Chapter 9

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--3rd/8th/14th February 2008--

- Envisioned Mirage -

-Chapter Nine-

- No Longer Alone In The Night Of Sparkling Dust -

"I want you to have dinner with me."

Ringing in her head, she was about to really have her mind full with bombs blasting here and there. The request was, well, quite over the hedge. Going dinner with him? 'Ridiculous', was what she thought about that matter.

"So, picture or no picture?", he asked her, having a teasing manner inside.

"Fine.", was what she said, wearing her boots when she was out.

"Oh no, not those, these.", he brought out a pair of white high-heels decorated with white sparkling sprinkles.

"I thought you were getting broke?". There came no reply after awhile till

"Use it, just…use it.", a change in tone. It wasn't a tease, but it was hiding over something he had in his mind. It was a tone she heard before a few times when he would usually pause and recall the past. It was but an unknown past. She recognised that tone and did exactly what he had told.

After wearing them, she went outside while he just looked at her.

"What?", she asked at the weird face he was having. A normal look, but it was just a façade, a wall. "Let's go.", she woke him up from his still form. He did move, but his face only had a slight difference to it. "Are you okay?", was a question she held herself back from asking.

He was, yeah, stunned. He looked straight into her eyes and

laughed. He practically laughed. "What was that? One of your jokes?", he held on to his stomach.

'So much for worrying.', she walked away, then to be stopped by his hand, reminding her of an incident like this happening when they were out searching for her beloved figurine.

"Halt. You're the one having dinner with me, isn't it?", still chuckling. Yep, it was the same, exactly. He was chuckling then, non-stop. "I just didn't know you would ask of such a thing.". She just looked at him with her face, expressionless. "What?", he asked, sensing something beyond that look.

"I just recalled the past.". After thinking for awhile, he remembered.

"Yes, it is the same.", he smiled a faint one. "Now, let's go before we have to queue at that long sweaty line.", bringing both confusion and curiosity to C.C. .

"Queue?", she asked.

"Hurry up!", he grabbed her hand and half-ran out of the apartment's parking lot. It was all like before, the hand holding too. She smiled, realizing now that the second person to hold her hand was the same as the first.

Soon after that, they reached the middle of the town, where all sorts of colours and lights adorned the whole circle. It was filled with people; both couples and families. The whole place was also something C.C. haven't seen before. Looks wasn't the one new, it was the happy faces the people around the place were. The first time, the first time she has ever seen such a place. She felt something, and automatically, it made her smile, again, for the day. Lelouch saw that, and he right away understood what she was smiling at. Being a woman who haven't experienced a lot of emotions before, this is something worth smiling for.

"Yes, this place is also one of my favourites.", he smiled to her, then bringing C.C. to a restaurant. It was a normal Japanese restaurant with its curtains of the word, "Nippon" in hiragana.

Hiragana: Japanese's simple characters. It can also be used as sounds, other than katakana, the ones they often use for foreign words or names.

C.C.'s first impression was actually a grand restaurant with glasses of wine as decorations, but, this shop only had names of dishes and old traditional paintings on the walls. She was wondering of the reason for her to be brought at this type of place(not that she minds), and it came that Lelouch was a,

'Poor and broke painter.'

"I never knew you would bring a lady to such a place.", C.C. spoke while crossing her hands. He kept silent for awhile, thinking of whether he should be forward.

"I am broke, can't you see?", he said, looking at how her next expression would be.

"Of course I know.", sitting on one of the bar chairs along the counter where about three chefs were seen.

"Then, what was that waste of time?", raising an eye-brow, annoyed. Nevertheless, he took a sit beside her.

"Just playing you.", she said softly, giggling a little to herself.

"What?", not really sure of what he heard, wanting to make sure. She never repeated, then asking

"Aren't you going to order?". He stared at her, wondering what this woman could ever have in her mind. To him, only annoyance.

"One Unagi ramen, please.", he signaled the chef nearest to him. The reply heard was just an


Unagi: Japanese grilled eel. Ramen: Japanese noodles(have different flavours or toppings. For instance, Uzumaki Naruto's favourite. :))

"One ramen….please.", adding the 'please' after a pause, earning a look from Lelouch. "What?"

"Nothing, just looking.", he played her just like she did. C.C. frowned, Lelouch continued. "You're not really a Japanese, are you?", he asked, commenting on the 'ramen'. She didn't reply, still keeping the frown on her face. 'As expected.', he thought.

"Make that another Unagi one.", he told the chef. The same reply was given.

"What?", asking him on the change of order.

"A plain ramen, you want that?". They both looked at each other, the female one annoyed, whereas the male was expressionless; the other way around.

