Spoilers: Is set during episode 5x11: "Brock's got stones". But Reba never found out that he lied about the stones being still there after a couple of days with her ;)
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Reba looked to her ex-husband from the kitchen. He wasn't looking as sad as she thought he would be, he was having stones after all. As far as she knew, he kept smiling the entire day. Brock was having fun with Jake, playing silly games with him while laying on Reba's couch. When Elizabeth was home, he would play easy games with her, or watching tv-shows with her. And when Kyra was home ,-what wasn't very often,- Brock tried to make her sit with him for a while and talk a little bit. And when Jake, Kyra and Elizabeth weren't at home and Cheyenne and Van were out as well, she was sitting with him. It suprised her how much fun they were actually having. They weren't having as much arguments as Reba had expected. And with Barbara Jean gone, Reba had to secretly admit that it started to feel like it used to be. Without all the kisses and hugs and everything. But she liked what was going on the last couple of days, and she defenitely didn't want them to stop. She liked having some company and when she got tired of Brock, he somehow seemed to feel it and was able to leave her alone. She slowly walked into the livingroom, where she saw Brock lying on the couch watching a silly talkshow. Brock immidiately heard her coming into the room and turned around. "You're not getting tired of me being here, are you?" Brock joked. Reba was planning on giving him a smart-ass reply, but instead she shoock her head. "No, it's okay." She sat down on the chair next to the couch and started talking. "So... What'd you like for dinner tonight? All the kids are out, so it's your choice tonight." Cheyenne and Van took Elizabeth on a little trip for a week, and the kids were all with friends tonight. Brock wasn't thinking a long time when he answered: "I'd like something with chicken." Reba nodded. "Chicken with rice? Than I won't have to go out to do some shopping." Reba nodded as well. "That's okay with me." Reba laughed. "As long as it's food, right?" He smiled at her, and when Reba walked over to the kitchen to start with dinner, he kept watching his tv-show.

He wasn't able to concentraid though. He was thinking about the last couple of days at Reba's house. He'd enjoyed it more than anything the last couple of months. He was with his children, his granddaughter and he was with Reba. He was suprised of how Reba had been acting towards him these days. He was expecting to get smartass comments for most of the time, but instead she was actually acting incredibly sweet and caring. But then, she was sweet and caring, she had always been. But she had also been very clever, what made her able to say something back to every single comment people made to her. It was funny to hear her comment to people, but when she did it to himself he wasn't always able to laugh about it. Anyway, he was happy the way they were treathing each other these days. They were having fun, even though his stones were keeping him from doing active things with his kids. It wasn't such a big problem though. The only thing that bothered him a little, was that he wasn't missing Barbara Jean. How weird was that? He was enjoying the company of his kids, Reba's company and he wasn't missing Barbara Jean at all. He was missing his son, who was at Barbara Jean's parents for a week, but he wasn't missing Barbara Jean. He was very confused, and the same thoughts kept spinning around in his mind until he heard Reba talking next to him. "So, since we're together I figured we'd just eat in front of the telvision. Unless you want to keep watching Dr. Phil. Than you can eat here by yourself." Brock snapped out of his thoughts, sat up and laughed. "Well, we can watch whatever you like." Reba put a plate with rice and chicken on has lap and switched off the television. "Well, than I suggest we'll switch it off." Brock nodded and in a little uncomfortable atmosphere they ate their food. Brock suddenly started talking. "Reba, do you have some photoalbums?" Reba nodded. "Of course I have, why you're asking?" "What do you think of looking through some of them? I mean, when the kids are around they're probably going to do every thing to make us forget that those albums actually exist." Reba smiled and nodded. "Yeah. It's actually a nice idea. Wait a minute, I'll go get them." She stood up. "Reba... Shouldn't you finish your dinner first?" She smiled. "Right... Perhaps that's a good idea."