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Summary: Alternate Universe. The painter, Lelouch just got mentally disturbed by a certain green-haired counter-lady. What happens then when she's now his assistant in painting? Hehehehe. Chapter Fic. LuluXC.C.

Note: Malaysian : British English

Lelouch won't have his 'power crazy' persona here, because there's nothing to be crazy about! Hahahahahahaha:0 . Just adding a fact pun here. He he. :).


--31st December 2007--

- Envisioned Mirage -


- Someone's Same Face Features -

A stroke was made, and another. Slowly, bits by bits, colours were immerging from the picture and the theme of it was soon starting its way to be visible. Beside the window, a man was doing his job, counted too as one of the things he loved most. This place was a blissful haven for him, where light breezes were blowing in from the window, making the curtains flutter like the feathers on a bird's wings. Rhythms and repetitive rhymes were coming from the said creatures, all together in a day's dawn, his favourite time to start his work, painting.

He would usually wake up early before the sun wakes to capture the view, signaling the start of the day for him. How blissful. His subject today was his window, accompanied with plain coloured curtains. It was just a thought that made him paint this window of his which he took liking of.

The window's frame is white,

The curtains are blue,

The wall is cream,

And the outside world in its colours.

He took all these shades in his mind, painting his own world in the paper right in front of him, something which was his part to do.

The clock's short pointer soon reached the number 8, about time the man's manager comes in from the door and asks for breakfast to be picked up. Counting seconds in his heart, numbers filled his mind.





Footsteps were heard on the wooden flooring, the door knob turned anti-clockwise in a second, the door was pushed inwards, and a medium sized tall man came in, giving an order of,

"Hey, Lelouch! Can you go and get breakfast please?", calling out the man's name.

"Ougi. It's about time.", was all he said, indicating an 'okay'. Ougi then went back to where he came from, knowing that Lelouch would do his morning routine as planned.

The painting had to make a stop, for now at least. It wasn't really pleasant to stop in the middle of painting, but Lelouch knew it would come to this pause every morning if he did paint, making it bearable for him. After making a few touches for the window's framing, he stood and went outside his room, taking his leave through the door and out the apartment which was his workplace, also known as his house.

As usual, he took a walk, gallivanting around, but still remaining his focus of place in mind. Through his short journey, people would often greet him. They were his neighbours, of course, and some were people who found him familiar. As a polite gesture, he replies the greet, directing it back to the owner. His hands were seen placed in their respective sides of his pocket. This action of his was always comfortable, making it a regular habit when he's out walking. His steps along the accustomed road soon led him to the end of it, the place where the morning meal is usually obtained, The Coffee House.

A step was made on the shop's carpet with a word of, 'Welcome!' design on it, followed by the glass door sliding to the side automatically. The aroma of the air soon was filled with smells of coffee warmth together with scents of freshly baked bread. The air then made Lelouch's stomach ready for what he was about to buy. Ougi would usually have a butter bread, while Lelouch often changed from different flavours from time to time, but just today, he felt like having a butter one. Clean trays were placed near the sliding door, and he took one. He walked his way towards the bread he wanted and took two with an unoccupied plastic clipper. The only thing left to do now was to order two coffees of black and white and pay for both the drink and bread. He ordered the coffees by the counter and placed the tray he was holding on the top of it.

He noticed that the counter-lady this time wasn't the one with dark brown hair and eyes he would usually recognize, she was one with a rare hair colour of green and golden-yellow orbs. He was just taking in her features, filling up time where he spent on waiting. Staring at her, admiring the way her free hair beside her eyes fall so smoothly, while the rest was tucked in with the shop's hat, together with the way she held the cup, filling it up with coffee. The tools all moved according to her order, like it was her play thing, clearly stating that she was used with her work. Her eyes then drifted to the side, meeting his, aware that he was observing her. After the cups were filled with warm coffee, she placed it on the counter top and asked,

"May I help you?", with a very slight tinge of annoyance from where he was observing her. Nonchalantly, he answered,

"No.". After a few seconds of a staring battle, she gave up.

