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Damn, we were too late…Merry two hours after Christmas.







"Mm…Hmm…" Sakura snuggled against her pil-

Wait. What?

"Why does it feel so…fleshy-"




Her eyes widened, "EH?!"

"I didn't know you like touching my chest so much, Sakura-chan." Sasuke purred as he captured her-






Sakura shot up and immediately looked to the side of her bed. When she saw no raven haired man lying next to her, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, thank god, it was just a dream…"

I just can't refuse it-

Like the way you do this-

Keep on rocking to it-

Please don't stop the-


"Moshi, moshi, this is Haruno Sakura."

"Sakura! Hey, wha-iz-uhp, my friend?"

"…Ino, don't try speaking ghetto."


"I duh-no, I was just testing it out you know-" Shrug.

"Just don't say anything."

"Okay, okay, chill. So what, do you have a day off or something today?"

"No. I haven't even had this job for a couple of days, yet. Why?"

"Well, you know…You're kind of late."

…What was she late for?

…Oh yeah, the thing with Sasuke and…stuff.

Sakura immediately whipped her head around to look at the clock.

Oh, kind of late?

She was an HOUR and a HALF late. LATE.

"Aw, fudge cakes."

She shot up and ran towards the bathroom.

On the floor was her fallen cell, still on. A sigh was heard and Ino's last comment:

"Ah, I knew she'd do that. Let's see if it's a new record this time!"

"I'm so LATE!" Sakura yelled as she charged through the crowd. She looked quite odd, being in her work clothes but running in sneakers.

She burst through the doors, passing all the female workers. Some were nice, actually.

"Gambatte, Sakura-sama!"

"Y-you can do it, Sakura-sama!"


And others? Not so nice.

"Ugh, she's so freakin' sloppy."

"Tch. I wonder why the bosses even hired her."

"Maybe she was on a clown ad!"

Sakura rolled her eyes as she rushed into the elevator. Thank god, no one was there. Anxiously, she stared at the numbers blink one by one. She glanced side to side before…

Humming to the elevator music.

Chapter Four (Right? We're at Four, Right?)

I'll Be Waiting By The Window


"Where the hell is Sakura?!" Sasuke hissed frustratingly as he slammed his fists on the desk.

Chouji stuffed some chips into his mouth, saying, "Is Sasuke on his period again?" Shikamaru hissed at him and put a finger over his mouth. "Shhh! Do you know what he'll do if he hears you?!"

"How's your coffee, Neji." Gaara asked as he typed on his laptop. Neji looked up from his papers and smiled. "What coffee?"

Gaara sighed. "Ah, damn."

"Hey, Shika, can I borrow some money?" Naruto asked with a grin as he held his hand out.

Shikamaru stared at him incredulously. "What happened to the money I gave you last week?" The blonde snorted.

"Well, your girlfriend ain't cheap, you know." He broke back into a grin. "HA! Just kidding!"

Chouji rolled his eyes. "Don't kid around with stuff like that. You know how much Shikamaru likes to torture Ino's ex-boyfriends or any other guy who refers to her as 'their' girlfriend."

"Anyway, I like watching Sasuke freak out." Naruto said as he leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. "It's like those once in a lifetime things. Like…Oh yeah! Something you have to see before you die!"

"Chouji, did you replace the cookies Naruto took?" Shikamaru asked as his fingers tapped the keyboard. The said man gulped down his chips and shook his head. Sweat began to poor down his face rather noticeably.

"…Where's my cookies?"

No one dared (Sasuke and Neji weren't paying attention) to look at the demonic aura coming from Gaara's direction. Shikamaru sighed and pointed at the blonde.

"He did it."

"NOOO! Shikamaru, you traitor!"

Suddenly, someone ran into the room, stopping the red haired boy from unleashing fury onto the blonde cookie thief.

"Am I late?" Sakura said, desperately trying to catch her breath. She smacked her own forehead. "Oh wait, that's a stupid question to ask. Of course I am." She laughed nervously.

Another demonic aura seemed to arise in the room, adding more pressure in the room. It cause Shikamaru and Chouji to practically sink down to the floor with Naruto.

"You're past late." Sasuke hissed. He looked like he came from an anime; smoke coming out of his mouth, his whole face a dark silhouette, his right eye was mischievous sparkle. "Time for your punishment."

