This is about Hyoue trying to confess his feelings..but which comes first? His love or her safety...?

"Geez, Hyoue. You have to tell her your feelings already. It has been holding off too long. Plus sometimes you make me want to kill you. Either you tell her or get over with it already..."

"Shut up Ateko! If you feel, how I feel... then you won't be complaining here!"

"Listen, there is a whole line out there waiting for their chance for Amane. Not including Mitsumine-senpai..."

"Do not remain me of that bi! He pisses me off every moment..."

"What is so hard to confess? You just have to say three little letters...god! Plus...time is running out..."

"Time is running out for what?"


I spun around and grabbed her wrist. "Tell me Ateko! Is it had to do with Aoi? That Ba!"

She shook off my grab on her. "Hyoue...WAKE UP! Did you not hear about what the Elders said about Amane? She is going to some place they send her off for years! By then...they might marry her OFF!!!!!"

I burst out laughing. Not possible that the Elders would even do that. Plus, Amane is so powerful that she can control their minds. Not that she wanted to...

A few days later, I found out that Ateko's words were true. I have been vigorously ignoring her words and then I found out that it is true. But I am here koma-oni! I know her (Amane) the best! She cannot live without me! (Or is it the other way around?)

Ateko grabbed me the other day. "I told you! She is going to go! You know, Granny is nice but the Elders are not. They can be using this to sabotage her, to get rid of her! Zakuro has been used on that purpose already. This is too terrible...I have to confess my feelings...NOOOO! What am I thinking? I have to protect her safety first, not my feelings. I am a koma-oni, not a human. I am merely her tool...

To be continued

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