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Chapter 116: Fate

The Chairman of the Guardian Council was nearly at a loss for words, "Why would you deny yourself this honor? You were meant to join us."

Venestra was even more stunned, "He's right. My grandson…"

"Is not me. And I'm not him. I'm sure both he and you meant well by setting things into motion like you did and deciding on me to be his successor. I get it, I really do. I understand why you guys did what you did and in many ways I'm grateful for what has happened. But I didn't ask for this, nor did I want it. I want to go home and I want to be with my friends and family, it's as simple as that," Verto said.

"You shouldn't take this offer so lightly kid. We have ways of forcing your cooperation," Venestra warned.

Verto made no mystery about how that statement irritated him, "And where would that get you? You want another rebellious agent on your hands, Granny?"

Venestra gave him a heated glare, "How dare you!"

The Chairman held up his hand to stall any advance by Venestra, "We are obviously at an impasse. What could we do to change your mind?"

It was Verto's turn to be stunned, if only for a moment, "You'll take a request in order to keep me? Sorry, but I don't bargain for something I don't even want. Especially not when others are trying to decide my fate for me."

"I understand that there isn't much gray area with you young man. I respect that kind of integrity. But there must surely be something we can agree to," the Chairman said.

Venestra shook her head slightly, "That's simple. He wishes to see the Counter-balance girl be brought back to life. I'll do one better kid, we'll make sure the demon inside her is suppressed forever. You could see her every day, I'd even allow her to stay with you here in our realm."

Verto's lip twitched in thought before he stared at the ground, "Now that I know the truth about her and why she chose to die for me, how could I face myself if I toyed with her destiny just for my gratification? I would be no better than any of you, Razil or the demons. It would be one thing if I could use the Dragon Balls, but I wasn't allowed to and I understood and accepted why that was. I can't even be sure if her feelings for me were genuine, or inherited from Leira."

"I'm fairly certain they were real…" Venestra began to say.

Verto's head snapped up towards her, "…And there's the matter of how you would bring her back. How could you without tampering with timelines, plus risk Earth's destruction? She asked me to remember her the way she was and to follow my own path, not the one someone else lays out. Bribery isn't going to work, the answer is still no."

Venestra frowned, "What will it take then?"

"Your idea with the girl may only bring him more pain Venestra, especially since he's apparently coped with her death and let her go. I have a much different proposal, what if we brought back your home world?" the Chairman suggested.

Verto froze in surprise, "You could do that?"

"Not right away, it's not a simple matter after all. But if you accept our offer and remain here to learn, we would consider it a very likely possibility. However the mission to do this would take time and is extremely difficult. You would need to be prepared. And even if things worked out that way, you couldn't return to it," the Chairman claimed.

Verto scowled, "Time in which my mind could be changed or you would distract me with something else. And by the way, when I say I would want my world back, I mean that I would go back to living there too. Let me live my life, don't decide how I live it."

The Chairman sighed heavily, "I don't suppose offering to bring your friends here would do any good either. I see there's no realistic way to change your mind at this point is there?"

"Not without force, and I don't recommend that. I stand by what I say," Verto said sternly.

"Something we find both admirable and troubling with you. Venestra's grandson was the same way, he disagreed with us quite often as well. Very well, we're prepared to compromise and allow you to return to your life as it was this morning. However, it will not be without some sort of give on your side," the Chairman offered.

"What is it going to be, punishment or something for not getting your way?" Verto asked in disgust.

"No, but there is a piece of evidence we didn't show you yet and it's a lesson you need to learn because you keep making the mistake," the Chairman said as he nodded to his side. The video screen lit up to the sight of Super Mystic Verto hovering above Earth with Majin Buu, channeling his healing technique.

Verto grimaced, "Really? You're judging me for saving most of the planet from a runaway virus of alien origin?"

The Chairman held up his finger, "Not judging, warning you. Because of your unique powers, you can directly affect those around you. It's a result of having both Elduar and demon energies within you, inherited from the previous owner of those powers. As you might know, these energies can cause radical changes in humans and other beings that are susceptible to energy fluctuations."

Verto's jaw slipped, That's right, I forgot about the mutations.

Venestra folded her arms, "The fact that you are Cosmic Energy sensitive makes this problem potentially worse. You don't like us meddling in lower realm affairs right? Well your presence and at times, reckless use of your powers would be nearly the same, without any calculated moves. You probably know this already, but even if you kept your energy suppressed at all times, as unlikely as that is, you'll still potentially affect anyone around you. It might be minor like telepathic ability, or you might cause a rapid change in human evolution."