Chaos grew for some reason.

The door slammed where Sasuke and Sakura disappeared into; Gaara was choking Naruto; Shikamaru was trying to force-drink Neji coffee; Where's Chouji?

Can you find Chouji?

I spy with my little eye something-

Sticking out from underneath a desk.

I know! I know! It's CHOUJI.

"Man, I hate my job."

Munch, Munch.


"Hey, hey- What are you doing? Stop that!" Sakura gulped when she felt a hand reach up her skirt. Sasuke snorted. "It's punishment."

This made her furious. "So you do this to any worker who's late?!"

The Uchiha nearly choked. "Of course not." He stated as he moved forward and cornered her until she fell onto the desk. "I only do this to a special person." Her cute lips turned upside down.

"And who is that?"

"You. Now open mouth, insert foot. Unless you wanna-"

"Ew! No!" She burst out laughing when she felt butterfly kisses from her shoulder to her neck to her cheek. "S-stop!"

"Ticklish? What. I'm just kissing you."

"Hee- Stop- Stop- GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF-" She immediately shut up when he had captured the zipper of her coat between his teeth.


Back to the less chaotic office, I'll fill you in on the scenery;

Naruto is on the floor with (Ew, groooooooss!) a river of saliva coming from his mouth.

Shikamaru is playing solitaire and overlapping Naruto's top score (Top score?).

Neji's up to his third cup of coffee.

Gaara's munching on newly acquired cookies.

Chouji's back at his desk…getting chips onto his paperwork.

"Stop! Ah- AH! Hey! No fair!"

The blonde, who had just woken up, grinned cheekily and leaned on his hand. Obviously, he was still on the floor. "That sounds kinky." Shikamaru rolled his eyes and took off his glasses.

"Naruto, I just beat your high score by 23,467 points. Yay me." Shikamaru said with less enthusiasm than he had in his movements. "Whoo. That's the 3rd in two days." Chouji said before shoving more chips into his mouth, but then added, "Can you even get that high of a score?" Naruto glared at them.

"Are you calling me stupid?"

Neji snorted and said before sipping his coffee, "Of course not." He couldn't tell if there was sarcasm in that or not.

A moment of silence.

…Guess who decided to break it?


"…So what do you think they're doing in there?"

Gaara threw the empty box of cookies at him. "Out of 100,000 sperm, you were the fastest?"


The door slammed open to reveal and sloppy looking Sakura and quite satisfied Sasuke.

"So, what were you guys doing? Arm wrestling?" The Uzumaki asked as he shot up from the floor. Sakura only glared at him as she fixed herself up. The blonde looked then at Sasuke, who was only fixing his tie.

"Yeah, dobe. We were playing arm wrestling. And I won."

"Oh! Oh! Can I play next?"

"Ugh…That idiot's dumbfounded-ness just made him seem gay." Shikamaru whispered to the Akimichi, who nodded in agreement. Sasuke looked at him. Knowing that his best friend was stupid enough not to know what they were doing, he smirked and stated,

"No. Besides, you can't even beat me in thumb wrestling."


"Arm wrestling my ass." Sakura muttered sarcastically under her breath. When she turned around, she saw the Uchiha walk past her and whisper,

"I'll arm wrestle your ass any day."

In the background of Sasuke and Sakura arguing.

"You are such a pervert! You are NOTHING like what I see on TV!"

"Don't believe what you see on TV."

"Well, I don't know, I just suspected you to be one of those As-Seen-On-TV celebs."

"What? I'm not something you can order. But, since you're eighteen an older, you can call to order me anytime, pinky."

"Did you just…Call me PINKY?! And what kind of cliché thing was THAT? And why would I call you?! UGH!" Sakura flustered as her face turned a deep red. She wouldn't mind that offer, though…

"Why is Sasuke so pervy OOC today?" Neji asked as he put on his own glasses and sat down. Shikamaru shrugged. "I don't know. Something about no tomatoes."

All but the couple stopped.

"NO! Back off, Sasuke-san, I will throw this…uh…coffee mug at you!" She said as she grabbed the empty coffee mug off the Hyuuga's desk. The unsuspecting Hyuuga tried to reach back for his mug, but alas, it was already thrown at the Uchiha's head.

