Deathly Scream

Flora Winters

I do not own anything Harry Potter.

Summary: Harry snaps and his screams can be quite deadly. This fiction will contain slash, language, and violence.


Harry James Potter felt cold, frozen, and shattered on the inside. The pain that stabbed at his heart was sharp and acid green. He could feel the icy poison flowing through his veins, burning with fury.

He gazed at his pale reflection in the window and punched it. His fist connected with the cold glass and lightning split the sky on the other side. The pain felt good and he embraced it. He deserved worse, a lot worse for what he had allowed to happen in that cursed graveyard.

He bit his bottom lip and fought to keep the tears from falling again. Every time he closed his eyes he could feel those petal soft kisses against his skin. He could hear that loving voice whisper his name on a jasmine scented breeze.

It had all been taken away from him. Everything had been taken away from him in a bright flash of deadly green light. He could still hear that evil laughter taunting him, telling him how weak he was.

It was all a lie. Love had no power in the face of evil. Cedric was dead, locked away for all time in the lonely earth. He could still see the vacant look on that handsome face that would never smile or speak to him again. He would never again hear Cedric laugh, or feel his loving embrace.

The tears fell and he cried out in agony, not giving a damn who heard him. He screamed until the whole room shook with his pain. The picture of his loving parents fell off the dresser, shattering in the floor along with other items that were in his possession.

I love you, Harry.

"Shut up!" He cried, falling to his knees, grabbing his head.

Kill the spare.

"I said shut up!" He screamed, falling over onto his side, drawing his legs up to his chest.

"Boy!" A loud voice roared in fury.

The room continued to quake with every sob that escaped him. His tears were so hot they felt like they were burning his cheeks.

The door swung open, causing Harry to jump to his knees with fluid grace, hissing. He felt a violent pulse erupt from his body, throwing his fat uncle from the room like a rag doll, causing the window to explode into hundreds of sharp shards. The emotionally abusive bastard collided with the wall with a thud, sliding to the floor.

"Vernon!" A shrill voice shrieked in terror.

Harry was panting for breath, and something deep within him snapped. He opened his mouth and the scream that spilled forth from his lips was death to all who heard it. It was power and he rode it out into darkness.

Walk with me, Harry?


Please review if you like. This is my first Harry Potter fiction. I usually write a lot of Smallville fiction, but I thought I would try something new.