Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Patriotic Duty

Chapter 1

It was all over the news, the media couldn't get enough of it. Tara Smith, a blonde haired, blue eyed cheerleader from a suburban town called Middleton, has become the all-American hero overnight. In six cities across three states, a major crime had been thwarted mysteriously by something eye witnesses had described as a red and yellow streak. The major news corporations were contacted the next day, being told to expect this phenomenon to reveal itself in Washington D.C. at Capital Hill. And, sure enough, once Tara appeared at the scene, out running a few straggling news vans, she became the instant sweet heart of America. After she made her time with the crowd, signing autographs and posing for pictures, the attorney general took to the stand to make the official announcement. "America has always been the land of the free," the veteran attorney stated with a politician's smile on her face. "But though we've always been free to pursue the American dream, we've never been truly free from the threat of crime. We are always thankful to the men and women in uniform who do their best to protect this great nation but today marks the beginning of a new day. The United States government is proud to introduce the first, but not the last, superpowered protector fully sponsored and funded by the Depart of Justice. Ladies and Gentlemen, I now turn the podium over to our new hero, Tara Smith, codename: Velocity!"

As the suit yielded the floor and the hero made her way to the microphone, the uproar from both the press and the audience was deafening. "Wow, they really know how to sell her, huh?" Shego asked as she watched the whole event unfold on television while hooked over the back of the couch.

Kim just shook her head in disbelief. "It's just... so unreal... Tara, of all people, as a superhero."

When the crowd finally died down, Tara cleared her throat. "Oh wow, I'm not sure what to say," Tara said with a shy smile. "I'm not much for public speaking and I've never really been, well, in front of so many people at once. But, hey, I guess that's why I'm out there stopping the bad guys and not giving speeches."

The audience on television gave out a charmed laugh but Shego's laugh was more of mean spirited amusement. "Oh god! She can't be for real! I mean, when does she break out into a Shirley Temple song and dance routine with the Vice President?"

Kim continued watching, now with an intense, serious expression. "I'm trying to watch, Shego."

"I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to be doing what I'm doing. I might not be as great at saving day as Kim Possible now, but if this country needs my help, then I'm going to give it my all!"

Before the crowd erupted into another wave of deafening cheers, Kim turned off the television and reached for her pant's pocket. Meanwhile, Shego patted her back, still in the mood to give smart ass remarks. "Well, at least the prom queen said your name on T.V."

Kim took out the Kimmunicator and switched it on. "Bonnie was prom queen, not Tara, and besides the fact, I'm pretty sure she rigged it some how. Wade, are you there?"

When the screen went to video display, Wade was right there. "What up Kim?"

Kim was still in a very serious mood. "What up is Tara on the news as the government's own on-call superheroine and Mr. 'I have the whole world wired' didn't tell me about it."

"I'm sorry Kim, I only caught wind of this now. It's weird, one second, all I can get is weird, unconfirmed reports about this blur appearing at the scene of a bunch of averted crimes and now Tara is on the news-"

"With a red jumpsuit. Wade, what happened to the Valkyries One Thousand?"

Shego arched an eyebrow. "What and the what?"

Wade slowly started typing. "Ever since we finally got the experimental pair off you, the company I consulted for decided to shelf the project, sold it last year to the government to see if they could do a better job at solving the problem of involuntary hyper-vibration. If Tara's suit really is an improved version of those shoes, it would easily explain her speed power. But Kim... what makes you think it's the Valkyries giving Tara her power?"

"Besides her form fitting outfit being cherry red? Her codename, Velocity. They could've used any other speed related codename, heck, in that getup she looks like the Flash without a hood over her head. But they picked Velocity, a word that starts with 'V'."

Wade scratched his head, trying to get the connection. "Well, I suppose so Kim, but why would they do that?"

"Because they wanted us to know what they're... what she's doing?"

Both Wade and Shego asked the same question at the same time. "Who?"

Kim's eyes narrowed as her mind focused on only one name, on only one person. "Doctor Betty Director, head of Global Justice."