"Chouji! Run and get tomato onigiri!" Naruto yelled as if his life depended on it.

"I'm serious, Sasuke-san, if you don't back off, I'll, uh…Uh…AACK. STAY AWAY."

It probably did.


"We brought over more clothes from yesterday." Neji stated as he dropped the box onto the desk and opened. "I guess we're going to have to practice a bit more later." Sasuke grunted (his trademark smirk on his face, though) and Sakura growled warningly.

"Oi, Uchiha, Naruto's pretending to be Irish." Gaara called out from the other side of the room.

"Well, I can guess why, since he's blonde. But, tan…?" Shikamaru asked.

"He's wearing a kilt, too!" Chouji added as he inched away from the Uzumaki by maneuvering his wheeled chair away with his feet.

"I'm going to lift it!"

Sakura muttered, "Eww…" She looked away and used a hand to cover the side of her face that was in Naruto's direction. Sasuke chuckled and threw some papers into (an actually very far) trash can. "Don't worry. He's got nothing down there anyway."

"Oooh. Burn." Neji couldn't help but whisper, yet his fingers still focused on work. Gaara resisted the urge to chuckle. The blonde attempted to throw something at the Uchiha, but sadly, it missed.

"Shut it, teme! I ain't a girl!"

"Really? Maybe you had a sex change. What would your name be- No, let me rephrase that." Sasuke smirked and put his feet on the table, his fingers twirling a pen. "What WAS your girl name? Naruko? Narumi? NaruTA?" Naruto hissed, "YOU-"

"Okay, break it up." Shikamaru sighed as he pushed Naruto and (for some reason) Chouji towards a different room. He glared at anyone who might get the wrong idea before disappearing.

After a moment of silence, Sakura released a held sigh.

"Whoo. I'm finally finished organizing everything." She wiped some sweat off her brow, quite satisfied. Sasuke glanced at her.

"Oi, Sakura."

"Yes, Sasuke-san?"

"Stop it with the -san." Neji said…Ordered?

"Is that a command or a request, sir?" Sakura asked as she raised an eyebrow. There was no joke in it, not like the things Naruto pulls once in a while. Sasuke threw his pen to hit a picture of his brother on a wall. The pink haired girl noted some dents around it.

"It's…a command." Sasuke decided as he took another cheap pen from the "I H8 LIFE" cup on his desk and aimed for the picture. She sighed. "Oh-kay, Sasuke…kun?…Neji…kun?" She said reluctantly.

Inwardly, she had a sudden feeling of déjà vu. Why did it seem so familiar?

"I, or we, have a question." The Uchiha began as he threw the pen, hitting the side of the picture. He gritted his teeth a little, but regained his composure. Sakura watched, slightly amused. "Go on."

"What school did you go to for elementary?"

She tilted her head. "A weird question, but…I went to Konohana Academy…" She stopped and muttered low, but still loud enough for Sasuke (And only Sasuke) to hear. "…At least that's what they tell me."


"Don't say it, Naruto!" Shikamaru's voice yelled in panic.


Sakura sighed and got up. "Anything else you need to know?" She asked. Sasuke shook his head. "Ok then. I'll be back once I…you know." The pink haired girl laughed nervously and bowed before running towards the commotion.

When she disappeared from their view, the first one to talk was Neji.

"What do you think she meant by "at least that's what they tell me"?" He asked as he glanced at the Uchiha, the one who usually has the answers. But this time, he didn't have any.

"I don't know." He glanced at the scene; Sakura pull Chouji with her (super) strength as Naruto held the trash can. But his focus wasn't on anyone but a certain man with a high IQ.

"Shikamaru." He called out. The said man looked at his boss, and his tired look changed into a serious one. Sasuke saw him saw and point to the door. Neji and Sasuke nodded. Both got up in unison and headed towards the door.

Naruto was the first to take notice. "Hey, where you going?"

All three stopped. It was Shikamaru to answer.

"To the Thirty Second floor."


Sasuke whipped out a cig and put it into his mouth. He tossed one to Shikamaru. In unison, they lit it with their lighters. The Uchiha glanced at Neji. "Smoke?"