"Very well then, 3200 Yen please.", pressing a button for the bottom cashier drawer to slid. Lelouch took out his worn-out purse and gave her the exact amount stated.

'Poor guy with a brown one.', she thought, looking at Lelouch's purse, judging his status. She then placed the money in the drawer and slid it back, waiting for the receipt to draw out. Again, there was a waiting time, and at this point, he took an initiative to look at her name tag, clipped on the left side of her uniform. Stated there were just two same initials with a dot after each of them.

'C.C., what a weird name.'

She noticed that he was once again observing her, then purposely moving her left hand over her name tag to reach for the receipt, blocking it in process. Of course, Lelouch who was actually quite observant, identified her motive and just thought,

'Annoying woman.', whereas she,

'Infuriating man.'

After handing over the receipt, the irritated two didn't exchange words, but a frown was visible to them both of their opposing side. Rather than saying the normal, "Come again.", she said nothing, remaining an alert stance. When he was taking his leave, ignoring her, they both thought aloud in unison,

"Waste on a pretty face."

"Waste on a handsome face."

Of course, they noticed a double sound in their words, turning their heads, facing each other, staring again with a deeper frown. Lelouch stopped on his way, while she stopped filling a cup. The battle was then broke by the customer, who called out for her.

"Um, Miss?", then followed by them going back to their respective activities.

"Sorry.", was the last word Lelouch heard from her to the customer.

'Hah, I didn't know a person like you could apologize.', then was his last thought in, The Coffee House.

---------- ----------

His walk back to the apartment wasn't really a peaceful one as before. His mind was all filled with the unpleasant encounter he had with that woman, C.C. back there in the shop. People who spotted him back passed on their option of greeting him after seeing a frown on his face. They all knew that they wouldn't get a reply back, then leaving the place with an awkward atmosphere.

Lelouch didn't know why, but that certain green-haired woman bothered him to no end. It was so frustrating until a headache was soon coming, making the matter all the more worst. His steps were with anger, the lift's button, '5' was getting a hard force on it, and the door of his apartment got a loud bang on the wall. Ougi heard the loud disturbing sound of the door, knowing that nothing good is going to follow, after all, he knew Lelouch was a man known for being short-tempered. A sudden loud knock was heard on the door, frightening Ougi until the pencil he was holding fell to the floor.

"Co-Come in.", he said, in between a stutter. The door drifted open, then showing a frowning Lelouch with two cups and two plastic wrapped substances. He then placed a cup and bread on Ougi's table, taking leave afterwards, until he was stopped by,

"Um, Lelouch, you gave me black coffee….", Ougi, lifting up the coffee cup to Lelouch.

"Sorry.", he apologized, taking the black one and replacing it with white.

"What happened?", Ougi asked as Lelouch was about to leave out his room door.

"Nothing. Just met an annoying human.", was all he said when he turned his head slightly facing Ougi, then moving on to his room. His manager just sat back on his chair, sighing and taking a sip from his white coffee. He parted from the cup, and,

'Lukewarm', he thought.

--------- ----------

After finishing his breakfast, Lelouch sat on the chair, ready to continue on his painting he left before. His right hand which was holding the brush moved to the painting, ready to place a stroke on the spot, but then it stopped. Lelouch just stared at the painting, still frustrated of the incident, making him unable to continue. He then closed his eyes while he grasped the brush he was holding, letting out a grumble. The painting utensils were then placed on the table beside the window, followed by him lying on his bed with a thump, hugging his pillow.

'Why is this bothering me?', he thought with anger and frustration. Letting his anger aside, he drifted off into a nap after all the tiring thoughts he just had.

---------- ----------- ----------

Lelouch was walking the next morning to pick up breakfast like usual, but it was then paused by a familiar green-haired girl who stepped in his path.

"You again.", was what he said to her.

"You again.", she repeated his sentence.

"Oh, so now this is your tactic in irritating people? What, you find it fun?", he said, an eye-brow raised. She soon answered his question by repeating the exact sentence.

