This dandy little idea came to me via a set of pictures on deviantArt and have inspired me to make this little collection of cuteness. As I have said before with "Lotus Dreams", I'm a fan of this pairing and was thinking of making more, I just had to find the right inspiration XD The sequel to "Lotus Dreams", though, is still in progress. I enjoyed writing this and will continue to enjoy writing these tidbits Each chapter will be themed off the months that make up a year and I hope that you enjoy each and every one of them. Here's the very first chappie to commemorate the New Year XD

Oh, and I do not own Senkaiden Houshin Engi or Soul Hunter, it belongs to the guy who made the manga, Ryu Fujisaki. A wonderful man indeed…

Snow Angel
By DayDreamer9

Gentle flakes of pure, silky white fell pleasantly down from the sky, covering the ground with nothing but blankets upon blankets of chilling white snow. Trees were bare, flowers were hibernating, and all the animals were asleep until Spring. The chilly wind blew by, but many didn't notice as they were all kept safely away inside their homes, snuggling under blankets and coats, dreaming of sugarplums or drinking healthy warm soup to keep the cold away from their bones. Nothing was outside in the white winter wonderland but the slumbering trees toned a silent gray.

Save for the individual dressed solely in red, white, and blue hovering about a snow bank.

Thirteen-year old Li Nataku stared out over the wide expanses of snowed-down hills, not even so much as blinking when he felt the chilly touch of the snowflakes above. Long red scarf waving gently in the chilled wind, his night blue gaze wouldn't leave the mounds of snow and the trees that bore no leaves. Winter was usually a time for one to not be wearing such clothes like the ones Nataku currently wore, but the red-haired Paopei Human didn't appear to be bothered by the cold or the snow. He simply continued to stare, never blinking, never batting an eye at the persistent wind or shivering from the cold. Fiery red tresses blowing crazily in the wind, a bit of snow blew by his cheek, but he didn't respond.

He just continued to hover there, above the snow bank, and just stared at the ground.

"Figured that I might find you here."

A small spread of warmth around his shoulders and back accompanied the voice, brining to his attention that someone was behind him. Without turning around, he knew who it was and knew of the winter kimono that was draped almost protective over his shoulders, keeping the cold air out. But that really didn't concern Nataku right now as he continued with his focus…

"It's gonna be okay, you know?" the voice spoke up again after a few seconds worth of silence, "you don't have to worry."

No response; only a pair of eyes staring at the snow that lay out before him without much emotion…or did they?

"I promise," the voice continued, softly, knowing from asking that Nataku had been feeling the way that he did almost all of his life whenever this season came around, discovering what had baffled most people about the boy, "Spring will be here in another two months, you'll see."

Frowning more, Nataku barely appeared to even blink as, just then, a strange, almost glassy look became applied to his eyes as he finally parted his freezing lips to speak.

"Make it go away," his normally monotonous voice begged, sounding quite shaken though, this time around.

In response, the dark-haired doushi behind him wrapped an arm around his shoulders, drawing the younger boy closer to him. The redhead couldn't help himself, leaning his head against the other's shoulder, the glassy look in his eyes still present. It was a known fact amongst the select few who knew his story: being the incarnation of a lotus flower, the Paopei Human boy's reaction to the period of time where the Earth slept and waited for Spring's warmth and rain to come was an apprehensive one. The fear of falling asleep, succumbing to the cold, withering away…

And yet, at the same time, he still came out to wait for Spring, to see the rest of the flowers and trees come to life, for then his fear would truly be gone.

"C'mon," the green-eyed doushi gently said beside him, soft voice bringing a note of calmness onto the other boy's shivering soul, "let's go back inside. Nothing's wrong with a flower drinking some soup, y'know."

That last part was meant to bring out a bit of humor, trying to poke a bit of fun in order to avert the other's attention away from his fear. To an extent, it worked, as the other looked up from where his head lay on the other's shoulder and nodded, firmly, making an effort to not seem weak in front of the other.

"Alright," was all that he said, but it spoke volumes of silent thanks as the other doushi led the younger one back to the Outpost.

Sweetness, eh? And yes, 'hovering about' was the correct terming and he's thirteen here because 1) doushi/Sennin barely age normal and 2) a SHE expert friend of mine stated it as a fact that that's his legit age in manga and anime. Shocking, eh? Well, anyway, that's about it for now, I hope you enjoyed what I perceived: since most of Nataku's aspects relate to flowers, I figured the fear of what harms them, like the cold of Winter, might unnerve him. Plus…it's a really nice opening for fluffy thoughts, wouldn't you agree? Expect the next chapter to arrive in February! XD