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Chapter 1

Alvin sat silently on his bed, staring at the screen of his laptop.

"Did I seriously just say that?" he whispered to himself, scrolling up and down at that certain instant messanger conversation. Although he wanted to take back every word he just said, his body wouldn't let him. Alvin's poor, teenage heart began beating faster as he waited for a response-

Finally, it came.

..."She loves me!" Alvin squealed, jumping up and down on his bed. It began squeaking loudly since it was long due it's age and couldn't quite handle his weight as much as it used to.- then suddenly,

"...Oh, it was... just a typo. Of course, she loathes me." He sighed and replied back with an obvious, "Well, I loathe you more."

Alvin grunted and laid back on his bed.

"In need of some assistance?" A voice coming from the doorway said. Startled, Alvin sat up to see his somewhat older brother, Simon, standing at the door with a semi-sly look across his face.

"Uh, hah, what do you mean?" Alvin chuckled, trying to cover up his own confusion.

Simon rolled his eyes and walked towards Alvin. His brother's cheesy smile never fooled him. Simon knew that something was up. He slowly took a glance at the computer screen, and noticing Alvin's sudden gasp to his action, began reading over the short conversation.

Alvin screeched and grabbed the laptop, "NO! Don't read that!"

Simon smiled and replied, "Already did, plus my photographic memory is allowing me to apprehend it." His smile turned into a slight smirk as he took a seat next to his brother.

Alvin overdramatically sighed and fell backwards on his bed again.

"None of what you read was true, Simon. I was kidding the whole time." He added, leaning his head up a bit so Simon could see the serious look he put on his face, trying to hide the truth.

Simon couldn't help but laugh at this, "Alvin, you aren't fooling anyone, and truthfully, neither is Brittany."

Alvin rolled over onto his stomach and let his head hang off the side of the bed. He answered rasply, "That isn't Brittany."

Simon shook his head in disbelief and quickly grabbed the laptop from Alvin. He scrolled up to the beginning of the conversation and began reading outloud. His voice was lower as he read for Alvin, and higher as he read for Brittany.

"Ew, if it isn't Alvin. Ew, if it isn't Miss Ugly, OOPS. I mean Brittany." Simon turned his annoyed look at Alvin, who had sat up, giving Simon another cheesy smile. Simon only rolled his eyes again.

Alvin suddenly grunted loudly and violently took the laptop from Simon, yelling, "What's it to you anyway!?"

Simon seemed taken aback by this action. He didn't know that this subject was so touchy to Alvin. Truthfully, he didn't know that his brother had it in him to tell someone that, well, he liked them. Especially if that someone was Brittany Miller.

Brittany and Alvin were always neck to neck at everything. If it was either battling each other at a video game or racing around the world, each always believed that they could easily beat the other. For some reason, Alvin's feelings towards Brittany weren't a big surprise to Simon though. Even when they were kids, both Simon and Theodore could sense a guilted side to their brother after he'd make a nasty remark about something Brittany did.

Simon didn't exactly know how to answer Alvin, for it was truely none of his buisness, but trying to help his nervous brother, replied, "Well, if there's anything you need me to help with, I'll be here for you." It seemed unusual to both, Alvin, and even Simon, that he would suggest this. Usually, Simon would want Alvin to try to get himself out of trouble since he got into it so often, and well, Alvin just thought he was too good for Simon's help and that Simon would never actually offer it.

Of course Alvin thought it over, for a split second, and without a further thought, answered, "Me? Need YOUR help? Hah, good one, Mr. Smartypants."

Sure, Alvin would have loved Simon's help. Letting Simon know that? Unthinkable.

All Simon could do was sigh and shrug as he walked over to sit on his own bed.

"Well, if you change your mind, I'll be here."

Simon picked up a book he had been recently reading, opened to his latest page, and suddenly went into his own world.

Alvin rolled his eyes and sat back on his bed, his laptop in his lap once again as he tried to start another useless arguement with Brittany.

What was it about her that made Alvin get so deeply into thought all the time? Oh, she made him so mad. Sometimes he just wanted to take a voodoo doll of her and poke a couple needles all over her body. But, sooner or later, he'd end up rushing over to that doll, quickly healing every injury he endured to it. Yeah, Alvin thought she was pretty. Who didn't think Brittany was pretty? And yeah, he thought she was talented. Would he let her know that though? Never. The thought never crossed his mind to tell her how he really felt about her. - For some reason though, for that moment in time, the words sort of tumbled out of his mouth- well, out of his fingers, I guess you could say.

"...Hey, Simon?"

Simon never glanced away from his book, "Yes, Alvin?"

"...Is there some kind of mental issue where you mix up words? Like the words..." He paused, "Oh, I don't know...gross and gorgeous?" Alvin gulped.