The Hyuuga shook his head. "Had one earlier. Coffee and smoke? Equals huge migraine." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "For some reason, my head's starting to hurt already."

Sasuke just shrugged and flipped his lighter closed. He shoved his pack of cigarettes into his pocket and used his 'peace' fingers to remove the one from his mouth.

"Phoooo." He sighed out some smoke before glancing at Shikamaru. "Back to business…"

Shikamaru gave smoke circle before answering, "What do you wanna know?"

Neji held up a picture. "Remember? This was all of us before we graduated to high school."

It was true.

There was all of them, Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Hinata, Ino, Naruto, Chouji and…


"We ignored it at first…" He continued as he handed the picture to Shikamaru. "But, it seems she really doesn't remember us."

Sasuke held up another picture. "Shikamaru, you know something we don't." The corner of his mouth twitched down, something in his mind cracked. "This is a picture of Sakura in first year high school. That was after we all separated. Why is she in the hospital?"

Shikamaru sighed. "How do you know this is first year high school?" Neji pointed to the uniform Ino was wearing and the one laid out on the chair next to Sakura.

"This was taken a year after we separated. I know for sure that Ino and Sakura had gone to the same high school. We also researched this is the uniform for first years in that very high school."

The Nara remained calm. "You're good at researching."

"Now, answer Shikamaru," Sasuke was losing his cool. "why was Sakura in the hospital?"





It was so quiet, all you can hear was the stream and the wristwatches ticking.





The pressured man, but remaining calm, sighed more smoke.






Both Uchiha and Neji flinched with anticipation. They couldn't help but think something similar, but not the same. Both thoughts involved inflicting physical pain onto the perpetrator that did this to her.

"You got to promise me you won't want to kill the guy."

Sasuke bit the inside of his mouth to stop himself from saying, "No." Instead, he calmly asked, "What guy?"

Shikamaru sighed some more smoke. "I'm going to say a few words. You try to figure out what the story is. You're smart, right?" Neji crossed his arms.

"This is no time for games, Nara."

The said man shrugged. "I'm just saying so I don't have to explain the whole damn story." He looked at the other two men, who 'shut up and behaved' as they should to listen to the words he was going to say. Shikamaru rubbed his neck and held up a hand.

"Five words."






Shikamaru rubbed his neck and stretched, adding, "Of course, she also suffered from other things, but I think 'amnesia' is the main thing with you guys."

Sasuke slid down on the floor and massaged his forehead. "So, you're saying that the reason why she doesn't remember us is…" He looked up to the Nara, who nodded in reply.

A few moments of silence gave the two other men to think.

"Why can't we kill this guy?" Neji asked as he crossed his arms, his forehead creased, thinking. The Nara stayed silent and gave a puff.

"Because he's already dead."


"NARUTO NO BAKA, STOP PHOTOCOPYING YOUR BUTT!" Sakura screeched as she was still trying to get the trash can off of Chouji's bottom, using all her super strength. She was no longer embarrassed to see the blonde photocopying his face and now, his ass. In a matter of minutes, she realized he did this often and was now very used to it.

Most people who said this Naruto, or spoke to any of the bosses in that way, would immediately get fired with the bosses sticking their tongue out at the poor guy behind his back. But, all Naruto did was grin and give a thumbs up, causing her to smack her own forehead in exasperation.

"UGH! Naruto, you IDIOT!"

Gaara watched the scene amusingly behind his desk, distracted from the work. He flinched when he heard the pinkette scream,

"I give up!"

This caused the whole office to freeze.

Naruto gulped and grabbed her waist from the floor, whining and stopping her from walking any further.

"Naruto, let go of me!"

"Don't quit!" The blonde whined. He truly didn't want her to quit. Besides, if she did, who knows what Sasuke was going to do with him. But, then again, he doesn't know what Sakura would do to him if he didn't let go.


"He's dead?" Neji muttered, his mood growing by the second. Sasuke played with his lighter. Now, what was he going to take out his anger on? Shikamaru nodded.

"Apparently, he died in the crash."

Sasuke stopped and shoved the lighter back in his pocket. "Is there a chance she'll ever remember us?" This made Shikamaru's face sadden much more.