Verto let out an exasperated breath, "Yeah, I've noticed that."

The Chairman stood up, "Another problem is that you are genetically half human and half Saiyan, which means your energy is similar to both. The easy translation is that both species can be affected much easier. That was a problem with the previous Verto. He was only half Saiyan, but it was enough to radically change their strength levels and abilities. It was resolved eventually as you might have heard, but it could have had a lasting impact on the entire universe. And because of that genetic disposition, you can easily transfer your energy to another just like you. The other one like yourself, Son Gohan for example."

Verto's eyes narrowed, "Wait, so what does that have to do with anything?"

Venestra sighed slightly, "Son Gohan wasn't meant to have any Psionic or extended powers past what the aging Supreme Kai unleashed in him. Being around you changed that, though you could make the argument about most of the timeline changes that occurred. You two developed at nearly the same rate, which likely wasn't noticed by the Kais since their visions of the future had changed. Fortunately Son Gohan can't easily transmit these energies like you can. Only those he is close to for extended amounts of time will see a difference. And since you two are similar in power and energy disposition now, neither of you would've noticed anything different when you transferred your energy to him to defeat Ranot with. Should you do such a thing for other half-Saiyans however…"

Verto's face fell, "Including if I'm just trying to save them I assume?"

Venestra nodded, "Yes. When you were attempting to save your adopted brother Trunks Briefs and transferred a small amount of Psionic energy into him, he gained a mental ability to read memories. Had you transferred a large amount of Psionic energy, he could have feasibly transformed to what you refer to as Super Mystic, given enough energy on his part. Even if that were to only happen once, he could become like you in terms of energy levels if he were given enough time to develop it. We already suspect that he may have latent Psionic potential that no one can detect yet. This is something that is very difficult to reverse. Just imagine then if you improved the power of someone with a much darker heart than yours, even accidentally. Power like this corrupts most mortals, that's why yours is limited."

"What do you mean by limited?" Verto asked.

"Do you recall your lessons in matter-energy conversion?"

Verto nodded slowly, "Yeah, I never got that one down. The only things I got out of that was the ability to throw my stasis technique and instantly freeze something, changing or repairing clothes."

Venestra gave him a stern expression, "And that's one example of what I mean by limited. That may sound like a simplistic example, but it's a correct one. A mortal with the potential power of a god in his hands is a frightening thought. We were hoping that you wouldn't be Cosmic Energy capable, but you shattered that notion the other day."

Verto sighed again, "Then take them."

"I beg your pardon?" Venestra asked.

"If it's that dangerous, take these powers away," Verto said.

"It's not that simple," Venestra argued.

"Why not? It couldn't have been that simple giving these powers to me in the first place, but you did. Surely you can take them away just as easily if you really are gods," Verto countered.

Venestra held her head slightly, "Except we're not. The power you inherited is yours from now on, there isn't much we can do about that at the moment. Plus it is forbidden for us to try and reverse a procedure like that. You would likely die in the attempt, and you certainly wouldn't be the same afterwards even if you did survive. We didn't try it with the Counter-balance girl for the same reason. We felt it would be easier on you if she died in battle."

Verto rubbed his chin slightly, "Wonderful theory. Here's another one, you should use a sealing technique. Leira did that before I went after Ranot and the other Renegades in that other realm. Terrible idea mind you, but I did learn a few things from it."

Venestra grimaced, "We would prefer not to. Completely sealing off one's energy is not an effective solution, nor is it permanent."

Verto shook his head in dismay, "Look, I'm not going to change my mind just because it's inconvenient to you. I like the idea of being without my energy even less, but I won't leave my friends to come here."

The Chairman cleared his throat after a long silence, "We also have to consider that he would need his power to face future challenges. To rob him of the ability to defend himself against powerful foes is wrong."

"Can't you just set some kind of spell on me that blocks Cosmic Energy? That's obviously what you're most worried about," Verto suggested.

"There isn't currently a technique that can fully resist Cosmic Energy since it's the strongest. It's similar to how your energies evolve and overtake the weaker forms, except there is nothing beyond that level. And with your potent Chi, you would likely keep affecting normal humans and the remaining Saiyans. Sure we could place a seal on you for that purpose, but because of the Kaio-ken technique's effects on Chi energy at your current full power, you could easily break it and we would be back to square one," Venestra pointed out.