After what felt like an endless barrage of questions, photographs, and an entire slew of positive PR posturing, Tara was finally taken back to the center of operations she now called home, nestled nicely in Virginia. She stretched herself out as she walked; the suit fit like a glove but her active body wasn't used to the stiff and rigid regiments of the media grandstand and a long car drive. Accompanying her was the attorney general that introduced her. "That was a slam dunk out there kid," the politician commented with a proud look. "The people loved you and I'm sure my approval rating is going to get a nice piggyback ride off you're new found popularity."

Tara just smiled and looked up at the ceiling lights as they walked down the marble tiled hallway. "I just hope I can live up their expectations, ma'am. The training sure did help get me used to the suit but I'm still a long way off from being as good as my friend Kim."

"Oh, don't compare yourself to Kim Possible, you'll be as good as her in no time, and I emphasize no time. I mean, my god, did you really stop crimes in three different states in the same day or is this new program churning out clones in jumpsuit to make you look good?"

Tara looked at the aged woman and smiled politely. "Ma'am, I might be a little green but I can carry my own weight," she answered. In a flash, Tara vanished momentarily before the general attorney's eyes and reappeared with a sandwich in hand. "I'm sorry but you don't mind if I eat and talk do you? I've been starving half way through that press event."

The elder lady laughed. "Tara, you can eat as much as you want, no need to threat on my account. I can only imagine how many calories you're burning running so fast. Tell me, how can you move like that and not run through a wall or trample over half a dozen people?" she asked.

Tara quickly chewed and swallowed the first bite of her sandwich. "Actually, it's pretty easy for me. When my body starts vibrating at higher speeds, it's like my brain goes faster too. I mean, it's kinda hard to put into words. When I'm running that fast... it's"

"Time slows down."

The two turned their heads and there was Kim, just idly leaning against the wall by the reception desk. Since the first floor of the building was technically open to the public, Kim was free to loiter all she wanted while waiting for Tara. The attorney general tried to say something but Tara stood between the two and waved off her political sponsor. "It's ok ma'am, she... she's here to visit me, I invited her," Tara said, trying her best to sound sincere. After a pause, the politician nodded and continued on her way. Kim slowly walked up to Tara to strike up a serious conversation but Tara hugged her tightly before she could open her mouth. "Oh my god, Kim!" she squealed delightfully. "I can't believe you're here! Oh, this is so great, it's been so long! Did you see me on the news? The suit doesn't make me too bulgy does it?"

Kim awkwardly returned the hug and tried to unburden Tara of her insecurity. "Trust me Tara, you looked great on camera, very picturesque. But, I came here to talk-"

Tara took another bite of her sandwich and lead Kim down one of the hallways. She swallowed as quickly as she could before speaking again. "Great! I really want to catch up, it's been too long since we've talked. We can talk while I give you a tour of the place. I've only just gotten here but I think I've gotten down the first floor pretty well while I was getting this sandwich."

Kim turned on her heel and stopped Tara. "No... Tara... this is serious."

Tara slowly looked around and then back to Kim. "Kim... what's wrong... it's not Ron, is it? He's not in any... legal trouble is he? Or... oh Kim, is it you? You didn't come looking for me to-"

Kim shook her head sternly, cutting off Tara's questioning. "Tara, it's not about me, it's about you."

"But... what about me?"

"Tara, who gave you that suit?"

Tara quickly shrunk back a bit, her eyes darting around. "Kim, you... I can't really talk about that kind of stuff, it's top secret, national security kind of stuff."

"Who picked you? Who authorized your training? Tara, who gave you a suit made of the Valkyries One Thousand?"

The last question made Tara pull her head away in shock. "Bu... no, there's no way... how did you know about the Valkyrie project? They said they developed... I mean... oh darn, me and my big mouth."

