please let me do this tonight, please don't say anything Emmett I beg you please." All I could do was plead for his sympathy.

"EMMETT! So help me if you say one thing to him about this you won't get sex for an entire month!" Rosalie shrieked with all the fury she could manage. "You WILL say nothing of what you just heard!"

"Y-yes Rose," Emmett stammered.

"Thank you, now what I was saying Alice is that you have thirty minutes to get me ready if I have to tell him I want to look good doing it!"

For the next thirty minuets Alice worked her pixie magic, she was amazing when it came to makeovers. It was just when she wanted to do them daily that I had a problem, I made her sign an agreement saying she could only do them for special occasions. Thirty minutes later her work was done and I felt so beautiful I almost forgot I was pregnant, almost.

My hair was loosely curled and it wrapped around my shoulders which were covered by a blue wrap around sweater that accentuated my- what shall we call them- features. I was wearing a knee length silk flowing tan skirt and my feet were covered in blue Mary Janes that matched my sweater, I finally felt like I could stand next to Edward without having every girl in the place asking what the hell he was doing with me.

I walked down the hall and found Edwards door, behind this door was the man of my dreams. I opened the door and stepped inside to see Edward wearing only a towel styling his hair in the bathroom mirror. Water droplets glistening of his chest his rock hard abs his muscular arms, then everything went black.

Author's Note;

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