"Ino's face was so heartbroken." I don't ever want to see that again, Shikamaru added quietly but continued, "Even after all these years, she still doesn't remember us. To her, right now, we're just friends since high school." He looked at Sasuke in the eye. "I don't know if she'll remember any of you guys."

Neji sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Maybe something will trigger her to remember." He turned to look at the Uchiha, who also gave a sigh. "I know. But, what?" Shikamaru shrugged and threw his cigarette on the floor, stomping on it.

"Whatever it is, we'll figure out, no matter what. Let's just head back."



The minute the elevator doors had opened, Naruto jumped in, yelling and screaming stuff along the lines of "HELP" and "SAKURA!" Shikamaru sighed and scratched his neck.

"What? You want us to save you from Sakura's wrath?"

Naruto shook his head vigorously, "No, no, I mean, Sakura's QUITTING."



"That's it, dobe. You're DEAD."

"Well, at least now we know we can't trust to leave Sakura alone with Naruto, no matter what the situation ends up being."


"Announcement! This is Uchiha Sasuke speaking! There is an emergency in the building."

"Mmm…The sandwiches are so good."

"We have a missing staff member-"


"Oi, Sasuke, I checked the cameras and it shows that she hasn't left the building-"

"-That is still in the building.."

"If you find her first, you get a big race, dattebayo!"

"It's raise, not race."

"Shut it, Hyuuga!"


Everyone in the cafeteria got up from their seats and shot out the doors, some with foods still in their mouths, others just leaving their plates behind. One person remained, though, still eating her sandwich.

"Hm. I wonder what the commotion is about. Didn't quite catch that announcement." She said as she shoved the last piece into her mouth before getting up and throwing out her garbage. "Whatever. Anyway, I'm going to check out that mini mall…What floor was that again?" She tucked a strand of pink hair behind her ear.

"I love breaks."


"I don't know how it happened! We were just trying to pull Chouji out of the trash can and suddenly, she screamed out, 'I QUIT!' and went to the elevator!" Naruto said as they ran down the large hall. Shikamaru cursed under his breath,

"Tch. Now we have to search forty six floors?! Are you kidding me?!"

Gaara muttered as he ran, not breaking a sweat, "That sounds like fun…"

"Urusai. We'll start from the bottom towards our way up." Sasuke ordered. He felt a headache come on and he sighed in exasperation, "How stupid can this get?" He turned the blonde. "How stupid can YOU get?"

"I don't know! It's not my fault! Like I said, she just said she had enough and stormed out! I swear, I tried to stop her, but-" Naruto's voice faded away as his expression became more dazed. Neji sighed and knew that if they didn't find the pink haired girl soon, they'll really loose the boy to stupidity.

"I don't care. The quicker we find her, the quicker things get back to normal." The Uchiha growled in annoyance as they ran through each room, seeing for a little glimpse of pink in the mostly-male establishment.

The red haired man raised an invisible eyebrow as he watched everyone's backs. He had never seen so much commotion in the company.


"They have everything here!" Sakura gasped in wonderment as she looked around at the stores. It truly was like a mini mall! What else do they have here? "Whoa! They have FANCEH here, too?!" The sight of the FANCEH shop that contained the most wanted items on women's/teen magazines. Not one aristocrat, celebrity, superstar, ANY kind of entertainment royalty (probably even REAL royalty) had a closet without at least one FANCEH accessory.

"OH MY GOD, a fStore!" She felt like Ino at the Fashion Galleria, an event held once every five years containing only the top clothing and shoes straight off the runway, hosted by many brands and famous shops. The fStore contains only the best fTech. Why the letter 'f'? Because famous internet blogger, Deer Prince, who is also the head and creator of the fCorps, had two famous sayings. The one he used publicly was "F that!", taking the meaning from insulting to complimenting. Say it to any teen these days, and they'll take it as a compliment rather than an insult. Just don't say it to any tough looking guys…

Sakura ran up to window, and yes, there was the new product of fCorps: the fMUS1K.

It can:

a) hold up to five thousands songs and three thousand videos

b) surf the internet without having to load a single page

c) play DS games and have Wi-Fi Connection

d) call and text

e) bake cookies and serve pie

f) all of the above

…Duh? All of the above…Except for 'e'. They're working on that.