"Tara, the government didn't make your suit, Wade did. Wade made the Valkyries while doing consulting work. Tara, I've used them myself, they're dangerous, your suit is dangerous. If you use it too much, you won't be able to stop the vibrations, you'll lose control of your own kinetic output, you won't even be able to deactivate it."

Tara recovered her resolve and propped herself up straight before Kim. "I've been told that the earlier prototypes had that problem but this suit is different. They've added inhibitors that'll cap my maximum speed so I can always have full control of my body's hyper vibrations. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish by scaring me Kim, but it won't work, I can assure you. I might be sweet, dependable Tara from the cheer squad to you, but I've received some basic training, I can handle myself."

"No, Tara, you don't understand. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm trying to find some answers. Tara, I think your involved in a very dangerous game, you're being used."

"Used? The only thing I'm seeing used is our friendship but I'm sorry Kim, even from you, I won't buy into these baseless accusations."

"Tara, listen to me! The person who put you up to this, the mastermind behind this whole government sponsored hero idea is a woman named Doctor Betty Director. She's bent on stopping people she considers vigilantes, people like me and Team Go, operating outside the system to help people. It makes sense Tara, why else would one of my best friends be the first person enlisted into this dog and pony show?"

The question turned Tara from serious to hateful. "You think I'm some joke?"


"You don't think I deserve this? You think the only reason I'm here is for your sake? That the only reason I was picked and trained and given this opportunity to help people was just to get to you?"

"Tara, you don't understand."

"I don't understand? I think I'm understanding plenty. I'm also understanding that you go around the world doing what you do but maybe it's time the homeland had protection of it's own."

"What? Tara, you're not seriously buying this, are you?"

"Buying it? Right now Kim, I am it."

"Tara, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. This isn't a game, it's extremely dangerous and I'm not just talking about the bad guys."

"Kim... I think you should leave now."

"Tara you have to listen to me," Kim warned placing her hand on Tara's shoulder. Tara looked down at Kim's hand and grabbed on to it as well as Kim's side. Before Kim knew it, the world around her became a blur of colors, the force on her body was soften by a function of the suit but she knew that she was being moved in a super-accelerated speed. After only a minute, Tara came to a halt and released Kim from her grasp. Looking around, Kim noticed the highway sign that marked the Virginia-Maryland border.

Tara only glared at Kim with an intense scowl. "No Kim, you're going to listen to me. Go back to doing your website hero-for-hire thing and leave me alone. Incase you haven't heard the news, I have a nation to protect. Unlike some so-called 'heroes', I'm willing to be a patriot and use my new skill to defend my country."

And with that, Tara zipped back south into Virginia, a fading streak of brilliant red and fair gold trailing behind her. Kim stood there, watching until the last bit of Tara's trail shrank to nothing before pulling out the Kimmunicator. "Wade... I'm going to need a ride."

To Tara, the whole world was slowing down, time passed by at the pace of thick molasses as she effortlessly wove past several cars on the highway coming towards her. She was told before to avoid such reckless behavior, that it might spook any oncoming driver if she was moving slow enough for them to see her, that if she accidently began running too fast that a sonic boom could cause massive pile ups. It didn't stop Tara from doing it because she needed the challenge, she needed her mind occupied on preventing such as disaster so it couldn't dwell on what was really bothering her. A fruitless endeavor, the run back takes only a handful of seconds and the short distance across the grassy field back to her new base of operation is flooded with torturing thoughts. Despite her strong front, Kim's words had cut deep into her, filled her with self doubt. What if she was a fake? What if she really was just some pawn, that the entire notion of her being this nation's official superheroine was just ploy against Kim? Tara's speed faltered and soon, so did she. Her mind racked with confusion and doubt, she tripped over her own feet and feel to the ground. On the grass she stayed, succumbing to the gloom inside her. "What am I?" she sobbed to herself.

The last thing she expected was a reply but she received one anyway. "You're a heroine who seems to be in distress."

Tara looked up but her teary eyes and the sun shining behind the figure over her made it impossible for her to see who it was. "Oh... this is so inappropriate... I really shouldn't..."

