Kim Possible, Shego, Wade, Ron, Yori, and other characters from Kim Possible are property of Disney. Some characters are original. Kim Possible: Altered Destines is series of stories based off the events of Old Family Ties and New Beginnings, PRISM Predicament, and Awakenings.

Kim Possible: Altered Destinies

Patriotic Duty

Chapter 3

Ron puttered across the entire length from his new home with Yori and her personal team of Yamanouchi ninjas to the Vassar residential area parking lot. Just Ron's luck in life; he buys a new scooter once he and Kim moved to New York and it only took a few months before it starting turning into a knocking, sluggish joke. It was as if the spirit of his old scooter had decided to haunt it's owner for whatever reason a scooter would have to do such a thing. Despite the irritation of having to endure riding around in such a faulty mode of transportation, Ron kept his thoughts on the future, the immediate future. He knew going around Kim's back was wrong and so was having Yori settle for only half his heart. Today, Ron was determined to make his decision. Ron pulled up to the front of Kim's dorm and chained his scooter to a sign post. Just as he was clicking the padlock shut, he heard someone call out for him. "Yo, Stoppable. How about a hand here?" Ron turned his head, it was Shego with two arms full of groceries. "Or is lugging around paper bags not part of your secret ninja training?" she mocked.

Ron quickly jogged over to Shego and took some of her load off her hands. "Hey, I guess we must've gotten here at the same time, huh? I was hoping to lure Kim out tonight, she's not too bogged down to leave, is she?" he asked, trying his best to keep his intentions to himself.

Shego just shook her head. "Forget it, sidekick. Ever since metal mouth and the fire fly joined up with speedy and became that whole big group, she's been pouring every free minute she's had locked in her room, thinking. I didn't know Kimmie could get this wound up."

The situation sounded to familiar to Ron and he let a soft sigh escape with his next breath. "Kim can get... obsessive. If she comes up against something she think she can fix, she just keeps at it until she does fix it."

"Ah, let me guess. It's part of that 'I can do anything' philosophy of her's, right?"

Ron nodded. "It can get pretty intense but you have to admire her resolve."

"She's skipping meals and she only checks the Kimmunicator once a day. Seriously, I'm just glad it's been a slow week. I just hope Director's Liberty Legion is more PR and public service announcements than compitition; even I'd feel bad if had to smack around some brainwashed do-gooder."

Just as Shego spoke her peace, both their watches chimed out in unison. Shego rolled her eyes, she was still unfamiliar on how to operate her's so Ron had to answer Wade's call. "Hey Wade, Shego and I were just about to go up to Kim's room, what up?"

As Wade's face appeared on the watch, it was obvious something had him concerned. "Well, at least someone's answering their Kimmunicators. I've been trying to reach Kim for ten minutes but she keeps turning it off! We got a hit and it sounds major urgent."

Shego nudged herself against Ron, pushing him out of the watch's view while holding his wrist in place with her free hand. "What is it?" she asked while Ron tried to retake his place.

"It's anonymous but the guy who contacted us left a voice message and he sounded freaked. Looks like he came to Poughkeepsie to talk to Kim personally but he says he can't even leave his hotel room because someone's after him. Since I can't get Kim to answer her Kimmunicator, I guess you two are going to have to check it out."

Shego tried to keep control of the conversation but Ron was able to whip his arm free and finish the briefing. "On it Wade, just shoot the address and we're on our way."

As Ron read the address, Shego took Ron's share of the grocery from his arm and started back toward the packing lot. "Well, I guess that mean's we're taking my car. You know, since I wouldn't be caught dead riding shotgun on your spaz speedster."

Ron shook his head as he switched off his watch and then reached for his pocket. "Just give me a sec, I need to make a call before we go," he said, pulling out his cellular phone. "Something tell me, we're going to need some backup."

Shego roared down the road, it was dusk and the traffic had cleared up a tad but not enough. After moving into Kim's dorm, Shego wired in some cash from her overseas account to buy a used compact just to get around town. She was beginning to regret not going all out for the Porsche as the minutes ticked by on the digital clock of the car radio. "Damn it... this is taking too long. Are you sure I'm going the right way?" Shego asked, cutting off another SUV in order to beat the red light.

Ron braced his arms against the dash and the ceiling of the car as Shego darted and swerved toward their destination. Catching a quick glimpse of a street sign, Ron closed his eyes shut to concentrate. "Yeah... just take second to forty-eighth and take a right!"

"That'll take me to the business district, we're trying to find a hotel."

"Yes but this is one of those business motels, it's two blocks outside the business district."

