Although I'm always here to read and review, it's been ages since I last wrote a fanfic on FFNet. That, along with the fact that there just aren't enough Ned stories to go around, finally compelled me to write a one-shot of my own. Hopefully I haven't lost my knack for writing.

I've had the longest writer's block you can possibly imagine…but this randomly popped into my head just today. Let's see if I can take one idea and turn it into a full-blown story.

Enjoy, then!

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Plans and Resolutions

A Ned's Declassified Fanfiction

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"GO! GO! G – NO! What're you doing, he was totally – YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE!"

"I can't believe you missed that! How does anyone miss that?!"

"You're so pathetic! GET OFF THE FREAKIN' FIELD!"

Jennifer Mosely raised a hand to her head in exasperation and fell back against the couch, rolling her eyes. Her two best friends – guys, no less – were already on their feet, screaming heated profanities at the lighted box in front of them.

"You SUCK! I could probably catch that better than you any day!"

"Yeah, you're lucky he didn't intercept that, you son of a –"

"Okay, seriously, who the heck are you guys talking to?" Ned and Cookie spun around to face the only source of interruption, mouths still half open in mid-shout. "It's a television! No matter how loud you scream, the people on the screen won't hear it!"

The two boys exchanged glances and shrugged. "C'mon, Moze, it's just a guy thing!" Ned plopped down next to his best friend, an arm slung playfully around her shoulders. "All guys yell at the t.v. when it comes to football. It's something a beautiful girl such as yourself would never understand."

"If Cookie hadn't done that research project for History last year, neither of you would even understand what football is about," Moze muttered under her breath, shrugging his arm off in annoyance and hastily averting her eyes from that trademark heart-throbbing smile. Ned raised his blue eyes to Cookie, who cocked his head in a "well, she's pretty much right about that" sort of way. Of course, they were too busy with their silent interactions to notice the more-than-subtle blush creeping up Moze's neck.

Defeated, Ned let out a sigh. "Okay, so New Year's Day isn't really going how we planned it. Who knew the waves at the beach were gonna be that choppy, or that the wind was gonna be…well…that strong?"

He tugged sheepishly at the swim shorts still hanging loosely around his hips. They'd had a whole New Year's Beach Party planned out for the day with all their friends – food, firecrackers, beach volleyball, swimming…and then, less than two hours into the party, everyone had left; cold, wind-blown, sand-whipped, and miserable.

"Well, I definitely prefer this over the beach," Moze replied sarcastically, before letting out a loud, dramatic groan. "We need to do something, we can't just stay home by ourselves on New Year's Day! I mean, come on, even our parents went to a party without us!"

"Well, we were going to a beach party without them, y'know." Ned corrected, which in turn earned him a nice smack on the shoulder. "Ow! I was kidding!" He rubbed the spot tenderly, as if it actually hurt. "If it makes you feel any better, Moze, they're watching the same football game at the party."

"Yes, Ned. That makes me feel a lot better."

"I know. I'm a natural at making people feel better, aren't I?"

"I don't know…I think I recall a certain middle school science teacher…"

Cookie rolled his eyes. Sometimes it amazed him how clueless some people could be, and after so long, too. He stood silent for a moment, contemplating his next move, when the idea suddenly hit him. Before they could continue another pointless banter, he grabbed both Ned and Moze by the wrists and dragged them to their feet with a bright, excited smile. "Well then, since we can't go to the beach, and we obviously can't stay inside and watch some football - " Moze shot him a deathly glare, and Cookie cringed instinctively – "then…we'll just find something else to do! Just because it started off bad, it doesn't mean this can't be the best New Year's yet." He gave a dramatic sigh. "We'll make it a New Year's to remember for the rest of our lives! Now who's with me?"

Moze raised an eyebrow as she pulled her wrist out of the computer-nerd's grasp. "We're juniors in high school, Cookie. You're starting to sound like a pep rally speaker for some 'Mid-life Crisis Association.'" Ned let out what sounded like a loud snort of laughter, which only caused her to burst out laughing as well, which made the both of them laugh even harder, and – well, you get the point.

"Oh-ho, laugh all you want, my dear friends!" Cookie said dryly, snatching the remote to turn of the television. "I don't care what you guys think, we're gonna have the best New Year's ever – in fact, that'll be our New Year's Resolution! We'll –"

"Turn off the melodrama, Cook," Ned interrupted, rolling his eyes as the laughter died down. He was already at the front door, key ring twirling around his finger. "I'm guessing we're going somewhere, then? I'll drive."

"Shotgun!" Moze gave Cookie an enthusiastic pat on the shoulder as she made her way over to Ned, who was already stepping out the door. "Better start planning, buddy! The best New Year's Day ever ends in about 14 hours."

The moment he was alone in the house, Cookie let the smirk he'd been holding in creep onto his face, shaking his head at the brilliance of it all. Even the smartest of people fail to get the credit they deserve, but maybe this time would be different.

"Let the planning begin, then."

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Yeah, so I lied. I got distracted, it being New Year's Eve/New Year's and all…so now I've got an unfinished fanfic, and I still need my sleep. Eh. I was never good at doing one-shots, after all. Haha. Maybe it's better for you guys, because this just turned into a short multi-chapter.

Reviews are always nice. Next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Happy New Year, everyone!