Title: Take Me Home

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I know it's been done a million times before, but I've had this idea running around in my head ever since Rose left, and my brain won't shut up.


Rose P.O.V

A month, one whole month since I last saw him. My Doctor: burning up a sun just so he could say goodbye. That was the day that changed my life, the day I lost hope, the day I really died.

Our final goodbye and he was taken away before he could even say it. I could see the words forming on his lips, in his eyes, feel his soul and then he was gone. Just like that.

My Doctor loved me and he never got to say it. Not once.


Rose Tyler, so called 'Defender of the Earth', sat behind her desk in Torchwood, staring off blankly into the distance, an almost pained expression on her features. Her mind was on him again. It was always on him.

Finishing the paperwork in front of her, Rose shoved it into a manila folder and headed towards the office of Pete Tyler.

"Hey Rose, ready for lunch?" called a familiar voice.

Spinning around Rose smiled at Mickey 'Ricky' Smith as he approached her carefully.

Attempting to talk to Rose these days was a risky feat. It was clear to everyone in Torchwood, that she was hollow inside. It was as if she had lost a part pf herself, the part that gave her a will to live. It was true that these days she had livened up a little, but the emptiness and hurt in her eyes still remained. Maybe her 'condition', served as a painful reminder of the loss she had suffered.

Holding up the folder Rose continued on her journey to her father's office calling back at Mickey as she went along.

"Yeah, in a bit. Just have to take this to Dad and then we can head out yeah?" replied Rose.

It had been four months since Rose had started working at Torchwood and 3 and half months since she had been made Head of Operations, her only superior, her father. It seemed that her job was increasingly consuming her time, not that she minded. Her life in the alternate universe had been mediocre at best. Her waking thoughts were always of him and each moment was spent in a feeling of a longing and excruciating heartache that seemed to worsen with time. Despite her expertise, Rose had been banned from field work ever since Mickey and Pete had discovered her 'illness'. The pair grew increasingly protective when it came to the young blonde.

Despite her excessive work load, Rose and Mickey always went out for lunch, both determined to remain friends despite some recent awkwardness.

As Rose finally reached her father's office knocked on Pete Tyler's door, waiting for a few seconds before knocking again.

"Dad?!" called Rose through the door praying that she wasn't interrupting anything too important.

"Come in Rose," was her father's response.

The door to the office opened and Rose smiled at Pete as he sat behind his desk.

"Hey sweetheart, how are you today?" asked Pete eyes looking Rose up and down.

"I'm good. Mickey was just about to take me out to lunch, but I had to drop these off first," said Rose placing the file on her father's desk.

Before Rose or Pete could say anymore Rose was startled as a very familiar voice sounded from behind her.

"Rose Tyler, you never cease to amaze me."

Spinning around Rose almost cried when she spotted the face of a man she was convinced she would never set eyes upon again. There, standing behind her was the smiling face of none other than Captain Jack Harkness.



Jack and Gwen stood in his office at Torchwood, Jack staring at the new teleport in his office. The group had found it out in a field while investigating various reports of supernatural origin.

"Are you sure this is gonna work? I mean you're talking about teleporting to an alternative universe. What if you get trapped there or I don't know tear down the walls between realities?" asked Gwen.

Smiling Jack just shook his head.

"No, it wouldn't happen. This is new technology. It's safe otherwise I wouldn't risk using it," Jack said doing his best to assure her that everything would be safe.

End Flashback


"Rose Tyler, you never cease to amaze me."

Spinning around Rose almost cried when she saw the smiling face of Captain Jack Harkness. Beaming back at her old friend, Rose moved towards him, flinging herself into his arms.

Holding Rose at arms length Jack grinned as he inspected her now four month pregnant frame.

"Reports back home say you're dead, yet here you are, smiling at me with your big brown eyes. And you're pregnant!? So who's the father?" asked Jack.

Pulling the man before her into another hug Rose tried to stop her tears as they burned her eyes.

"No-one important," she replied, sending her father a pointed glance as he nodded knowingly.

Pulling out of the hug once more Rose smiled at Jack a questioning look pasted on her delicate features.

"How are you even here?" asked Rose her voice breaking, "He said he couldn't come back even if he wanted to. He said it. But you're here and the universe isn't collapsing and you're here and…"

Rose broke down into a fit of sobs as she collapsed to the floor, Jack's arms encircling her as he rubbed soothing, pointless circles on her back in an attempt to comfort her. As the sobbing subsided and slowly turned into a stream of silent tears Rose looked up at Jack a slightly embarrassed look gracing her features.

"Sorry about that, hormones," forced laughter chased away the rest of the tears as Rose looked at Jack and smiled, "So you're really here? I'm not dreaming?" asked Rose a little anxiously.

"As much as I'd like to think that you dream about me, I'm pretty sure that if you were dreaming, a certain time traveler would be standing here and not me. But for the sake of appearances…"

Jack moved forward and pressed his lips to Rose who hesitated before responding. Breaking apart, Jack winked at Rose smiling.

"I gotta hand it to you kid, you sure know how to kiss."

As Rose let out a joyous laugh for what was the first time in months Rose, Pete Tyler's face cracked into a relieved grin, which did not go unnoticed by Jack.

Pete knew as well as anybody at the pain his daughter had been subjected to since her separation from the Doctor. Many days were spent in tears as Jackie and he had done their best to bring solace to their daughter's life.



Rose sat at kitchen table of the Tyler mansion, tears streaming down her face as she remembered the man she loved and lost.

Jackie approached her daughter cautiously, well aware of the fact that Rose would not see her until she was within touching distance. Ushering Pete into the kitchen the concerned parents each took a seat at the table, both facing their daughter.

Reaching out tentatively Jackie placed a hand on her daughter's arm and gave it a light squeeze as she gazed at her daughter's lifeless eyes.

"Rose love, are you okay?" asked Jackie, uncertain of how to approach the topic.

"I should have told him," was Rose's hollow response as she slowly let her quiet thoughts slip away.

Jackie and Pete both knew who she was talking about. They had entered into this discussion many times since Rose and The Doctor's final farewell.

"It would only have hurt him love, he would want to be there, and it would kill him that he can't. You know I'm right Rose, I know you do. The Doctor can't come back for you," said Pete as Jackie shot him a dangerous look.

At this point tears began to cascade down Rose's face as she looked up at her mother, a look of pure, pain and innocence plain on her face.

"But why can't he?" asked Rose voice breaking as a fit of sobs shook her body dangerously.


Pete knew as well as anybody at the pain his daughter had been subjected to since her separation from the Doctor. Many days were spent in tears as Jackie and he had done their best to bring solace to their daughter's life.

At the relieved look on the face of Pete Tyler, Jack began to wonder just how much grief Rose had been suffering while separated from her own universe and a certain person in particular. Jack had loved Rose from very early on, she wasn't just some random girl, she was much more than that. He wanted to see her smile, to be happy. And he knew just the thing to do that.

"So Rose Tyler, how would you like to go home?"


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