Title: Take Me Home

Disclaimer: Doctor Who does not belong to me, many posters of David and Billie do though.

Pairing: The Doctor and Rose (DUH!) and a little bit of Rose/Jack but I'm sorry about it!

Set: This takes place during the third series of Doctor Who!

Dedication: To my baby brother, for making me smile.

"Rose you can't keep this from him. You need to tell the Doctor…" Sarah Jane begun before she was interrupted by an achingly familiar voice emanating from the doorway.

"Tell me what?"


The Doctor stood gazing out at the bay and trying to ignore the pang of loss that throbbed deep within his chest. It seemed impossible to believe that Rose, his Rose was so close and even more impossible was the fact that he had willingly left her presence without even declaring his own. Every part of his being yearned to be near her and it broke both of his hearts. How long had she been in this world without him? And of course she had not bothered to search for him, because the gods of the universe know that once Rose Tyler had set her mind to something there was no stopping her. Nothing on this earth or any other would have stood in the way of her finding him, not if she had tried to reach him. And of course he had made it easier for her with all the desperate measures he had taken on the miraculous off chance of her return. Nothing would have stopped him from hearing her call.

Sighing heavily the Doctor turned to face the man that had been cautiously attempting to approach him for the last few minutes.

"What is it Jack?" he asked impatiently.

Jack dropped his head for a moment while he attempted to collect his composure. He needed to do this for the woman that they both loved. For Rose.

"Doc, you need to go back. You don't understand now but you will. Please just go and see her, look at that kid, she looks just like-"

"How long has she been here Jack? How did she get here? How long have you kept her from me? HOW LONG?" screamed the Doctor as he allowed the full extent of his frustration and anguish to consume him.

"I found her in the other universe. Torchwood found some tech, I didn't know what it could do, I thought she was dead. She was so sure that you'd come back for her. That you wouldn't just leave her there. Doc she loves you. There's just so much you need to understand and I can't be the one to tell you. Just go back, talk to her, take a closer look at that kid Doctor. You'll understand."

The Doctor felt each of his hearts pause in his chest as Jack's cryptic message washed over him. Rose's presence was still calling to him; urging him to return to her despite his better judgment. He couldn't stay away from her any longer, even if she did not want him. He wouldn't abandon her again, he couldn't. Following the pull of his hearts the Time Lord raced across the space that separated him from his Rose, ignoring the stunned looks of pedestrians as he plowed through them only to disappear into the thin air that was the second entrance to the Torchwood Hub, using his sonic screwdriver to speed up the process and jumping off the lift before it had even reached the floor. His hearts had resumed their constant beat and were currently pounding against the confines of his chest as if they could feel that the reason for their very existence was just beyond.


Approaching the open doorway of Jack's bedroom, the Doctor heard the voices of his two former companion's drift towards him.

"Rose, you have to tell him. After everything he's already lost, don't keep her from him too. He needs something to hold on to, he needs you just as much as you need him. "

"I can't," Rose cried between shaky breaths as tears started to cascade from her shimmering brown eyes, "He doesn't… I can't. If I tell him, than I've already lost him. He never wanted this Sarah Jane. Please… I just… I can't…. I love him and… please!" cried the young woman as her silent tears turned into broken sobs.

The Doctor felt a deep pang in his chest as he heard the anguish in Rose's voice and found himself fighting the urge to run through the doorway to comfort her, Nine screaming angrily in his head as he too felt the pain of hearing his Rose's distress.

"Rose you can't keep this from him. You need to tell the Doctor…"

Taking Sarah Jane's words as his cue to enter the Doctor pushed himself into the opening of the doorway, allowing his eyes to briefly flicker over the room before settling his gaze on the young mother who sat crying on the bed as she clung to her child.

"Tell me what?" he asked as the most beautiful set of eyes he had ever seen suddenly met his and he allowed himself to fall into the beautiful chocolate depths. Those eyes stole his breath and his love once more as they possessed him and overtook any proper train of thought.

A sharp, shocked gasp from his right drew broke the connection, his attention going to the young medical student who now stared at the child in Rose's arms with round eyes.

"She's yours! Oh my god, Doctor, she's yours!" came Martha's shocked voice as she suddenly remembered where she had seen the child's striking blue eyes. Rose's bedroom had been covered in pictures of those blue eyes staring at a young blonde adoringly.

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