After minutes of silence, the chef placed two bowls of unagi ramen in front of them with some force, making some of the soup turn in circles.

"Get along( with each other).", was what he said, then moving on to the rest of his work. The two never said a word, but they both went for the same bowl, having a contact of hands. They didn't blush, they didn't move, but they stared at each other; irritated. Fighting over a bowl of unagi ramen, they tried pulling it towards their respective sides, but being the man, Lelouch won. He smirked, and C.C. had no other options but to take the other bowl instead.

Looking at about seven strips of long dark brown substance, she gave a confused look, pondering on what it was.

"That's eel, eat it.", Lelouch said, guessing from her face features of the unagi, adding an order in. She tried, though. Chewing on its moist and soft fishy texture, both the questions on the taste was on her mind. 'Nice, or not?', was what.

The unagi touched her tongue, swallowing part of it, her eyes lit up a bit, partially surprised by what it showed.

"It's nice, right?", he said, then earning a turned head towards him. She couldn't help but to nod in agreement. He smiled faintly, and gave her two strips more. A puzzled look was seen.

"Why?", she asked.

"This, it's your first time, right? So, here.", he said, continuing on tasting more of his ramen. While eating, two unagi was placed in his bowl. Again, "Why?", but it was him this time.

"It's yours.", ending it there. He repeated what she did. This carried on for sometime until C.C.'s bowl was the one having extra unagi. "I said, -"

"Besides, you're hating every second of this, isn't?", he said, meaning about this dinner he forced her with his remaining orders. They both paused, looking into each other's eyes. She was actually a little shocked at what he just said, letting her know what he thought of her feelings. Shifting her eyes to the ramen bowl in front, she said softly,

"Not really."

"What did you say?", he asked, only hearing mosaic pieces of the sentence. She didn't answer his questions like usual, eating her ramen. 'I wonder what it was.', he thought to himself. After almost finishing his ramen, another unagi strip came.

"It is fair now.", she told him.

"Yes it is.". 'You actually could return me the other one too, but you didn't. Sigh, I guess you really like it.'. C.C. could sense that Lelouch was having thoughts in his mind, but she passed on asking. Different from the other time(chapter 1), she was now the one who finished first. Waiting on thinking what to do, since she already fulfiled her task, C.C. thought of going back to the apartment, then to be stopped again by the same hand.

"Wait.", was the only word.

Lelouch went to the counter and paid the exact amount stated. This time, he used his black purse, but C.C. wasn't there to see it. He tried to look around in the shop to spot her, but he failed. Looking outside, he saw green, and relief washed over him.

"Sir?", the man taking care of the counter asked.

"Sorry.", was his apology.

Outside, C.C. stared at the sky. It was starry this time, and this was the only time she took an initiative to look at it. Amazed at how the colours of the stars mix, forming a milky way-like image, she smiled internally.

"There's still one place, would you care to accompany me?", a voice spoke from behind. Without even turning, she knew who it was. C.C. stepped to the side, giving him space so that he could lead to where whatever the place was. Witnessing the sky, she had a good mood, which explains why she obeyed him.

After a few minutes of walking, they reached his apartment. Now confused, C.C. was wondering whether he had changed his mind.

"That place is here.", answering the question in her mind. Already in the lift, she saw Lelouch pressing the highest floor, which is the button, '12', seven floors higher than theirs.

Once they were there on the corridor of the floor, he took her to the stairs, making C.C. wonder more. Soon, the starry sky was once again in view, but this time, it was in a closer sight. The stars were bigger, the colours were clearer, and the sky which appeared black was now dark blue.

It was bedazzling.

The response from her was expected, telling it by C.C. who went closer to the end of the building's rooftop which was fenced by four feet walls. He knew words weren't needed, joining her with the sky. Beside him, she spoke.

"It's beautiful.". This, well, wasn't expected. It was a rare thing for C.C. to actually say out what she thought about something or what she felt. Indeed it was. He smiled, and he could only answer,

"Yes, it is.". She looked at him, and a smile wider than a faint one was seen. She was happier.

"Look at it for 10 seconds and wait.", was what he said. It didn't have any sense, it didn't have any meaning, but she complied with it. Looking at his black watch with white linings, he counted.




--- --- ---




And a pop sound was heard. C.C.'s eyes widened, and Lelouch smiled at the view.

Fireworks were adorning the sky. White, yellow, green, red, blue, and whatever colours you could think of were there. This was yet, another of C.C.'s first time. She had never seen any of this sort, bursting in the air, making shapes, and falling like sparkling coloured dust. Only the sounds of the fireworks and words of awe from below filled the space.

