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Ghost of You

He was all hell broken loose. He could make Subaru believe in things that were not real, that he would never want to be real. And yet Subaru did not hate him.

He hated the image Fuuma had showed him once.

The helpless.

The misguided.

The weak.

Fuuma was an enemy. Their common enemy and not his personal one. And yet Subaru found himself seeking him out, following him because of the image he had seen him wear once, the image that belonged to Subaru's enemy. The man that he wished to view as an enemy - Seishirou.

Fuuma did not try to convince Subaru to join his side. There was no need for it. He already had all he needed. He had all the strongest people on his side; all those who were able to change this world, who wanted to be the ones bringing about changes. And no matter how much he enjoyed open fights, to him, it was better to destroy the opponents from the inside, crush them one by one, wrap their minds in doubt and suspicion and ruin the balance between them.

Fuuma would gladly stand by and watch how their great wishes and strivings worked to destroy and crush the seven Dragons. And as much as he focused on his childhood friend Kamui, he could not help but notice the others as well. When he thought about them, he could see all their weaknesses and instantly knew what could be the best ways to annihilate them, but he let his followers work it out on their own.

He was a puppeteer of sorts. One who did not tell his puppets what to do; they had minds of their own. But he stood watching, ready to step in if the situation called for it, yet there was never a need. Not one of his followers disappointed him and the enemies that were still left standing...

Fuuma smiled to himself. They were all useless; their victories had taken away their ability to protect. And he was really looking forward to see the battle between Seishirou and Subaru. He had all the reasons to feel satisfied whenever he caught sight of the Dragon in the distance, following him whether purposefully or unknowingly. It told him that the fated time was near.

Sometimes Subaru thought about his weaknesses and how visible to others they might be. With Fuuma, he felt like the world narrowed down and started to crush him, like his lungs tightened and he was starting to choke. None of it was real, but he felt it all the same. He knew there was something wrong with the other Kamui, sensed that he would bring about death and terror because every protecting power had its opposite, and Subaru himself was on the side that strived to protect this earth and its inhabitants.

But every time Subaru caught Fuuma's gaze, he half-expected to see Seishirou's face looking back at him. That one time had been enough to hit him off balance, to make him chase shadows and ghosts and when the crucial moment would finally come, he knew he would feel relieved. He was looking forward to forgetting this uncertainty, to shaking off the binds that kept him tied to the past. He wanted to feel relieved, knowing that, even if his inevitable loss would shatter the hopes of his newly found friends, he would finally find the peace he had sought for so long.

Deep inside, he knew that Fuuma was not the one he was chasing after, not the one he was looking for, the one he was trying to stop. Fuuma had shoved that person's face to him once and Subaru had instantly known that his time was near.