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Epilogue: Life's Little Games

Life on campus had really gotten back to normal or as close as normal could be. Naraku was gone for good…no not dead. Once Onigumo heard about the incident, he waited until Naraku had recovered from his injuries then made him pack up and shipped him across seas to live on his own, never to come back. Naraku argued about who ownership of the family business would go to in order to stay but he forgot about one other person who could take control of it. Sara. Yura would be her partner.

As for Kagura, she still hasn't completely given up on Sesshomaru. It's been said that she's trying to make him jealous with her newest boy toy whom she regret having and can't lose. Hakudoshi basically bosses her around and hits her more than Naraku did.

As much fun and as interesting as the college life had been, nothing still beats a good summer vacation…Well that's if Kagome could come up with anything that she wanted to do. Luckily for her Sesshomaru had an idea.

"No you can't bring me there." Kagome said holding on to he door frame while Sesshomaru was trying to carry her out.

"But you said you wanted to go." Sesshomaru said pulling slightly.

Kagome pulled harder but was getting nowhere, she was amazed that she could last that long then again, with her newly found miko powers, she found that she was able to make herself slightly more stronger than she normally is although she didn't know how she did it.

"I was only kidding. I didn't know what I was talking about that day."

"Yea right, you said you wanted to go and I'm holding you on your word so let go before you force me to do it."

Gasp "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh, but I would now let go."

"NEVA!" Kagome shouted out while laughing manically.

"Let go now and I won't say it again."

"No and I won't sat it again."

Sesshomaru sighed and said, "Well you forced me to do this, don't say I didn't warn you."

Kagome continued to pull but froze. Suddenly she burst out in laughter, her body twitching uncontrollably. Sesshomaru was still holding her but he was using one hand to do so while the other went up her shirt and tickled her with his claws.

"Stop…ha ha…fluffy e-heh evil…you're not being fair!" She said while laughing she could feel her body wanting to curl within itself to stop the torture.

He didn't say anything as he continued and a minute after, her arms finally gave out and he slung her over his shoulder before she could have any say in anything. Kagome kicked and hit his back, if she was going, she would not make it easy for him. He struggled to keep her foot from making a path to his face but he knew what would get her to stop. He set his hand back and slapped her hard on her bum making her squeal.

"OW! Sess!"

He looked over his shoulder and just said oh so innocently, "What?"

She growled and stayed still knowing that if she continued then he would hit her again, he always did that. He sat her in his car and then got in on his side before pulling out her drive way and driving away.

Things were silent in the car. Sesshomaru had a huge smirk, he could feel how annoyed Kagome is and it will forever amuse him. Her annoyance turned into nervousness slowly as they were getting close to their destination.

Kagome felt his hand grab on to one of hers and stroke it with his thumb, "Relax Kagome. There's nothing to worry about."

"That's easy for you to say."

"I promise nothing will go wrong and if something bad happens then me and you will leave and the both of us could do something fun together."

"By fun you mean get lost somewhere and have sex right?"

Sesshomaru didn't say anything as he continued to drive but the too pleasant smirk that he had on his face told her that her assumptions were correct.

"Such a perv." She muttered under her breath but loud enough for him to hear as she pouted and crossed her arms looking away from him.

At least her nervousness was gone but the moment they stopped, she was nervous once again. There were cars parked all along the drive way of the mansion but Sesshomaru continued to drive until he got to the garage and parked his car. When they got out she felt Sesshomaru's arm slip around her waist to guide her threw the mansion to the massive back yard.

Kagome's eyes went wide, she never knew that there were so many inu demons before, there had to be a good 300 all together, and most were children. Most had the silver hair and golden eyes, they were direct relatives, the silver inu youkai clan. Others had brown hair, black hair, and golden hair. For eyes it was light blue, brown, and even silver. She continued her observation of the family reunion but soon took notice that everyone was observing her as well.

"Sesshomaru? They're looking at me what do I do?" Kagome whispered as quietly as she could, hoping that they didn't hear her.

"Just relax and act natural, I promise that they'll like you." Sesshomaru whispered back and giving her hand a small squeeze.

Kagome smiled getting a little bit of her confidence back. Someone finally came up to them, and he sniffed her a bit earning a growl from Sesshomaru telling him to stay back.

"So Sess, who is she, everyone wants to know." He asked earning the attention of everyone around.

Well it was now or never.

Kagome bowed to him and said, "Hi my name is Kagome Higurashi."

The other guy just lifted an eyebrow and repeated, "Kagome hunh, what a ridiculous name." He said it the same way Sesshomaru said the first time they met and it was enough to make her want to laugh.

A group of five women came around just as the guy left and sniffed the air around her.

"You are no ordinary human, you're a miko." The oldest of the group said.

"I guess I am, I didn't know about it until recently though." Kagome said shifting herself to stand behind Sesshomaru, she knew that they were dog demons and all but the sniffing thing is something that she just couldn't get use to unless it was Sesshomaru and sometimes Inuyasha.

The youngest girl of the group then said, "So you must be the girlfriend that everyone is talking about. I didn't think it was true."

Kagome blinked a few times, she didn't say anything about being his girlfriend, not yet. "Yes, I'm Kagome. How did you know, was it that obvious?"

"Well, where do you think Inuyasha got his loud mouth from?" The demoness tilted her head to look back at Toga who was talking up a storm with other relatives.

"Let me take a closer look of you."

Sesshomaru was ready to protect Kagome from how the women looked. Inu demonesses were true to their name, bitches.

Finally the oldest extended her hand and with a bright smile on her face said, "Welcome to the family!"

Both Sesshomaru and Kagome looked dumbfound. Sesshomaru told her how vicious the family could be. It was hard for Izayoi to be accepted especially by this group. She wasn't accepted by them until she gave birth to Inuyasha. They were the bitchiest females in the family, if you were accepted by them then that's saying something.

Kagome slowly extended her hand and shook it. "Uh thanks? That was easier than I thought."

"Well dear, if you like Sesshomaru and he likes you back then you must something special. He is a difficult one after all." She said with a wink.

Kagome blushed with a smile and Sesshomaru put his arm around her and had a triumphant smile and look on his face.

The girls then crowded them, all had that mischievous glint in their eyes and long sly smiles on their faces.

"So…" The oldest started with. "is little cousin Sessh good in bed?"

Another then asked, "Did he propose to you?"

"When's the wedding?" Some other demoness asked.

"Are you going to have children, I just love children." The youngest said in a dreamy voice.

The second demoness then growled at the young woman and said, "Of course their going to have children, the question is how many."

"Ten…no twenty-five!" Toga blurted out as he came up from behind the two and hugged them.

They both rolled their eyes as the questions continued to come. It was going to be a long day but they were going to make the most of it after all, life is full of games waiting to be played.

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