"Can you erase specific memories?" Verto asked.

Venestra blinked sharply, not expecting that question, "When the situation calls for it, why?"

"Then problem number one can be fixed by making me forget how to use Kaio-ken. As useful as a power boost that it is, it's not real strength, nor it is reliable if I risk blowing myself up every time I use it. Even worse with this Cosmic Energy crap," Verto said.

Venestra nodded in agreement, "If you are alright with that, we would accept this. That solves any feasible accident with Cosmic Energy."

Verto turned his head slightly, "How? I thought that if my Chi energy was strong enough it would automatically convert or something."

Venestra shook her head, "That only happens with Ki and Psi, the lower energy types that feed into Chi. It's why Son Goku didn't suffer the same fate despite being at a stronger level than you or Vang. Your power could conceivably keep growing over time. The sudden amplification and concentration that the Kaio-ken technique and others like it bring is where the risk is. You shouldn't believe everything a Demonkin tells you."

Verto snorted, "Or take them too literally."

Venestra smiled, "Indeed. That still leaves us with the issue of accidental power transfers."

"And there's the problem of your demon energy coming to the surface. Whether you can control it or not, it can only bring death and destruction as well as further attract dark forces to you," the Chairman added.

"Problem number two can be handled by sealing off only my Psi Energy. It solves both problems at once," Verto pointed out.

Venestra was taken aback, "Are you sure about that?"

Verto shrugged, "No, but I'm not one of the all-knowing experts either. Yes I'm sure."

"Sarcasm aside, you do realize that you'll be giving up most of your technique arsenal? Added to that, your senses, speed and perception will be dulled as well. You'll no longer enjoy any advantages over anyone of equal or, at times, greater strength," the Chairman reminded.

"Strength isn't everything, and the other things you mentioned can be gained back somewhat with enough training. I'm not worried about being the one to always play hero and save the day on my own. As long as I have my friends with me, we'll find a way. I've made the mistake of forgetting them before, I don't intend to do it again," Verto said.

The Chairman looked displeased with that response, "It's honorable of you to remember them. But also bear in mind that when you fight with a team, sometimes you have to make the tough decision of sacrificing someone you know for the greater good. You haven't had to face that hardship yet since you prefer to do things yourself. I pray that you never have to. So be it, we will follow your plan. Since Agent Leira is more familiar with you, she will set the seal. Leira, please come forward." Out of a darkened corner, Leira emerged from the shadows, looking more than a little disappointed. Verto was almost happy to see someone he knew at this point, even if it was Leira.

"I had hoped you would reconsider, but I saw this coming a mile away," she said.

"We can't always get what we want," Verto said with a grin.

"Tell me about it. Hold out your hands, we will do this like before," Leira ordered. Verto did as she asked, flinching when she reached up further to move his wristbands up before her hands glowed white.

Leira paused before she did anything, "If it's alright with you Mister Chairman, Grandmother, I'm going to add a conversion spell to the Soul Binder Seal."

"What will that do?" Verto asked.

"Sealing off your Psi energy completely is impossible without sealing some of your Ki with it to stabilize, quite a bit of it actually. After all, that was how you originally learned how to use Psi. Secondly, you still have enemies that will prove too much with your power cut by more than half. This will allow you to receive additional energy and use your Super Saiyan form. It is similar to how Son Gohan uses his Psionic energy to boost his Ki instead. Be cautious though, you will only be able to draw about half of it out before the Soul Binders will tighten automatically. You won't even be as powerful as you were in your base form now, so this boost won't compare with what you're used to either. I'd say it'll be roughly sixty percent of your current full power as a maximum. Most days you probably won't need that much though," Leira explained.

Verto shrugged again, "Well, it was my idea so I can't complain if there's going to be a perk with it."

The Chairman nodded, "I agree with this plan, proceed." Leira's hands flashed brightly, giving Verto's wrists a tingling feeling. When they faded, there was a smattering of strange lettering that spiraled over the underside of Verto's wrists.

He glared at this a bit before glancing up at Leira, "Is that all then?"