"Stop it.", annoyed.

"Stop it."

"I said!", more annoyed.

"I said!"

"C.C., you-", he was then interrupted by two presence who stood behind him. He turned, and he thought he was hallucinating. In front of him were two C.C.s. "What is this? Your game?", he asked. More C.C.s were soon seen from the small stands at the side of the road, all surrounding him repeating one sentence,

"Wasted on a handsome face."

"Wasted on a handsome face."

"Wasted on a handsome face."

"Wasted on a handsome face."

"WHAT IS THIS?!!!", Lelouch shouted as both his hands griped his head tightly while his eyes was shut forcefully.

--------- ----------

"WHAT IS THIS?!!!", Lelouch shouted as he lifted himself from his bed, panting tremendously, then turning to a person who was standing beside his bed. His mind went all hay-wired when in front of him stood the girl from his recent dream, C.C. . His mind was about to burst until,

"Hey, Lelouch! What's wrong?!", C.C. asked, worried while she shook Lelouch's shoulder. Something was terribly wrong here, the woman, sounded somewhat like Ougi! Lelouch then lifted his head to meet the person, and the image soon dispersed, then becoming an image of Ougi. Lelouch's breaths slowed down, then turning to Ougi.

"What happened?", he asked.

"What happened? You ask me. I think you were having a nightmare.", Ougi replied worriedly. "Exactly what happened when you were outside?"

"Nothing, I guess. Like I said, I met someone very annoying.", he said as he placed a hand over his forehead, closing his eyes.

"Okay. I think it's better you take a day or two off. I'll tell the men that the painting will have to wait; you're having a mental disturbance.", placing a hand on Lelouch's shoulder.

"Mental disturbance?", asked Lelouch, still confused on what was going on.

"Yeah. I think you better go take a walk in getting lunch. You really need the air. Go buy yourself something.", Ougi said as he left the room, leaving some money on the table.

Lelouch just laid back on his bed again, staring at the room's ceiling.

'Man, I am having a green-haired woman invasion.'

----------- ------------ -----------

Again, Lelouch was back on the road, but this time, he was going to buy from, Chinese Noodles. The disturbance he had earlier had somewhat died down as he strolled around the place, looking at stands beside the road. He later stopped looking at them after it made him recall it back again. The restaurant with Chinese styled roofing was soon visible as the pointy roof end came into view.

As Lelouch stepped on a carpeted floor for the second time of the day, his heart beat, for some reason became fast at an unusual speed. His intuition was telling him something, but it wasn't something he could identify, until,

The glass door tinted with shadow shades slid to the side, and a very, TERRIBLY VERY familiar counter-lady stood at the cashier side was seen.

It was her again.

Lelouch stopped in his pace and stared straight at her, while the glass door still remained at its place. She, also stopped in the process of typing food orders. They both pointed at each other and said aloud in unison,

"You again?!"

Both of them got stares from the customer who all paused from eating their noodles. The two then realized how silly they looked and resumed again on what they were doing, acting like nothing had happened. Lelouch then walked right to the counter, while the woman, C.C. just stared at him as he came closer. As soon as he reached his destined area, he spoke.

"You know, you've been mentally disturbing me."

"Same to you. What do you want to order?", asked C.C., getting back to what she was supposed to do.

"One dry Wantan noodle, take-away.", he said, partially annoyed by what she answered to his previous statement. "You're the most annoying woman I've met. Try the opposite for a change?", he continued, trying to piss her off.

"Same to you. That would be 2100 Yen.", not disturbed in anyway.

'Annoying woman.'

'Infuriating man.'

A Chinese noodle dish with steamed dumplings. Can be ordered dry(with dark sauce) together with a bowl of soup or the noodles cooked with the soup.

Lelouch then took out his black purse which he bought a week ago and handed 2100 Yen.

'Funny…', C.C. thought, confused of the drastic change in purses.

