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On the outside, the Dursleys of number four Privet Drive seemed like a very ordinary family. Vernon Dursley was the head of the household, going to work each Monday through to Friday, nine to five, earning money to feed his beloved wife and son. Petunia Dursley was the stereotypical housewife. She spent her days washing the windows and cleaning the floors, making sure the evening dinner was ready by the time her husband came home, and her young son was perfectly content with everything he had. Whenever she was not cleaning, she was either spying on her neighbours or gossiping with one of her girlfriends about what number three across the road could've possibly been thinking when she went out and got that new hair cut! She was a very loving mother and wife and would do whatever she could to make sure her little Duddykins was perfectly happy. Dudley Dursley was the youngest member of the Dursley family. He was soon to turn eleven and already resembled a young whale with a mop of dirty blonde hair on his head. He was the most spoilt child possible and had both his parents wrapped around his chubby little fingers. He spent his days beating up younger, smaller kids with the help of his neighbourhood friends, making sure he was never caught, and either taking all their money or the sweets they had just bought at the local milkbar. So on top of being spoilt, Dudley Dursley was also a bully (not that any of the adults in the neighbourhood knew, they all thought he was just wonderful!)

But there was one thing that the Dursleys kept secret at all times, and that was the fourth person who lived under the Dursley roof. Little Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is so far from ordinary; you wouldn't even be able to find his name next to extraordinary. For you see, Harry Potter is a wizard, and not just any wizard that's for sure. His parents were murdered by the darkest wizard of the age when he was just a year old, landing him in the "care" of his only living relatives, the Dursleys.

Now you would think that because Harry Potter is their only nephew, the Dursleys would treat him all right. However, that is not the case.

From the very moment little Harry was found on the door of number four Privet Drive that fateful November morning, he was treated like some dead thing the cat had dragged in, or at least that's what the Dursleys would think if they had a cat. Petunia didn't care for pets, much too messy in her opinion. Even when he was just one year old, the Dursleys treated him like vermin. His bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs for the first six years of his life.

As soon as he was able, Petunia had him doing chores to "earn his keep" even though she knew they were being given money from a trust set up by his parents. By the time Harry was four he was able to cook an egg and bacon breakfast for three in under ten minutes, scrub the flood well enough so you could see your reflection if you looked down and could weed a garden, making sure he never damaged any of Petunia's prize winning roses.

Sure he occasionally got a slap around the ears when he didn't complete his chores according to the Dursley's standards, and the only food he got to eat were either the Dursleys left overs or food that had already spoilt, but compared to how he lives now, that would be like heaven to him. He only lived in the cupboard under the stairs until he was six, but after one accidental burst of magic, Harry was sent to live upstairs in the attic. Permanently.


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