Leira sighed, "So impatient. You might want to know if the sealing spell works like it's supposed to. You probably didn't feel a difference because you were weakened from yesterday. Go ahead and power up." Verto barely waited for Leira to backup before letting his Ki rise. To his surprise, his aura came out blue instead of the usual clear and white that his normal form had adopted. His energy also bellowed up easier, as if he had just eaten a Senzu bean. The ground shook just slightly as his power topped out, and he felt quite weak compared to his earlier levels.

Verto glanced at his hands, "I take it there's a special procedure to do this?"

Leira nodded, "Tap the bottom sides of your wrists together like you're making an X sign. Once the Soul Binders make contact with each other, it will activate the conversion spell and release the energy to you. You won't need to deactivate it, it will close automatically after releasing the amount of power I've set it to. Go ahead and try it." Verto grimaced as he did what she said, feeling a bit silly. When his wrists made contact, both glowed bright gold for a moment before he felt a huge rush of Ki wash over him. He didn't have to ask what to do next as his hair shifted to gold and stood on end while Ki lightning wrapped around his aura. The Chairman even felt the need to block his face a bit at the sudden burst of light that filled the room while his beard was blown to the side slightly by Verto's power up.

"I'd call that a successful test," Leira said with a grin.

Verto's golden eyebrow went up slightly, "I wasn't expecting Super Saiyan Two, though it's not as strong as it was before."

Leira nodded, "Considering your base power is still well beyond a typical Super Saiyan, it shouldn't be that surprising. I would estimate that your current power is equal to that of the Fat form of Majin Buu."

Verto snorted slightly, "Hard to believe that it could be considered a downgrade when you put it like that. I take it every time I need to take things this far I'll have to do that little wrist tapping routine?"

"Yes, but you won't be able to do it more than once per day. Unless you are healed and have recovered by way of one of those Senzu beans or the like," Leira replied. Verto promptly powered back down, forcing the extra Ki down before sighing heavily as he pulled his wristbands down over the seal.

"You're welcome," Leira said.

Verto eyed her with a slightly disgusted expression, "Yeah, thanks for everything."

Venestra scowled, "You should be more grateful…"

"That's enough Venestra, the lad has been through enough. You can't blame him for not trusting us yet," the Chairman claimed.

"I really don't see it happening, ever. Are we done now?" Verto asked.

"One other thing," the Chairman said before gesturing to the video screen. The scene that appeared was one that Verto had nearly forgotten to ask about and certainly hadn't expected coming. It showed his older, human self with a tail lying on a table as Future Trunks were leaving the room for the evening. Things skipped ahead a bit before Leira was shown walking into the room with Trunks showing her the way. She appeared to order him to leave before she walked over and shook her head slightly. Out of thin air a bright light opened up and an unconscious body that was decidedly smaller floated out of a portal. Using some sort of telekinesis, Leira levitated both bodies into the air. As she did, she placed her hand on the larger human's head, creating a dim blue light that came off with her hand. She then pulled it to the smaller body's head and seemed to attach it. The light then pulsed between the two bodies, primarily from the larger one to the smaller. The process seemed to take awhile as Leira was showed pacing during it. Once it was finished, Leira levitated the larger Verto away and put the smaller one on the table, tossing a few clothing items on as well as if trying to disguise something. After she did this, she pulled out a small container, opening it to reveal a bright ball of multi-colored light. She took this light and placed it on the body of the smaller Verto, which it sank into a moment later, darkening the room once again. The larger body then went through the portal and vanished along with Leira, who took one moment to look back before the portal closed.

Verto's lip twisted slightly to his right as he nodded in an irritated way, "Well that explains that."

The Chairman turned the screen off, "Yes, we wanted to clear the air with you about that."

Verto turned to Leira, "So Trunks knew about it the whole time, I'll assume Bulma did as well."

Leira looked away slightly, "For the most part. They didn't know exactly how I was going to perform the transfer or what I did with your unstable human body. Obviously I wasn't allowing them to witness such a thing. But I figured the story I gave them to tell you would be better than the truth, even if it wasn't quite believable. Obviously that included your name as well."

Verto shook his head in dismay, "I'm better with truth to be honest, even if it hurts. And why the small kid thing, I'm still lost on that one?"

Leira grinned, "Keeps you free from distractions of an intimate nature, didn't last long though did it?"

"The real reason please," Verto groaned.

"It was so your power developed slowly rather than just dumping it all on you at once. I expected rapid development with Saiyan style training, so I made sure that it wasn't too fast. After all, you wouldn't want what happened the other day to be happening right from the get-go would you?" Leira claimed.