She then went back to the kitchen and brought a bowl of Wantan noodle with its soup to put in their proper take-away boxes. Lelouch then again couldn't help but look at how she did her job. Different from what she was wearing at The Coffee House, brown and black, she was now wearing a red Cheong-Sam. It made her appear somewhat feminine to Lelouch, but he soon shook it off with a,

'Like that would change how she is.', in mind.

A traditional Chinese attire for females consisting of a long dress. Will usually have a slit at both the sides of the skirt area.

His trance was then broke by,

"Would you stop that?", she asked with an eyebrow raised, showing annoyance.

"What? Staring at you?", he replied with a question.

"Yes.", putting the noodle and soup boxes on the counter top.

"Oh, I was just thinking how a person with your features could have such a persona.", ticking her off. It did, though, earning nothing in reply. She then placed the boxes in a plastic bag with the restaurant's logo printed on it. C.C. then suddenly stopped in her action, and her lips curved into a grin. "What?", Lelouch asked, somewhat confused by how fast her expressions could change.

"What you just said, can mean that I am pretty, right?", she said, grinning wider, facing him.

"What? It is not.", he said, realizing that his sentence was bearing a back-fire element in it.

"Yes, it did. I won't be fooled.", she said, handing him the plastic bag. Lelouch taking the plastic bag with a dumbfounded look, then,


"Come again!", C.C. said, interrupting his sentence on purpose, giving a fake smile. Lelouch then knew he could no longer beat her after his sentence was thrown back at him. He just grumbled and left the restaurant, missing a light smile C.C. was having behind his back.

----------- ------------

When Lelouch was walking, he wasn't feeling all that frustrated as he did the last time, instead, he was having an enjoyment feel over all that just happened. Without even realizing it, he was smiling to himself all the way to the playground. Rather than going back to his apartment, he went here instead, wanting to enjoy some quiet time alone. He sat on a bench and ate the noodles he bought.

After finishing them, he threw them in a readied trash-can beside the bench and dropped by Seven-Eleven to get a Slurpy. After paying for one, he went out of the store, but heard a sentence before leaving.

"Ah, C.C., you're late!", most probably the man who was at the counter just now.

"Sorry.", replied the woman in apology.

After hearing the said woman's name, he stopped for about 3 seconds, but left later, thinking,

'Must be one of my 'mental disturbance.''

C.C. then turned towards the back of the customer who just left,

'Couldn't be him.'

----------- ------------- ------------ -------------

After a long yesterday, Lelouch now lay asleep on his bed, but was then woken up by Ougi, who patted him on the back.

"Lelouch, Lelouch. Wake up, it's noon already."

"What? Noon? That was fast.", Lelouch mumbled.

"Yeah, and I've hired someone to help you."

"Someone? Help me in what?", he asked as he got up from his bed, rubbing his eyes.

"Someone who can help you while you're having this, 'mental disturbance'. Plus, you said last time that you wanted an assistant, right?"

"Yes, I did say that, but-"

"Come in here.", Ougi cut in, while signaling for a certain someone to come in.

"What, you hired the person already?", asked Lelouch, somewhat shocked.

"Yes, I did. Let me introduce to you,", both the colour green and yellow were seen, that person was none other than, "this is Miss C.C., your new assistant."

"…...This can't be happening……"


WOW, that was quite a long prologue I must say. How was it? I hope it wasn't a disaster. It's a chapter AU fic, not a one-shot, so I guess it needed some explanations on stuff, but I think it was too much, was it? Please tell me, neh, then I'll try to improve it if I can. Um, thanks for reading it, and hope that you'll support me till this fic ends, neh. Yoroshiku onegaishimazu( please take care of me in the future):0


Oops! Lelouch's cause of his, 'mental disturbance' is now his assistant for painting! Gah! What a life. But, will anything bloom between this two? Hm, maybe(of course! It's a romance fic for goodness sake! Hehe. ;) ), it will take time, but how will it bloom? Otamashimini(look forward to) chapter 1! But hey, it's not the end, neh. :) .

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