"Wait, you mean that place... god, what's it called... Fall Garden? I thought that was a one story office complex. Huh, go figure."

Ron cried out as Shego once again changed lane hard enough to jerk him side to side. "I'd rather you go slow!" he whined.

Shego leaned forward in her seat and huffed out angrily. "Damn... we're too late... they're already there."

Ron tried to get himself upright now that Shego was beginning to slow down. "Who, who's already where?"

Shego clenched the wheel tightly and spat through her clenched teeth. "Orion just flew past us. The Liberty League is going after our mystery man."

Sure enough, as they finally made it past the main gateway of Fall Garden Hotel, there was Tara, AKA Velocity, and Tin Man waiting outside one of the buildings with Orion hovering overhead. Tin Man's voice boomed like a bullhorn as he made his ultimatum. "Ted Whitmore, this is your finally chance to surrender yourself. Come out or we will be forced to come in and apprehend you by force!"

Shego's car screeched to a halt, peeled rubber flew into the darkening sky. Ron was shaken but Shego nearly leapt out the driver seat. Wearing a red jacket with jeans in lieu of her trademark jumpsuit made her entrance feel a bit forced to her. Regardless, Shego stood her ground and drew her finger out to the federal supers. "Now what has this guy done to deserve all three of America's new glory group to come knocking at his door?"

Tara and Tin Man turned around toward Shego, Orion slowly began to circle around the car, just incase Shego tried anything. Tara felt the need to respond; as the first official member of the Liberty League, she did have seniority in a team with no official command structure other than following Director's orders. "Ted Whitmore is a former member of the Liberty League program. He was warned not to share classified information about us and now we're here to take him into federal custody to begin his sentence for treason against the United States government."

Shego crossed her arms. "Is that so, sunshine? Do you have any proof of him breaking that ridiculous little law?"

"That's not any of your business. Now stand down, citizen," she instructed Shego, whose immediate reaction was to muffle an involuntary laugh at the sheer corniness of that demand as Ron finally pulled himself out of her car. "Ron? What are you doing with her? You're not cheating on Kim with this woman, are you?"

Ron froze and quickly shook his head but Shego finally busted out in a wild fit of laughter from Tara's accusation before he could verbalize his denial. "Oh this was so worth the trip! Me and Hong Kong Phoney? Wow, you might be light speed fast but you're a little slow in the head, aren't you?"

Tin Man stomped a step toward Shego, the force cracking the pavement underfoot. "You have a lot of nerve, lady! Now either clear out or we'll have you arrested."

Orion lowered himself down and kept a close watch on Shego and Ron. "Tin Man, don't get too cocky. That's Shego, former international criminal and supervillain. She's currently on special pardon from the UN and I hear she's working with Kim Possible now but that doesn't mean she can't turn it all around in a second and start blasting those green fireballs everywhere."

Ron huffed at Shego's mocking laughter and made his way toward the two heroes on the ground. "Kim told me this group of your's is being run by Dr. Director, Tara. Now, I could preach and argue with you about that all night but I'll just make my point now; did she show you proof that this Ted guy did what he supposedly did or did she just tell you to fetch?"

The accusation riled up Josh even further than Shego's insult but he felt Tara's hand hold him back as she stepped toward Ron. "It's not our job to review evidence and pass judgement. We're not judge or jury, we're bailiffs. We're here because the government needs us to be here."

"To apprehend a single man? Does he have powers? Is he even armed?"

"We don't tell you how to hop around the world to catch some unstable scientist while breaking local and international laws flagrantly so you don't tell us how to do our job."

Ron reached his hand out to Tara's shoulder in order to connect to her. "Tara..."

His effort was rewarded by a hard slap across his face. His head jerked hard to the side, the taste of blood already rolling over his tongue. Ron did nothing to retaliate, if anything else, it was good preparation for the big decision he'll have to make over Kim and Yori in the future. "It's Velocity to you and don't you ever touch me."

Shego wasn't feeling as passive as Ron was willing to be and she ignited her hands, preparing for the worst. From overhead, Orion began charging his own hands. "Shego's going hostile, I'm going to-AH!" he cried out suddenly. Examining his right hand, a metal object had pierced through the crystalline part of his armor where the plasma was designed to generate. As superheated vapors poured out from the breach, Orion quickly willed the armor to cut off power to his right arm before anything else could happen. "I've been hit!"

Tin Man and Velocity quickly searched their surroundings and quickly found a woman all in black twirling another kunai around her finger, perched atop the vacancy sign. "You would be wise not to engage combat with us," Yori warned in a calm tone.