"Wooow. This should cost at least two thousand dollars…" She whispered to herself, feeling her eyes widen with each second. She couldn't believe it. She was seeing the fMUS1K, and it wasn't even in stores yet. Is this how models go things ahead of everyone? Did everyone corporation have something like this?

Then again, these were the Uchihas we're talking about…Though they are rarely spoken of nowadays and they're status of being dead or alive is quite a mystery, but the mother of the Uchiha brothers (Mario Bros.?) was well known for being over the top. Being that she was always surrounded by males most of her life, and that she always wanted to have some sort of female accompaniment, she did many things to satisfy herself. For example, she would dress up her sons like girls (sometimes, male models just for her amusement). Surprisingly, being the man he was, Fugaku always tried to please his wife and complied to any changes she wanted wherever…

…She'd ask Sasuke about it later.

"Oh wow…Even an international bakery…" She said as she stared through the window, watching the people make their confectionary sweets from different countries. Crepes, cupcakes, truffles, etc. They looked so happy, too. "How cool…It's called 'The Different Bakery', huh…Maybe Ino's heard of it."


The said girl flinched, irked that her little 'break' was disturbed. Slowly and angrily, she turned around, ready to reply through gritted teeth but was interrupted by a sudden, bone-crushing hug.

"OHMYGOD, DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED I WAS?! SERIOUSLY, I HAD TO FACE THE FACT THAT YOU MIGHT NOT NEVER COMEBACK, AND ALSO THAT SASUKE MIGHT SKIN ME AND USE ME AS A RUG IN HIS PROBABLY FANCY LIVING ROOM. WHY DID YOU LEAVE LIKE THAAAAT?!" Naruto cried out loudly, hugging her waist and shaking her roughly. She looked around, surprised to see that none of the shop workers even bothered to come outside and see what was going on. She guess they were used to it, too.

"Hey, uh, Naruto, can you stop-" Sakura was sure if he didn't, he might break both of her legs. "Stop, I'm serious- It's starting to hurt- NARUTO!"

"Are you an idiot, dobe?! Let go of her!"

The Haruno spun her head around, quite shocked to see the usually calm men sweating and gasping for breath. She kind of felt good that she was able to cause them, the almighty bosses of ANBU, to have beads of sweat on their godlike bodies…UGH. DIRTY PICTURE- OMG. GET IT OUT. She put a hand over her nose to stop any blood.

Naruto had pouted and held on stubbornly. Sasuke rolled his eyes, too tired to even bother. He just ran through four floors- DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THOSE FLOORS ARE?! God…Stupid parents and the architect.

"Where the hell were you?" The raven haired man asked sternly as he crossed his arms and carried a scowl on his face. Sakura's eyebrows furrowed, both from attempting to push down another dirty picture to the back of her head and the frustration of a break.

"I wanted to have a break." She inhaled her breath and bowed professionally, continuing, "I apologize, and even though I had just started this job, Mr. Uzumaki was giving me a headache. It was to the point I thought that my head might've exploded." The said blonde let out a sob, which had earned a pat on the head from the pink haired girl. Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his spiky hair, "I can understand that."

Neji looked up and saw the sign of 'The Different Café', "Were you planning to eat?" Sakura shook her head, "No, no, I just ate. Just looking around." The Uchiha noted her lingering gaze at the fMUS1K. He glanced at the laziest of the bosses, who tried to look somewhere else.

Naruto grabbed hold of her arm, dragging her off to some direction that he didn't even know, "Come on, Sakura-chan! Let's go explore the mini mall!" Gaara snarled as he began to express that he was fed up with this running around, "We just found her, and now you're going to take her to who-knows-where? I do NOT trust you going alone, especially with your attention span of a tree." Shikamaru shook his head and whispered, "I think a nut has more of an attention span than he does."


Sasuke and Neji exchanged looks before smirking and following the rest of the group.


"Ne, ne, no matter where you are, I'll always wait for you to come by! I'll even wait by the window, so I'll be the first one to greet you!"


The tired girl had not, and could not, refuse the invite to his private room on his incredibly comfy couch and away from the noise for at least a little bit. Though, she kind of missed the noise, even if it was just for a little bit. She turned around slightly to look at the caller.

"Yes, Sasuke-san, I mean, Sasuke." She said, instantly correcting herself. He did not like how she sounded so force.