Simon suddenly looked up at Alvin, a small smirk on his face, "Well, there is dislexia, but I don't think that'd have anything to do with it."

Alvin shrugged and looked back at the laptop screen, not saying a word.

Simon only chuckled. Maybe there was something he could do to help Alvin, without him knowing, of course. A call to his dear friend, Jeanette, might do some good. Hopefully it'd help him find out what Brittany really felt about Alvin, and if her intentions were anything like his.


"And then," Brittany groaned, "He told me that he hates my hair and my style!"

Brittany's fists were clenched and her teeth were gritting.

"Aw, I'm sorry Brittany. But, Alvin's like that all the time, you know." Eleanor said, a smile on her face, trying to keep her aggressive sister from punching a hole in the wall. "I'm sure he'll come to his senses soon."

Brittany shook her head, annoyed, "Come to his senses about what?! How much I hate him?! How much I want to kick and punch and burn and boil and fry and slam and kil-"

Eleanor quickly stopped Brittany before she could name every horrific thing that could be done to a person, "Come to his senses about his feelings for you."

There was silence among them for a moment, but it was quickly broken by the high-pitched laughter of an oblivious chipette.

"Alvin...FEELINGS?!" Brittany exclaimed, holding her sides to try to keep herself from laughing too hard.

Eleanor only sighed and shook her head. Why couldn't Brittany just accept the fact that Alvin had feelings for her and that, well, she had feelings for Alvin.

"Look Brittany, I know it's hard to believe but, think about it! It's better you just tell him how you really feel now before it gets even worse."

Brittany suddenly stopped laughing, leaving an even eerier silence in the room.

"Well," Brittany finally started, "I could say the same about Theodore."

Butterflies formed in Eleanor's stomach as a small sadness formed in her eyes. What Brittany said was true, but Eleanor was in a completely different situation. Everyone knew that Theodore and Eleanor would end up being together. But Brittany and Alvin... truthfully that had nothing to do with Theodore.

But Eleanor didn't want to argue with Brittany anymore. To avoid this, she only nodded, and gently rubbed her eyes.

Brittany shrugged and walked over to the living room couch, picking up her laptop before sitting down, then put it on her lap. Of course, who else but Alvin was online, telling Brittany that she needed to try the new winterfresh flavor of tictacs. Brittany quickly turned red as her fingers pounded at the keys of the laptop, trying to think of the greatest combat possible.

Eleanor was left sitting by the fire alone. She didn't mind though. It was actually sort of nice.

Especially the warmth.

Feeling the heat radiate out of the fire towards her always made Eleanor smile. She'd close her eyes and picture being somewhere cold and snowy, perhaps a cabin high up in the mountains. And who would be there to give her that warmth? Theodore. She imagined them, close together, snuggling on the harsh wooden floor- although it didn't feel harsh because when Eleanor was with Theodore, even in her thoughts, everything that should be uncomfortable, wasn't. It was actually quite relaxing.

Eventually, Eleanor's wonderful dream was stopped by the loud grunt of her obnoxious sister. Speaking of sisters...

"Brittany?" She turned from the fire to face her.

Brittany looked up from the computer screen with the usual annoyed look on her face, "What Eleanor?"

"Is Jeanette home? Every night she usually tries some of the nightly desserts I make but..." She sighed, "Tonight, she didn't."

Brittany yawned and shrugged, looking back at her laptop screen, "I'm pretty sure she's upstairs. There's a book she's been reading recently. She hasn't been able to put it down."

Eleanor's ears perked up, as she became more interested, "Really? What book?"

Brittany rolled her eyes, "Like I'd know? Some romance novel or something."

Eleanor smiled, loving the fact that her older sister was interested in such strong literature, but of course a small frown snuck in thinking how Brittany didn't give a care about books at all. If only she knew the places book could take her. Eleanor shrugged as she thought, Oh well, her lose.


Everything was quiet in the Seville house. Almost everyone was asleep, except for Simon of course. It was time to put his plan into action. He slowly picked up his glasses and placed them on, looking to see if Theodore, and most importantly Alvin were asleep.

They were.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, Simon sat up in his bed, slid on his slippers, and began gently tiptoeing towards the door. But, one more thing... He quickly glanced back at the clock. It was 11:40. Hopefully not too late to call Jeanette.

Simon was planning on calling early, but he got so caught up in his book that he had forgotten. With this happening, he realized that there was no possible way he could call Jeanette on their house phone. Oh, definately not. Miss Miller would throw a fit.

Jeanette usually didn't have her cellphone on but, hey, it was worth a try.

Just as long as it was on silent.

Simon wasn't going to have his plan ruined by Brittany waking up.


End of Chapter 1

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