DISCLAIMER: The characters do not belong to me…they are all the creations of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. This idea comes from a line in my story 'My First Year as a Cullen'. Thanks to Icy Cullen for helping with the idea and band name.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Karaoke Night at the Cullen home – All are Vampires. I haven't changed the story! I just fixed the spelling and grammar mistakes. I was excited to get it out and didn't double check it.

Don't break up the Band!


"Alice!" I cried, running into her room.

She met me in the doorway, nearly knocking me over. "Absolutely! We have to go shopping!"

"We have to check with him first!" I argued.

"Bella!" Alice sang. "All ready seen it. He loves it. Let's go!" We ran down the stairs together. "Going out! Be back soon! Taking Bella!" Alice yelled out behind us. We made it out the front door and into her Porsche. We made it into town in record time.

"Are you sure we can find what we need without going down to Anchorage?" I asked.

"I saw the perfect store the last time Rose and I came to town. It'll have everything we need," Alice assured me.

"And the machine?"

"I brought ours from Forks. It's up in the attic."


Alice pulled up in front of a little store named 'Everything and Anything'. I started giggling! It certainly promised to have all we needed. I jumped out of the car and ran to Alice. She grabbed my hand and led me into the store.

We made our way straight to the back where the racks of clothing sat. I looked over and saw a shelf full of hats. I ran over and grabbed two that had immediately caught my eye. "Alice!" I squealed. "We have to get both of these for him! I know just what songs he should sing when he wears them too!"

"He'll love it!" Alice agreed. She flipped through the rack and yanked out a shirt. She held it up high. "Bella?"

"That matches the hat perfectly!" I was really getting excited now. "We need a band name, Alice. How about EBA? We can be all mysterious about what it means. EBA, Alice. Try it out! It sounds fun on your tongue!"

"Bella, if you were human, I would ask how much sugar you've had," Alice teased.

"I'm just happy! I'm in town with you without needing written consent in triplicate. And! We are going to have so much fun tonight!"

Alice held up another shirt. "What do you think of this one for the other hat?"

"No. He has the perfect shirt at home already."

Alice closed her eyes for a second, looking for a vision of my decisions. She opened them and smiled wickedly. "You're right! That is perfect!"

"We just need a blonde wig."

"I should have one in the attic from a Halloween costume."

"You guys celebrated Halloween? What did you go as?"

"No. They were all too adult for it! I was the only one who dressed up. I was Sleeping Beauty."

"Don't worry, Alice. I'll help you get everyone to dress this year!"

"Bella! Thank you! We only have a little over three months to plan for it, but I can swing it!"

I rolled my eyes. Only my sister would consider three months too short. And she doesn't even need sleep! "I'm sure you can, Alice!"

"These shorts will be perfect for you and me, Bella!"

"How about these glittery tank tops?" I asked as I showed her the red and purple shirts.

"Perfect! Now I just need to find dresses to go with the other song we're going to do." I followed behind Alice as she searched a few racks. On the final one, she found the dresses she was looking for. One was ivory and one was ebony. They were both long and flowing with halter necklines.

"I like them!" I said.

"Of course!" Alice chirped.

We ran to the front of the store and purchased the items. We made it home just as the boys were returning from their hunt.

"Are you blocked, Alice?"

"Like Fort Knox, Bella!"

"Em! Come here for a sec!" I called. Edward looked over at us and I waved to him. "Hi, honey! I'll be inside in a sec. Alice and I want to show Emmett something we found for him." Edward nodded and went into the house with Jasper. Emmett jogged over to us.

"What's up, Picky?" Emmett asked. Alice opened the bag wide and showed him our discoveries. "What are you going to do with that stuff?"

"Not us. We!" I explained. "You said you didn't want to break up the band so we thought a Karaoke night was in order. Our band name is the greatest, Em. It's EBA! Doesn't that just roll of your tongue!"

"EBA, EBA, EBA! Okay, I'm hooked," Emmett chuckled. "We need to go somewhere to discuss our songs and these lovely outfits!"

"Attic!" Alice ordered.

The three of us ran through the house and up to the attic, hoping no one saw us. Emmett closed the attic door and sat against it so no one could come in. We explained the two songs we had picked out and how we wanted Emmett to dress. We showed him our outfits for the songs.

"How are you keeping my husband out?" I asked a grinning Emmett.

"I have been singing the Big Mac song over and over," Emmett replied. He should be yelling at me any second now."

"EMMETT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Edward's yell filled the house. Alice and I chuckled.

"Yep! There it is! Now I'm singing 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' very quietly. It'll take him a little while to figure it out. It's another one of his most hated tunes," Emmett chuckled.

"Don't you ever sing anything he likes?" I asked.

"What fun would that be?" Emmett asked. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Bella!" Alice sang. I turned to see her holding her Karaoke machine.

"Yes!" I said, pumping my fist in the air.

"Time to announce tonight's activity to the family!" Alice chirped. The three of us ran down to Alice's room and dropped off our material. Then we went to the living room together. Alice called out to everyone else. "Rose, Jasper, Edward, Esme, Carlisle." The five of them appeared at the top of the stairs. "We are having Cullen Karaoke tonight!"

"Alice," Rose groaned.

"Please, Rose!" I pleaded, giving her the puppy dog eyes.

"Bella, you cheat!" Rose chuckled.

"Thank you, Rose!" I sang. "You guys can team up or do singles. Me and Alice and Em are going to perform together."

"You have three hours to pick a song and decide if you want costumes or not. There's tons of stuff in the attic that you can use," Alice informed them. "We'll be using my room, so Jasper, you'll have to find somewhere else to practice and get ready."

I looked over to see that Alice and Edward were having one of their silent conversations. "What's wrong?" I asked my sister.

"Edward loathes Karaoke and is begging to be left out of it," Alice explained.

"I'll deal with him," I whispered to her. I turned and smiled at my husband. I walked up the stairs and pulled him into our room. "What's wrong? Why don't you want to join in with the rest of the family?"

"I hate singing. I hate dressing up. I hate Karaoke!" Edward growled.

"What if I give you an incentive to participate?" I asked.

Edward looked at me closely. "What kind of incentive?" I pulled his ear to me and whispered so that only he could hear. I explained what his reward would be if he played nice and participated tonight. I pulled away and looked at his face. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"You're ridiculous!" I laughed, playfully slapping his arm.

Edward pulled me close and hugged me tightly. "You're just a good motivator, Mrs. Cullen."

"Why thank you, Mr. Cullen! Now, I must leave you. Alice wants some Bella Barbie time to get ready for our big night!" I kissed Edward's cheek and skipped off to my sister's room. When I walked in, she was standing on her bed, trying to help Emmett fix the blonde wig on his head. She was almost too short with her standing on the big bed!

"What do you think, Squirt?" Emmett asked, flashing me a toothy smile.

"It's so you, Em!" I chuckled. "Alice, give me a hairband!" She ran into her bathroom and came back out with one. I jumped onto her bed and pulled the wig hair together. I wrapped a hairband in it and made a loose ponytail. "Now that looks perfect!" I told them.

"Emmett, I'm going to do Bella's hair now. Look at the video for our first song on my laptop so you can come up with a good dance to go with it," Alice instructed.

Emmett smiled widely. "EBA rules!"

"Right on!" I agreed, lifting my fist in the air.

"Bella, you are absurd!" Alice chuckled.

"Edward tells me that all the time," I sighed as she pushed me into the bathroom.