"You know, your team are kind of… well… idiots." Kid Flash pointed out as he followed Jinx down an alley.

"Urgh, I know- I, hey! Didn't I tell you to stop that?" Jinx snapped at him as she continued walking.

"Yep." Kid Flash smiled happily at the back of Jinx's head.

"And didn't I tell you to stop following me? I'm fairly sure that stalking is a crime, go arrest yourself." Jinx added irritated.

"Well, most people don't have whole conversations with their stalkers whilst their stalking them, so one would assume that said stalking is consensual and therefore not stalking really, so not a crime." Kid Flash pointed out happily.

"I have to talk to you." Jinx groaned hopping over a tipped over garbage can, Kid Flash set the can on it's base again and with his civic duty completed chased after Jinx again.

"Because I'm unbelievably attractive, witty and charming?" Kid Flash grinned walking alongside Jinx, he flashed her a gleaming white smile.

"No, because you wouldn't shut up otherwise." Jinx growled shoving the red head into the wall.

"Aww, that hurt." Kid Flash pouted at her unfazed by the violence.

"What? Me shoving you into the wall or me saying that I don't like listening to your witty banter?" Jinx asked rolling her eyes.

"See, you DO think I'm witty!" Kid Flash laughed happily, Jinx screamed and turned on her heel to face him, her face a very picture of murderous rage.

"GOD! Will you shut up! I swear you talk too fast for me to work out what you're saying and you catch me out and make me say things I don't mean! It's not fair! Just… shut up!" Jinx shouted poking Kid Flash in the chest, he stared at her silently for a moment.

"I talk too fast?" Kid Flash asked after a second.

"Yes!" She yelled waving her hands in the air.

"You want me to stop talking to you?" He asked slowly.

"Yes! God, for someone so fast you REALLY are slow!" She moaned smacking her forehead, a strange and unidentifiable look crossed Kid Flash's face for a split second, too fast for Jinx to identify what it was.

"Okay then." He said simply and disappeared, Jinx stood still as the affect of Kid Flash running off in the enclosed space of the alleyway caused a huge drag of wind to rush past her. Slowly she opened her eyes, there was no Kid Flash.

"Very funny Kid Flash." Jinx said dryly with her arms crossed waiting for him to return, surprisingly there was no kid flash. After a moment she checked the ground around her for roses and even her hair, the little bastard could be tricky after all.

"Kid Flash?" She asked after a moment, there was still no response and much to her surprise, she was annoyed that there was STILL no kid Flash in the alleyway. After about thirty seconds Jinx turned and continued walking the way she had been going before, several paces away she snapped her head back around in case Kid Flash was following her in secret, but there was still no Kid Flash.

"Jerk." Jinx muttered to herself and stormed off back to the HIVE headquarters. The door to her room slid open with a comforting hiss, Jinx glanced around her room for any signs of Kid Flash as she had been doing the whole way back to the base, but as before there was none. Jinx felt strangely abandoned as she flopped down on her bed.

"Ouch!" She yelped as something hard and pointy poked her in the ribs, Jinx rolled over and picked up the offending object. It was a book, it certainly wasn't hers. The cover was purple and smooth, not a glossy smooth but more a felt-like luxurious smooth, it was a marbled purple and black cover. She had to admit it was very pretty. Out of the bottom poked a little gold ribbon that served as a place marker, she pulled it and it opened to the cover page, it had the word 'Diary' written in fancy gold lettering.

"Huh." Jinx mused curious, she flipped to the next page, expecting it to be blank but to her surprise there was writing on it.

20th April

Introduce yourself

Dear Diary,

A girl I like was very mean to me today, she told me that I talk too fast, which kind of hurt my feelings. However, being the brilliantly minded person that I am I came up with a solution! You want to hear it? I know you do. Okay, I bought her this diary! Yes, I can hear the applause now for my brilliance. See, now I can say what I want to her and she can read it at her own pace, think back suitably witty retorts to me and feel better. Then everyone wins, she gets to be snarky to me and I get to talk to her still! Yay! Hm. You don't seem to appreciate my brilliance that much diary, I think maybe I should talk to Jinx instead, she's prettier than you anyway.