"Beautiful, isn't it?", he said after the silence. She nodded once again, not removing her eyes from the fireworks. 'They'll usually do this every 1st of February.'. A minute passed, and C.C. said

"Thank you, Lelouch."

Followed by the grand ending of the biggest firework, a colour of white which was the one of most beauty. Too bad for him, he didn't hear what she said.

"You said anything?", only hearing soft whispers of it. She twirled and faced him, with both hands at her back.

"Nothing.", smiling a little. He didn't care, but, 'This is the second one.', he didn't hear. She took leave first, and he took the last look at the sky.

Having the door of his apartment already opened to her, she walked in, only then to realize what was awaiting her in his room.

"Lelouch.", she called.

"I know.", advancing to his room, unlocking it afterwards. "There.", he pushed the door inwards while leaning on it, letting her in. The room was dark, but part of the moon's rays got in through the space the curtains held. It shown on the only painting which was standing still in its place. C.C., she covered her mouth, and her eyes widened by a tad, taking in all the painting was conveying.

There was supposed to be a window, some leaves from the outside blowing in, the curtains, a glass filled with water, and a white plain flower. But, no, this one was different. The changes were the number of flowers.

It was now,


Another white flower accompanied the one before. What she thought of it, now differed. It wasn't a painting showing loneliness, it was no longer a painting of her. It was a painting of a different person who wasn't alone. It wasn't her.

"Why? Why two, Lelouch?", now having a serious tone in her voice. She faced him, turning from the painting. "Why did you change it?", her throat getting rough a little. Now, it's hard to speak, feeling like a small ball was blocking its space of air. She held back until he answered, waiting patiently.

"You're not alone.", he answered. "You're not."

"I am, Lelouch. I was and is. All these years, this twenty five years, I've been…", she paused, not wanting to say anymore as she knew she couldn't bear it if she were to tell anyone her past or what she went through.

"You've been what, C.C.?", pushing her, leading her.

"I've been…I've been…", vision already blurry, Lelouch's form and the whole room were distorted.

"You've been what, C.C.?!", he called out.

"I've been alone!", she broke, having two tears flowing down both her cheeks. Lelouch went near to her, running on the way and grasping her whole form in his arms.

She was speechless, she couldn't say a word, and her eyes were widened.

"You are not, C.C….. ."

"I am with you."

Hugging her tighter than the one before, not letting her go. The words, so long, C.C. have been waiting to hear those words which she never thought would ever reach her ears. Now, it did.

"Lelouch…", placing her hands behind him, feeling the warmth his torso gave. "Why, why are you being….why are you treating me like this?", she asked, more tears flowing down, but it was in a slower pace than before.

"It's because……I want you, C.C.", he said. "I…I am attracted to you.", he said, rather than the usual I-like-you or something. After awhile, she parted from the hug and looked at him, followed then by a


He was, of course, confused. This was really not the time to be chuckling, giggling or laughing. It was a serious matter and now she was there, laughing?

"Why are you laughing?", he asked, an eyebrow raised.

"You…haha, 'attracted'? Why couldn't you go with the usual? It sounds weird.", she continued in her string of laughter. He looked away and had a very slight blush on his cheeks. "Why, is it your pride? You're still the Lousiest Prideful Crazy Mean Perv-", she was cut by lips which landed on hers. His eyes were closed, but she was shocked. While he kissed her, he lead her to the wall, half-pinning her there. After awhile, he parted.

"Would you stop calling me that?", looking straight at her beautiful yellow eyes.

"Why, it fits you perfectly; Flawless.", she smirked. Usually getting annoyed at these type of parts, he instead found amusement, remembering something of the past, wanting to tease her next. Now inches away from her left ear, he whispered.

"Ah, now I know where I got, 'Pervert'.", he said. Her eyes widened, only having,

'He remembere-'

But was again silenced, just that it was her mind this time. He was wanting more from this one, asking her for permission with a lick on her lips. She didn't know what to do, but when his hands slid to the side of her waist, she was surprised, then opening her mouth. His tongue went in, tasting her. They both did a tongue battle. Both being one prideful and one not wanting to lose. Soon, she got used to this, and the two spent their blissful moment in this action they were doing together. After three minutes or so, they parted for air, panting together. Lelouch looking at her yellow orbs, while C.C. at his purple ones. She tilted her head slightly, making her green hair follow, and, she smiled. He did the same, enjoying this silent reverie.

"So, what do you answer to this prince's plea?", about the matter of him joining in.

"Prince? Hah.", she gave out a sarcastic laugh.

"So?", asking her to leave that matter.

"My answer as the witch is,", now taking in that nickname he gave.



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