Orion growled out and charged his left hand, the red aura ebbed with growing intensity the further he charged. "There's three of us and three of you, not to mention you already wasted your element of surprise!" Yori merely snapped her fingers and from the rooftops and from the bushes emerged nine other ninjas; Dream Team Eleven was ready to make their stand. "Alright... maybe you had one last surprise..."

Just as things were beginning to get intense, Ron's cell phone began to ring. He would've ignored it but he recognized the tone to be Kim's. "Woah, time out please," Ron requested before answering the call. "Kim?"

Kim's voice seemed tired but serious. "I know you're facing them Ron, hand your phone over to Tin Man," she instructed plainly.

Ron hesitated but if Kim could stop a worldwide network of evil kids meal toys and come back from the dead, than she must have a way of quelling the Liberty League over the phone. He slowly offered his phone up to Tin Man. "Dude, it's for you."

Cautious, Tin Man carefully plucked the phone out of Ron's hand and held it up to his polished ear. "Kim Possible, I presume?"

"Cut the act Josh, I know it's you. I know everything now."

Tin Man froze but he tried to hide his anxiety from his teammates, an easy thing to do with a motionless face. "How did you know, are you the one Ted leaked the information to?"

"No but I do know everything he was planning on telling me and then some. I also know that you, Tara, and Mr. Frost are doing this with the best of intentions. Somehow, it's Director who I'm still in the dark about."

"How can you know all of this if Ted never contacted you."

"I had a friend read all your minds... I didn't like the idea at first but your team is pretty much Betty's way of muscling me out so I had little choice. Director knew though, after our last encounter, that someone developed telepathic abilities but I don't think she knows who yet. She sent you after Ted because she knew that, sooner or later, I would do exactly what I did... I'm sorry Josh... I just couldn't think of any other way."

There was silence over the line as Josh let the whole situation sink in. "It's alright Kim... I know you well enough to trust your judgement. But you do know that means Ted is technically guilty of the crime he's been accused of, even if he wasn't aware of it."

Another silent pause, Kim's breathing was shaken for a moment and Josh knew what she said next, she forced herself to say. "I know, he was coming to see me, to tell me this anyway so you have attempted treason just for that. I won't stop you from bringing him in... I just want to know you're really committed to the notion of justice and not the kind defined by Dr. Director."

"Of course I do, I'm not some tool, I'm a real hero for justice."

"Good, remember that and don't let her manipulate you to think otherwise. Give the phone back to Ron and I'll tell them to stand down."

Josh felt a something turn in the pit of his stomach but if Kim was offering a non-violent solution to this problem, he was going to take it. He returned the phone to Ron, whom quickly pressed it back against the side of his face. "Kim?" He simply listened, concern washed over his face for a moment but he nodded in the end. He pocketed the phone and motioned Yori to stand down. "Come on Shego... we're going home."

Kim slowly placed the phone flat on the table before doing the same with her forehead. She knew what she just did, she just sentenced a man to a treason sentence just for being in Director's way. She tried to tell herself that he broke a federal contract, that the fact Ted was seeking her out proved his willingness to consciously disobey the government. But no matter how many lies she tried to bury herself under, the cold truth still pierced through her soul; she gave Director exactly what she wanted. All for the sake of preventing an all out war against people she considered her friends, even Tara who was still miffed at her from their last conversation. It was a brilliant strategy on Betty's part, or the greatest stroke of luck ever. She made Kim's long time friend and high school crush members of a team designed to replace her. She even forced Kim's hand and had her use Zita to read all their minds in order to learn the truth. That part, Kim knew, must've been part of Betty's grand scheme, it was the only way to explain why her mind, unlike everyone else, was shielded from Zita's mind reading ability from the yellow Go spectrum. And with that knowledge, Kim knew that Ted was purposefully willing to commit a trumped up felony and was legally guilty of treason to his country. Now there was nothing left for her to do but coop with her decision. "This is so unfair..."

The room was completely silent until there was a knock on the door. When Kim rose her head to look, a note had been slipped in. She slowly pulled herself out of her seat and bent over to pick it up. As she did, she could hear the door to the apartment close shut, whoever slipped the note in would most likely be long gone soon enough. Kim opened the note and something slid through the folds and onto the floor. Ignoring it for the moment, Kim read the note.

"You have friends in high places. Don't loose hope."

Reassuring as it was cryptic, the note gave no clue to the identity of it's writer or of it's meaning. Kim knelt down to the floor and focused her attention on what fell to the ground. It was a coin, a silvery coin, a piece of American currency almost never used anymore. "A Susan B. Anthony dollar coin?" Kim stared at the coin, examined it at every angle before putting it in the top drawer of her computer desk. "I don't know what this means... but I'm going to find out."