"Shouldn't what? Be human?" the female voice asked as she offered her hand. "Velocity, or would you rather I call you Tara? You're greatest quality isn't your speed, that can be manufactured. You're going to be a great hero because you're selflessness and spirit, human qualities I know you have plenty of."

Tara slowly raised back to her feet with the assistance and wiped her eyes clean. "You... can just call me Tara. But... wait, how do you know about my power? What do you mean by my selflessness and spirit?" she asked.

Now with a clear view, Tara saw that she was having this conversation with woman in a suit, something common so close to a government building, but the eyepatch made her stand out. "Tara, when you were asked to stop those crimes last night, you did so without a moment's hesitation. We've told you since the beginning that every time you go out there, you put your life on the line but you kept going anyway. And spirit? You're practically made of it! I mean, who knows more about spirit than a cheerleader, am I right?" she asked with a laugh.

Tara shook her head slowly, trying to clear her mind to make sense of this woman. "You... you're part of my program? Who are you?"

The woman smiled and slid out her hand. "Tara Smith, I'm former Intelligence Specialist Doctor Betty Director. I've had myself reassigned to be the head of the program that trained you and gave you your first assignment. I know we've been a bit vague so far, answering only essential questions. But from now on, everything is in the open, I'll keep no secrets from you and your team."

There was a pause before Tara caught on enough to shake Betty's hand. "Team? You mean... I won't be the only one?"

"Tara, before this year is up, I plan to have at least five members on active duty, including you. And in another three, we're going to make sure no super criminal, mad scientist, freak of nature, or crime organization will ever feel safe to cross with the great U.S. of A."

The sentiment filled Tara's aching heart with a moment of hope but it quickly snuffed out as she lowered her head. "No... you're better off finding another person to put on the speed suit. I'm no hero... I don't even know if this is even legitimate anymore... not after what Kim said."

"Ah, now I see. Kim Possible told you something to make you doubt yourself. Perhaps that I'm only doing this to get at her?"

Tara nodded slowly. "I mean... even talking to you proves some of what she was saying. She said a Betty Director is doing all this just to stop people like her, like Team Go, the real heroes. Now I don't even know what to think."

Tara slowly felt her chin gently lifted upward to face Betty's warm smile. "Tara, don't be silly. You are a real hero, even if you stop now, you helped a lot of people last night. And ask for Kim Possible, I wouldn't put too much stock into what she said. She's speculating, she's only seeing bits and pieces and quickly jumps to the wrong conclusion. The truth is, Team Go and it's members are flaky, at best. They've been idle for years since their sister went rouge and the only thing keeping them going is an ex-convict mother that abandoned them once already. If you ask me, not the most reliable bunch."

"But... what about Kim?"

"I'm not looking to force Kim Possible out of business. Oh sure... we might've had a bad falling out back when I worked in a more... covert position but... I'm willing to admit my mistake and let go of the past... I'm just sorry Kim holds such a grudge."

"What kind of grudge would Kim have against you?"

"Tara, I believe in accountability. I believe that heroes aren't just cape wearing crazies or thrill seeking teens, bouncing around rooftops, dulling out their own brand of justice. Kim misunderstands my intentions as censorship, as a crusade to stop heroics all together. I want to make an ideal, a symbol. I want this team and everyone in it to be a shining example to this country, an example of bravery, courage, and responsibility."

The inspirational words touched Tara, lighting her face with a hopeful expression. "You mean... I'm a symbol like that? That people are going to see me and see all that?"

Betty laughed and patted Tara's shoulder. "Tara, you've already touched millions of Americans already. Not one city, town, or borough in this country is going about their day without your name on their lips. And that's just the start, so, are you ready to change this great land of ours, Tara?"

Tara stood at attention and gave a salute as best she could. "Ma'am, yes ma'am! Velocity is ready and waiting!"

Betty nodded and returned the salute. "That's exactly what I like you hear. Now come on, it's time to fulfill our patriotic duty!"

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