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The team had split up to cover the base house that they had heard gunfire coming from. McGee was teamed up with Ziva, while DiNozzo followed closely behind Gibbs. Gibbs of late had tried to separate Tony and Ziva as much as possible. They worked off one another, not just teasing and having fun, but physically and emotionally. Gibbs and Tony walked slowly through the rear gate, their weapons drawn. Tony glanced behind to see the secondary line behind him comprising of armed marine MPs. He was confident that they wouldn't be needed, but you never knew with psycho marines with guns in their houses. Gibbs crept close to the rear door that led into the kitchen. He spoke into his cuff microphone transmitter.

"Ziva, McGee, we're in position," Gibbs whispered.

"Okay, boss," McGee replied over the earwig. "We're very nearly there as well!"

Tony grinned at Gibbs who grimaced, "You better get there fast or he'll know we're here!"

"On station, Gibbs," Ziva replied before McGee could utter another word.

"On my mark," Gibbs said into his cuff, "three, two, one, now!"

Tony crashed through the rear door ahead of Gibbs. Gibbs entered behind him. The house was quiet, save the noise in the front room. Ziva and McGee were clearing that area. Gibbs moved ahead of Tony. He swung gun first into the hallway. Tony followed closely behind him. Gibbs walked slowly up the hallway, until he reached the door under the staircase. Tony moved to one side and Gibbs to the other. Gibbs nodded his head. Tony opened the door. Both men swung inwards, weapons covering the doorway. Tony's other hand found the light switch and the room was illuminated.

"Clear," Gibbs shouted. They turned back towards the hallway on their left. It took a few more minuets as both two-man teams swept the ground floor of the house.

"Nothing down here, Gibbs," Ziva said as she and McGee met up with Gibbs and Tony.

Gibbs looked at the other three members of his team. Gibbs managing the order without an accusing glare. "DiNozzo, you and David sweep the upper level." Gibbs then turned to McGee. "You're with me, McGee!"

As Gibbs and McGee left the house and walked out to the truck, Tony stared after them for a moment. "Did he just put us together? Wow, Gibbs is really desperate!"

"Come on Tony, let's not try and guess the motives of our glorious leader." Ziva pulled at his coat sleeve. Tony turned and grinned at her, his eyes glued onto the only part of her anatomy visible.

"Quit looking at my ass!" Ziva said slightly irritably.

"Sorry," Tony replied as he forced his eyes away, a smile still playing across his face.

They reached the landing on the second floor of the house. Their weapons were drawn once more as they began to steadily clear the rooms on the top floor. They made their way slowly down the long corridor. Tony and Ziva checked each room, more or less lackadaisically. As they reached the final room, Tony turned and grinned at Ziva as they heard Gibbs and McGee return to the house. Too busy not paying attention to his surroundings, Tony seemed to be taking this search for Marine PFC McMichaels quite sedately. The marine appeared from out of nowhere, wielding a Berretta 9mm.

"Tony!" Ziva screamed a warning as she leapt for the floor.

Tony's reaction was too slow, slugs smashing into his bulletproof vest. He wasn't as lucky after that as more slugs tore through his right leg and cut a path down the right side of his face. Another bullet passed between chinks in two protective pieces of Kevlar and passed through his lower stomach. More luck than expert shooting by a Marine Corp Brig prisoner.

Ziva reacted in an instant as Tony's bloodied body drop to the floor. As her anger and frustration took a hold of her, she moved in one in action. Raising the SIG and pointing the gun directly at McMichales' head, two bullets smashed into his skull, flinging him backwards. Gibbs and McGee tramped up the stairs at a run. Ziva dropped to the floor, shock, pain and disbelief running over her face. Tears ran down her face, her sobs inaudible.

"What happened, Ziva?" McGee bent down next his friend. Ziva stared at him, no words formed in her open mouth.

Gibbs walked up to the body of the dead marine. Gibbs stood over the body of the marine and viciously kicked the dead man hard several times over. McGee rose from his place next to Ziva, walking over to Tony's bloody body. He stopped and stared at him. Suddenly McGee ran for the bathroom off to their left, burying his head into the sink, and puking his guts out. Gibbs got control of his anger again and holstered his weapon.

He knelt down in Tony's rapidly pooling blood. Placing his finger on Tony's neck, there was a faint pulse.

"He's alive, and he has a pulse." He slowly let out his breath. His eyes flicked to Ziva, who had yet to move. He felt for the pulse again. "It's weak!"

He grabbed his hander kerchief and pressed it against the deep gash on Tony's temple to stem the bleeding.

"Ziva, I need you to get me a medivac," Gibbs whispered. Ziva sat still, in deep shock. Something that surprised Gibbs, she had been trained by Mossad to beat this, but she looked like she was in another world.

"David," Gibbs roared at her, "get a medivac here right now."

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