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He felt the soft touch of someone stroking his head, the person was close beside him. He could just hear the person's breath, he could smell them a beautiful scent of perfume was in the air. Tony didn't open his eyes hoping that whoever it was, it could be Kate. He knew in his heart it wasn't, instead of the hurt he usually felt when he thought of her he now found he had a sense of peace. He let out a long breath. The moist touch of lips on his forehead, that made his scalp tingle with excitement and peacefulness. "I have to go to work, Tony," said a familiar voice, that continued, "Gibbs will kill me when I get in today, I know you're a good excuse but even Gibbs has limits. I think he's still angry at me, I better go." The footfalls stopped at the door.

"Ziva!" Tony cracked open his eyes, a soft smile played over his face as Ziva turned around to look at him. "Hi," he croaked as Ziva stood there.

"Hi," Ziva whispered back as she stood there. Then Ziva almost jumped onto the bed as she put both her hands around his jaw and pressed her forehead to his. "I'm sorry Tony!"

Their eyes met, Tony managed to raise his hand to her face and stroke her hair, "it's not your fault! I was stupid!" Ziva eyes began to glisten as she broke the intimateness, Tony managed with the last bit of his reserved strength to make her look at him with his hand under her chin, "Hey, hey what happen to the cold as ice attitude I'm used to seeing?"

Ziva whipped the tears from her eyes, "It melted. I thought I lost you to Kate. To the dead, that I'd never get to tell you what I've always felt!"

"Shh…" Tony whispered placing his finger on Ziva's lips, "I'm here now."

Ziva pulled his finger from her lips, taking his hand in her hands. They both turned as they heard noise outside the room. The door opened and Gibbs, Ducky, McGee, Abby and Jimmy walked in. "DiNozzo!" were the first words from Gibbs' lips.

"Hey boss…urff " Tony began, Gibbs cut him off with a slap to the back of the head, "Thanks Boss, it's great to know you care!"

"I set those rules for a reason…" Gibbs began to lecture Tony.

"Ah Jethro!" Ducky said stepping up next to Gibbs.

"Yeah Duck?" Gibbs asked turning to his old friend. Gibbs read the look on Ducky's face and sighed, "Fine," Gibbs turned back to Tony and Ziva, "It's good to have you back Tony."

"Thanks Boss!" Tony said, he didn't feel perturbed by Gibbs' lecture on the rules, after what he'd seen in both futures. Tony was glad to have Gibbs slapping him and ordering him around. "I'm glad you're here…that you are still going to play a large and great part in my future!" As Tony finished, Gibbs nodded at walked out of the room ashamed to see the tears of joy run down his face. Ducky quietly followed him as far as the door before turning back to the happy group within the ICU room.

"Tony!" Abby exclaimed as she rushed forward and wrapping her arms around Tony's neck, in an almost chokehold.

"Thanks…Abs…Abs…you're…choking…me," Tony managed before Abby broke her hard hold on him.

"Great to have you back Tony!" McGee said less enthusiastically, patting Tony on the shoulder.

Tony grinned at McGee, he knew what would have happened if he hadn't come back, "Thanks Tim, I could let you get yourself killed on my account!" Tony nodded at Jimmy, "Hey Jimmy!"

"Good to see you awake Tony!" Jimmy said as he shook Tony's hand.

"Ah, Anthony!" Ducky said clasping Tony's hand, "I'm glad you are all right. I was worried that my knowledge of the injuries would betray me to my faith in your recovery."

"Well thanks for your strength Duck!" Tony said with a warm smile, "I'm really glad that you were proven wrong." With that the people within the room began to talk all at once. Tony watched as people chatted to each other grateful for his recovery. He searched for Ziva in the little room. She sat in the chair in the corner watching him. "I love you." Tony mouthed.

"I know," Ziva mouthed back, a smile that made her face glow.


Gibbs descended the steps of the hospital, he was oblivious of anyone or anything, he walked quickly towards the car. Ignoring a familiar voice calling him he climbed into the vehicle. He sat there for a moment, "That was too close Tony!" He started the car, it purred and he reversed the car. He didn't bother to look at his rear-vision mirror he would have seen a woman standing in the middle of the road watching him leave.

Gibbs drove home quietly. The car pulled into the drive, Gibbs shut off the engine. He climbed out of the car and walked over to the front door. He opened the door, and walked inside, walking over to the fridge he pulled a beer out of the fridge. He walked into the bedroom; he stripped off and climbed into the shower.

Minutes later he was working on the new boat that he was building. The smell of the cut timber calming him somewhat more then any beer of even the bourbon could. He smiled to himself, "No worries no hassles now…just!" What was it? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of high heels on the stairs.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs," Jenny said descending the stairs.

"Director this is my house," Gibbs started, "What makes you think you can barge in like a wife?"

Jenny stepped up to him and let her true feeling show, the feelings that she had hidden for so long, "Because I might actually want to be a wife!"

Gibbs looked at her with surprise, "You want to be my wife? Do you know what you're saying Jen? You want to fight like this all the time!"

"Yes, Jethro," Jenny nodded, "I couldn't think of another person I would want to argue with more!" The smell of Jenny's perfume was becoming intoxicating; it reminded him of the stuff she wore that night when they went to dinner in Paris.

Gibbs smiled crookedly, "You'll regret this, my other wives did!"

Jenny smiled at him, "I think I'll survive!" Gibbs pulled Jenny close and kissed her long and slow. The future had began and only Tony knew where it would lead.

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