Verto snorted, "I guess I can accept that. I suppose Trunks was supposed to keep an eye on me until you could, wasn't he?"

"Not quite, as I knew that too many timeline incursions could be bad. I instructed him to wait for eight to nine months before returning instead of hanging around. It was just a strange and timely coincidence that he showed up during the crisis with Majin Buu," Leira explained.

Verto's head turned slightly when he let some of her statement go through, "Instead of hanging around? He wasn't given the chance to even go the first time because of Frieza wiping my home planet out and boarding their ship. They had to get me out in kind of a rush. So how do you think he could have even introduced me unless…" When Leira looked away from him completely, the veins on Verto's head threatened to pop out. "You know what, no, never mind. Don't want to even fucking know what you had to do with that. Otherwise these stupid Soul Binders are going to get one hell of a test. Are we done?"

"Yes, Etarb Erec will guide you and Kibitoshin back to your realm. But one thing before you go, we will be watching. We haven't given up on you, and if there comes a time in which we must restore your powers either by need or request, then the deal is broken and you will have to join us at some point," the Chairman said.

Verto shook his head in dismay, "You couldn't have mentioned that before giving me a free set of tattoos could you?"

The Chairman grinned, "It was your suggestion. Agent Leira will be assigned to your planet to keep an eye on you, so don't be surprised if she drops by."

Verto glanced at Leira briefly, "It's less of a shock every time. But why does she even need to?"

The Chairman turned on his heel, "Like I said, we'll be watching."

Verto and Kibito had an uneventful return to the Z realm, until he teleported them both to West City. Vegeta nearly bull-rushed them both to hear what happened, and Kibito teleported away in a panic, forgetting to let go of Verto's shoulder. The smaller passenger suggested they go to his training grounds instead, which were still decorated for Lenz's funeral earlier that day.

"Well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry for what happened. But I am surprised you chose this path," Kibito claimed.

"Well don't be, I'm not as pissed at you as I thought I would be when you picked me up," Verto said.

Kibito was relieved, "That's good to hear. If there's anything you need, don't be afraid to ask," Kibito reminded.

Verto's eyebrow went up, "Actually there is something. Do you remember when Gohan broke the Z Sword and released the old fart?"

Kibito nodded, "Of course."

"Could you conjure up another cube of that metal? I want to use it for training."

Kibito turned his head slightly, "That's the strongest known metal in the universe, aside from lifting, how could you train with it?"

"With my Psi and Chi gone, my energy sword is not going to be as strong as before with just Ki. And there are differences between the two that I need to figure out for myself. I'll retrain myself to condense the energy better and regain some of what I've lost. And there's someone else that could use that kind of precision training," Verto hinted.

"As you wish, but I seriously doubt you'd be able to cut Katcheen metal. I'll give you two large blocks," Kibito said as he lifted his hand. Two large black metal cubes materialized at his command and hovered down to the ground before sinking just slightly into the dirt before settling.

"There, is there anything else I can do for you?" Kibito asked.

"No, I can manage from here. Thank you," Verto said as he nodded slightly.

Kibito was slightly surprised by the gratitude, "I must admit, you're taking this better than I thought you would."

Verto shrugged, "Flying off the handle and smashing a bunch of things won't help anything."

"True. Verto, before today's events occurred, we the Kais foresaw only two futures based on your choice to leave or stay. One of them had a peaceful outcome and one had complete and utter destruction. I won't say which was which, but both involved extreme hardships ahead. I sincerely hope you made the right choice," Kibito admitted.

Verto nodded grimly, "You're not the only one." Kibito gave him a last look before teleporting out, leaving Verto alone to his thoughts. He gazed over the entire area a bit before stepping over to the gravesite.

"Well, I've decided to stay and do things my way, just like you wanted. It might get a little crowded here in the next few months, so plug your ears," Verto said aloud. He immediately felt silly, knowing that there was no way Lenz had heard him. But silently, he hoped she was watching from wherever she was. He was about to leave when he realized that he hadn't tested to see if all of his plan had worked.

Crap, I don't think Leira erased the memory of Kaio-ken yet. All I have to do to test that is…is…wait how did I do that again? Verto stared at the ground as he tried to remember, but nothing came to him.

He almost laughed, Well at least she's thorough. Verto took off from the ground and turned west, knowing that a certain Saiyan prince was eagerly waiting for news.

