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Sena jolted out of bed. He had been talking to him. He had corrupted his dreams.

"But little Sena, you know it's true. You truly are useless. No one cares for you, only your legs."

Sena's eyes watered. It's not true you're lying!

"You'd like to think that wouldn't you. But, I know you know the truth. The only reason they put up with you is because of me. Without Eyeshield you'd be nothing. "

He let the tears drop. Shut up! Shut up! I don't want to hear you!!

"The truth hurts. But, you have to face it some time."

The running back curled into a ball. Eyeshield why are you telling me this…Why!! Why…won't you leave me alone…?

"Sena-chan, I'm only trying to help you. I don't you to get hurt by them. Haven't you learned by now? You belong with me and me alone."

Sena's body jerked against his will. Stop it Eyeshield! Don't you see you're hurting me not them!

Eyeshield stopped in Sena's body before continuing his march. "Silly, silly Sena. You still don't get it. They've brain washed you. Rest assured I'll fix you then we can spend eternity together!"

He mentally whimpered. What do you mean 'fix' me! What're you going to do!

Eyeshield stopped his in the bathroom razor firmly in hand. "Well Sena, when we die, we won't have to deal with those football players anymore. Finally I can have you all to myself!"

Sena stiffened when the cool metal sunk into the flesh of his wrist. He knew instantly the cut was too deep and bled way too much. Eyeshield continued the same treatment to the other wrist.

"See Sena, That wasn't so bad! Now all we have to do is wait. Soon you'll be mine"

He started to feel the blood loss. A knew set of tears bit at his eyes. Hiruma-san, Mamori-neechan, any...one... p...lea...se...he...l…p…

"Baka! No one is going to save you! They don't care! You'll be much better off with me!"

Sena felt sobs rack his small body realizing that in the end Eyeshield was right, no one could save him. With his last thought he slipped into black…


Hiruma stood in front of the Kobayakawa residence. The fucking chibi hadn't been at school, and the fucking manager had sent him because she had to do god's knows what. He walked in not bothering to nock since Sena's parents were on some sort of trip.

"Oi! Fucking chibi! The hell are you!"

He trudged up the stairs looking for the kid. Only when he was half way up did he notice the blood. Hiruma's eyes went wide. Chibi what in hells name happened!

Hiruma ran swung open the bathroom door, the source of the blood. He looked down at the pale, lifeless form of the once radiant youth. S-Sena!

He bent down to feel for a pulse. None. Hiruma's eyes pricked with a sensation he refused to call tears as he called for an ambulance.

Sena why?! Why didn't you tell us you were in pain! D-did you have that little faith in us?!?! Fucking chibi…I-I l-loved you…

In the background the ambulance echoed like church bells, ringing for the lovers that could never be…

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