"Can you do a favor for me?" He asked, not caring if it sounded random. He could see through the corner of his eyes that she was staring, her eyes emerald and unscratched. "It's not an order." He added.

"Okay." Sakura nodded, her pink hair shifting slightly.

"Everyday…Can you wait for me for the window?"

She blinked.

"Okay." Her reply was simple, and yet it was full with such promise that brought nostalgia into his brain. He smiled, but turned around quick enough to hide it. The Haruno gasped and grabbed his arm, forgetting her place, "Did you just smile?" He grunted, "Of course not. Just a figment of your imagination." She pouted and huffed, "Whatever you say, Sasuke-kun."


"What…did you just say?"

He asked, his eyes widening. Suddenly, she gasped, a different sound from before.

"Sakura?…Hey…Sakura." Sasuke whipped around when she didn't reply, and saw her kneeled on the floor, eyes wide, face pale, and beads of cold sweat going down her face.






"Ambulance! Call the ambulance!"

"I think she recovered a memory!"

"Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan, if you can't here us, we're sorry that we can't be in the ambulance with you, but we'll follow you all the way there!"

"Quick, call Ino!"

"I think she recovered a memory…"


Sakura woke up in the most uncomfortable state she was ever in. Something was in her nose, she felt so many tubes attached to her arms, her bed was a little uncomfy- What the? What was she wearing…Kind of cold-

Oh god, it's a hospital gown.

"I feel naked…" She said, which surprisingly (to her) was hoarse. Her eyes were half open, but she could see the figures around her.

"Sakura! Oh my god, you're alright…" It was Ino, who was sobbing holding Sakura's hand tight. Sakura could feel her hand getting damp. "I told you, it was nothing bad. She just…" Shikamaru was smart, for he whispered the last part, too low for the Haruno to hear. She opened her eyes a little wider, just in time to see Sasuke sigh in relief and walk away. She found herself asking as she watched the bosses leave one by one,

"Where you going?"

Naruto grinned an assuring grin and patted her hand as if it was made of delicate china, "Don't worry. We're just going to talk to the doctor. We're not going anywhere."

And soon enough, it was only her and Ino.

It was the blonde to break the silence, which wasn't at all surprising.

"God, you scared me…"

"You know I didn't mean to." Sakura said as she sighed, causing her best friend to giggle weakly.

"Yeah, I know."

Ino coughed,

"So, are you going to tell them?"

"About what?"

"About tomorrow. You know, that thing with Ami-"

"Oh, of course not."

"…Are you going to work, though?"

"Of course! I need to do something, anyway."

Ino tilted her head to the side. "Huh? What do you need to do?" Sakura laughed and winked, replying,

"I gotta wait by the window."

"What? For what?" Ino asked, completely confused now. She shook her head and brushed the subject aside. Sakura, too, as she changed the subject,

"Now, you have to promise me that you won't tell them about Ami." The Yamanaka rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Her fingers were crossed.

But the unbeknownst Sakura believed her best friend and let her mind wander to something else.

I'll be waiting by the window.



"Ne, ne, Sake-chan?" Sakura said as she whispered to her dark haired friend as they played dress up.

"Hai, Sakura?"

"When I grow up, I want to get married to the head of some sort of company! A famous one! Who looks like a model!"

Sake tilted her head to the side, looking up at her friend who brushed her short hair. "Really?"

"How about you, Sake-chan?"

Sake just shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't care as long as I can still play with Sakura."

Sakura giggled as she hugged her best friend. Though she may be indifferent and quite emotionless at times, Sakura knew Sake cared for her so much. Truthfully, she cared for Sake as much as she did Ino.

"Hey, Sakura?"


Sake smiled and gave her friend a hug. "I'm sorry."

Sakura stared at her friend, confused. "Huh?" Sake just shook her head,

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."



"Huh? What? Oh…Yeah, Ino?"

"Kind of space out for a second."

"Oh, it was nothing…"

Sake?…Who was Sake?


The said girl was interrupted when a blur of yellow zoomed in and enveloped her in a hug. Sasuke crossed his arms, Gaara took a bite of his sugar cookie, and Neji shook his head. The Uchiha grumbled,

"So touchy feely today, dobe."


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