"You turned them down? Why would you do that boy?" Vegeta asked in his usual gruff tone.

"My choice, if I wanted to leave, I would have," Verto said simply.

"But still, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity just passed you by," Bulma pointed out.

"And they sealed off your power for denying yourself every avenue. That is not a bright move, boy," Vegeta added.

"I suggested it if you must know. You can't tell me you'd rather be a part of an organization that meddles with timelines and other people's lives just to test things out or get exactly what they want out of it. What's the point of watching me, interfering and judging my life without allowing me to even live it?" Verto countered.

Vegeta grunted, "Well, at the very least it means you'll have to train hard to make up the difference. In your state, you wouldn't be much help against someone like Frost."

Verto smirked as he had neglected to mention that he could use Super Saiyan forms again, "Maybe, but it's not like I'll have to fight him alone. Isn't it your turn to have a crack at him?"

Vegeta chuckled, "Well said boy, well said."

As he left the room, Bulma cleared her throat, "Just what he needs, a goal. I suppose I'll be working three times as hard to build a new gravity room while I finish the bunker."

"No need, I'm going to train out where Lenz and I did," Verto said.

"But, alone? Why?" Bulma asked.

"Because I want to, but not only that, I'm thinking about training others. Not just our friends either. Remember when Mister Satan tried to setup a training camp during the Zerg War? Did he ever get anywhere with that?"

"I'm not sure, you'd have to ask him, but I never heard much about it afterwards."

"Alright, all I need then is the capsule house to be handy," Verto said.

Bulma frowned, "You really should stay with us, you know that."

"I intend to be around, it's not like you think. I only want it available if I stay out late, so I don't disturb you or anyone else," Verto claimed.

Bulma's eyes narrowed, "Have you got something else up your sleeve?"

Verto grinned slightly, "I'll put it this way, it's time I start doing something other than training myself or fighting all the time. Whether I'm training others or doing something else, I want, no, I need to stay busy. Besides, I doubt Gohan will need to be doing any patrolling at night."

Bulma pulled out a capsule set and reluctantly handed him an orange capsule, "As long as you're not gone for more than a few days at a time without letting me know. Even Vegeta worries."

"I doubt that. Where's Trunks?" Verto asked.

"It's five in the afternoon, you know where he is," she replied.

Verto grimaced, "Right, poke-crap. I guess it'll have to wait, I'll be in my room getting a few things together."

Bulma watched him go and put a finger to her chin, He's changed, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off him.

Outside, Piccolo stood against the side of Capsule Corp with a slight grin, It seems something good did happen despite Verto losing some of his powers. Maybe it's for the best, he seems much more content now. His sensitive ears picked up on a pair of black boots sliding across the grass and coming closer.

Piccolo turned to see Leira standing next to him, "Maybe it is better this way, but I don't think he will find any peace as things are."

Piccolo disregarded the sudden arrival, "Better that he has a chance to enjoy life before you and your superiors try to reel him back in."

"True, but it won't be that simple, as you and everyone else will soon learn," Leira claimed.

"I don't suppose this threat you elude to has a name?" Piccolo asked.

"Depends on which threat you speak of."

Piccolo scowled, "Enough games, why are you still here?"

"I've been assigned to keep an eye on everyone, but not to contact or interfere unless the situation calls for it. There is something I must tell you, but not here or now. When the time is right, there is also a technique I must show you, and only you," Leira said vaguely.

"Does this something involve Verto in some way?"

"Yes, and no. But since I don't want him to know about it just yet, you'll have to remain in the dark as well. Farewell." Before Piccolo could get another word in, she was gone.

The Namek stared up at the sky, Well, at least for now we can rest a little easier.


Far away, on Frieza Planet number seventy-seven, a familiar changeling scowled as he looked at a set of reports. The officer that handed him that report sweated nervously, as Lord Frost had been very unhappy lately. It hadn't been enough for him to suddenly kill off his soldiers, but that was always in the back of everyone's mind when dealing with the son of Frieza. Nothing they did or said could snap him out of his bad mood, ever since his battle with Verto and Goku. Repairs to the home base had also been slow, though one couldn't expect much given how much damage had been done. Most of it had been annihilated, and the rest was in shambles. Frost's order for his troops to mobilize had also gone slowly due to the distance the message and therefore fleet would have to travel. On top of all that, Frost's left eye had been destroyed in the battle by Verto's Psionic Sword. In its place was an advanced mechanical replacement, capable of reading power levels much like a scouter. It could also read physiologic changes in the air, such as the nervous soldier before him whose heart was racing in dread.

