The day that Hyoue and Amane got married was the happiest of their lives. They had waited for each other for such a long time to tell each other their true feelings. They had both conquered the hardships between them, like Zakuro trying to kill Amane and ruin Hyoue's life. The Elders were not so happy about the leader of their clan marrying an ex-beast. However, Grandmother and Amane's own choice had held the highest opinion. The Elders no longer dared to look at Hyoue as a lowly nothing, after he had became Aname's betrothed.

As for Mitsumine and Akito, Akito had loved Aoi's show since forever. She was secretly his number one fan. One day, this is happening a few hours before Hyoue and Aname's wedding.

"Akito, do you think they will end up happily ever after? I mean, isn't that like straight out from a manga?"

"I think they are the most perfect couple in the world! I always thought of that since I first met them. I always wish they would hurry up and get together, and especially Aname, who is always slow in knowing other people's true feelings."

"Hm... Takako, you look really pretty in this dress."

"Uh... why this all of a sudden?"

"Well, I don't really know."



"Mistsumine-senpai, I really want to tell you something."


"I-I a-always liked you! I thought you are an awesome actor and I am your number one fan! I know you don't like me, but that is ok! I just want to get it out of my system. I know you really like Amane and I don't mind it at all. I just...want to say it, that's it."

"Hahaha! Why are you embarrassed? I like you too. You want to go out with me?"

"OH! I don't mean it that way. I am not the type to show off people or whom I go out with and brag about it! I don't mean it!"

"I understand that point. I know you won't show me off or something like that. I like you. Sincerely. From the bottom of my heart. Would you go out with me?"

"I... Yes! I would go out with you!"

"I am glad for the first time, someone actually love me back."

"What do you...oh well, never mind. Let's get back to the wedding or we'll miss it!"

That had ended Mitsumine's crush on Amane and started his love for Akito.

The wedding bells started ringing. Hyoue and Amane started walking down the isle. Hyoue is wearing this suit borrowed grudgingly from Hayato, who finally recognize and treat him with respect. Amane is wearing this beautiful white wedding dress with trains and sequins on it. Hyoue's heart was thumping. He never knew that this day would actually come.

"And so, Amane Kamori, do you take Hyoue Inugami as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"And Hyoue Inugami, do you take Amane Kamori as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I d- whoa!"

Hyoue woke up in a start. He nearly fell down from the tree. What kind of dream is that? It's both wonderful and weird at the same time. Suddenly he heard a girl's sobbing voice. He looked down and saw Amane crying in her robed dress that the Elders had made her wear. He had heard her sad story. He knew she was lonely, like he was.

"You're not foolin' anyone, kid. You can't handle being alone."

"Yes I can!"

"Is that so? Then why are you crying? If you've got something in your mind, then say it! You can lie to them, but you can't lie to yourself."

"...Hey there! Will you be my friend?"

The End