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The darkened council chamber lit up just slightly, but only enough to see the enshrouded shadowy figures sitting at the table.

"So, things are proceeding much like we have foreseen. It appears that we were correct in sending an agent to their dimension," a woman covered in shadow said. Her features were completely hidden, as well as her true feelings on the matter. But there was a slight hint of concern in her voice.

"Don't assume Venestra, we have seen many versions of this boy's future in the visions. Many of them have been clouded by nothing but theory, and the boy hasn't meant anything. Even if he were to be a potential recruit for us, it is foolish to look into it. Peace has lasted for thousands of years," the man across from her said.

"There is another thing to consider, just by sending an agent, we have interrupted the flow of events in that realm. Even if the impact is minimal, which would be the best-case scenario, it will affect the future of that planet and the galaxy it resides in," another said from the side.

The second figure piped in again, "That in and of itself is why I have been stressing against this action. There is too much at stake Mr. Chairman, we mustn't do anything to provoke our enemies. The reports could be wrong!"

"When have they ever been wrong, Lord Razil?" Venestra asked, with a tone that could have melted the heart of a convict.

Lord Razil leaned backwards in his chair, enough that the low amount of light shined off his bald head, "You're basing intelligence reports off that half breed assassin you call a grand daughter! You fail to realize just how close she is to joining our enemy's ranks once again. Once a traitor, always a traitor! Do I need to point out you or your son's vaunted history?"

Venestra's fist hit the table, sending sparks from its impact, "Speak of me as you wish, but do not speak that way about my son. You are not even half the man he was! And if you want to test my grand daughter's loyalty, may I point out that it was she that saved your neck by tracking down the Shadow Hunter that stalked you in your own home? I seem to recall your gratitude at that time," Venestra said as she slowly calmed herself.

"That is convenient, seeing as she was simply in the area at the time. How do I know that it wasn't some stunt to gain my trust, only to betray me later?" Razil countered.

"Believe me, if she wanted to skin that smirk off your face, she would have done it long ago. You forget that she is an elite agent," Venestra replied in confidence.

The council chairman cleared his throat, "That is enough you two. We all know the history of your family, and we know what they sacrificed to help us. We should focus our attention upon the boy once more."

"You are right of course, how long until our, agent, reaches that planet?" Razil asked, drawing a sharp gaze from Venestra.

"She should be there now. However, the planet is still recovering from a genocidal attack, so the energy fluctuations are interfering with our ability to monitor. It should clear up within a few standard days in which I will contact her with instructions," she replied as she glanced downward.

"Is that concern on your face, or a malicious plot in the making?" Razil sneered.

"I said that is enough!" the chairman shouted.

Venestra stood up, but managed to take a breath before speaking in anger, "The only plots that we should worry about, are the ones from true enemies. The only thing is, I can't tell which one is worse. The enemies out there, or the one in here," she retorted before storming out of the room.

"Was that necessary? You do realize that she commands a great deal of our forces," the chairman asked.

Lord Razil's face was lightened enough to reveal a frown full of malice, "Only in her mind. As you know, I objected to her even being allowed in this room again. I don't care what her descendants have done since then, none of them have a shred of loyalty. She is the ringleader of a façade that I will unmask. Even if I have to use her new pet project as bait!"

DBV Series 7: Fragile Peace

Theme: "Come Whatever May" by Stone Sour

Welcome back, I'm sure you know how it goes with me, but here's your little intro anyway. The story begins again shortly after Verto returns to life and defeats Viro. As many know, he saved 85 percent of the Earth's population with a Super charged healing wave that wiped out Viro's deadly virus, and the past Saiyans have returned to their new timeline. We begin right afterward that event and will proceed from there. This saga will focus on the state of the Earth after Verto's return. There are a lot of different and creative things I did with this saga, so don't expect the same old song and dance when it comes to that. Hell a lot of new ideas got thrown in and a lot of old ones scrapped when it came to push and shove. But know that any and all plot twists are going to come hard and fast as we lead into one of the biggest and most unpredictable DBV eras.

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