a/N: Hi, this is a poem dedicated to Jesus, it has Heavy Christian content obviously and is in the bible section for that reason. You have been warned, so flames will be ignored. reviews are most welcome however. I appologize if the formatting isn't right, I'm totally blind using a screen reader. I've tried to hopefully make this look right but it tends to change when uploaded.

Chocolate frogs to you all.


You are the sun in my sky,

You're the moon in my night,

You chase darkness away,

As surely as the night chases away the day.

They call you the king of kings,

The lord of lords,

The alpha and omega,

Yet you are my everything,.

How can I ever repay,

The special way,

You love me,

Faults and all,

Even when I feel insignificant and small?

So teach me better starting from today,

Help me learn to live your way,

Help me to se,

Not what I was,

But what I could be.


Help me see that to you I'm special,

Beautiful in every way,

That no matter what you'll love me,

That nothing will ever pluck me out of the palm of your hand,

That you are there,

Even when I can't see,

Even when I just don't understand.


So help me to live for you,

Help me to love others like you do,

Help me to show them

That you will love them too,

Guide me and be near me I pray,

And lead me on in your love,

Forever and ever,

I pray,