Frost handed the report pad back, "I want this place rebuilt in the next three months. I don't care if you have to pull the slaves from labor camps ten sectors away, get it done!"

"Yes my lord!" the soldier stammered before he scampered out, leaving Frost alone in his makeshift replacement throne room. He immediately set to starring at a mirror nearby that he had ordered put in. The sight of his mechanical eye angered him greatly, but he refrained from doing anything rash. Truthfully, he could have transformed and then shed his heavily armored tank form several times by now to heal completely. The reason he didn't was to remind himself that his revenge was still not complete. It was the time things were taking that pestered him constantly. A loud beep pulled his attention as a red light on his armrest flashed.

"Go ahead Buro," Frost said as he pressed it.

"My lord, may I request that you come down to the medical bay? We've discovered…something," Burotsuno said.

Frost scowled, "Lieutenant, unless it's a new biological weapon, I'm not interested."

"It's a Saiyan we found sire, one that you know very well."

Frost's right eye shot open with determination while his metallic left adjusted to match, "I'll be there in a moment, do not wake him!"

Buro hesitated, "Pardon sire, it's not a him, it's a her."

Frost's eyes narrowed as he quickly stormed out of his throne room, The girl? What could she be doing out here? Why would she be anywhere but at the side of the boy? Frost arrived outside the medical bay to see a nervous Burotsuno pulling at his yellow fur. A security detail was also trying to break into the closed lab door, which confused Frost.

Buro bowed, "I take full responsibility my lord! I told them not to wake her, but she just came alive like something out of a bad dream!"

Frost looked on, unsure of what was going on, "Why is the door sealed?"

"The doctors locked it down when she killed the first one, I barely got out in time," Buro replied, quivering as he did.

Frost then sensed a strong energy fluctuation in the lab, but didn't recognize the owner's energy signal, "Are you certain it's the girl?"

Buro's eyes widened, "Hard to say that it is her my lord. The resemblance is unmistakable, but this woman is older by several years and fully developed. It's her eyes that have me worried, darker than the blackest of hearts!" The corridor suddenly shook violently before the wall ten feet from the door exploded outwards. Buro and the two guards ducked down and coughed due to the dust and smoke while Frost set his eyes on the newcomer that emerged from the large hole in the wall. A scantily clad adult woman with spiking purple hair appeared before him, not a young girl as he expected. As Buro had said, her eyes were indeed very dark, bearing a crimson tone with a black vertical line, as if she were some sort of animal. Her clothing consisted of extremely small and black garments that barely covered anything, leaving very little left for imagination. The most notable change was her demeanor though, which could easily be seen despite the fact that she was merely eating a large hunk of cooked meat. Frost realized that the meat still had bones and more specifically, digits on its end.

"Is that part of one of my doctors?" Frost asked.

The woman glanced at him, "Yes, quite bland for my taste, but it's been ages since I last ate so anything will do. Want the other arm?"

Frost felt the bile rise in his throat, "No."

She shrugged and continued munching, "Suit yourself." She turned on her heel and stepped away, to which Frost followed, sneaking a peak at the lab while he was at it. What was left of the room was a charred mess with a distinct stench of burning flesh left behind. Frost could even see two of the doctors slowly burning away into a pile of hot cherries.

"So what is your business here?" he asked.

The woman turned back and tossed about half of the fried arm away, "I thought you could use a friend, Lord Frost. After all, you'll be going up against the mighty Super Saiyans and you'll need a lot of help."

Frost wasn't sure if he should be angered or amused, "You've turned your back on them and switched sides? Do you think I'm a fool, girl?"

"You can believe whatever you want, dear changeling. Make your own reality if you must. That's my favorite thing to do, make a new reality. A reality that reminds mortals what fear and terror really are. I offer you my services, to help turn the Earth and her children into the universe's largest barbeque, if that's your desire," she said with a slight bow.

Frost snorted in disbelief, "After what's happened between us, you expect me to trust any of what you say, Lenz?"

She grinned evilly, "You are mistaken my lord. Lenz is dead. I am Kaon."

PL (for display's sake)

Verto (normal form): 160,000,000; Super Saiyan 2: 380,000,000

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