Hello Jinx!

No, I haven't gone mad, see, you can write to me. Seriously I can just run into your room any time and pick this up and write back to you, it'll be fun. See, it has lots of space for us both to write on each day, and they even have cute little suggestions at the top of each page for things to do the next day, see this one says introduce yourself, but I guess you can do that now.

The love of your life,

Kid Flash!

Dear Meatbrain,

Go play in traffic.

Better than you,


21st April

Think of three things that make you happy!

Dear Jinx,

Aww come on, don't be like that, see I went through all the effort of writing to you, you could at least write something NICE back. Please? And technically my brain IS made of meat, so is yours, what else would it be? I suppose I should do the suggestion huh? Okay, three things that make me happy… oh! One- Jinx smiling, despite it's rarity I'm told it does happen, I expect it will be the most beautiful thing in the world, Two – Spandex (you know you love it too Jinx! -), Three – uh… being a hero. Yay! I did it! Come on Jinx, you do it too. Please?

The best superhero ever,

Kid Flash!

Dear Brainless,

You ARE aware that I could just sit up waiting for you to show up with my level four containment field don't you? You're willingly walking into what could be a trap every time you come here. You are an idiot.

Three things that make me happy?

1) messing with the minds of the Teen Titans.

2) The thought that Kid Flash might one day NOT be an idiot.

3) silence in this damned base, I assume it would make me happy, I don't know as it NEVER HAPPENS.

I'll be waiting up with my level four containment field.

The most evil villan ever,


22nd April

Name one thing that makes you insecure and resolve not to let it anymore

Dear sneaky Jinx,

You looked adorable when I ran into your room, curled up on your bed with that containment field remote. See, I can call you adorable now without fear of you maiming me! One thing that makes me insecure? Me? Insecure? Never, I'm perfect aren't I? Hmm, I suppose if I'm expecting YOU to be honest with me in this thing I should be too. One thing that makes me insecure? Jinx acting like she hates me, how I resolve to change it? By charming Jinx off of her feet so she sees how wonderful I am and loves me. How do I plan to accomplish this? By granting her wish of course! Enjoy the silence Jinx, it'll only last for tonight, unless your boys are really REALLY bad with directions.

Making you love me little by little,

Kid Flash!

To that goddamned Kid Flash,

First of all, I am never adorable, I am terrifying. I am a villain! Villains are not adorable, ever. Secondly, where are my team? The base is empty. A thought just occurred to me, you did this didn't you? If my team are in jail I'll break your fingers, and other things too. Nothing makes me insecure.



23rd April

Enjoy something special

Dear sleeping beauty,

I've never seen you so peacefully sleeping at this hour before (no I won't tell you what hour it is in case you try to wake up for that hour to zap me) I hope you enjoyed your day of silence, it seems to have helped your sleep, don't worry they're not in jail, they're walking back from three states away, I figured they'd hijack a few cars so I put them extra far away. At least you seem to be starting to write more to me, and you've stopped calling me names, so I can only assume that this is progress and you're trusting me a little more. Mind you, last time I told you to trust me you attacked me, so I'm glad you're asleep as I'm writing this. The special thing I'm going to enjoy today is your peaceful and calm expression as you sleep, I never see you when you're not scowling or angry or scheming, or worryingly enough, stressed out and unhappy. I'd rather see contented sleeping Jinx than unhappy stressed Jinx. I ought to put your team away more often if it makes you happy, just say the word. Also you didn't say what it was that makes you insecure, you must have something, come on, I told you mine. I was trusting you Jinx, tell me?

Your prince charming,

Kid Flash!

Kid Flash,

I have to admit it was kind of nice having a day without the moron squad around, though they were so angry and noisy when they got back that you almost needn't have bothered. The thing I enjoyed today was a nice hot and most importantly QUIET bath. You'd better have not been watching my serene expression then hero-boy. I still could turn you over, after the impromptu holiday you gave the others they'd be up for catching you, you know.

P.S – I'm not telling you, some diary with instructions in isn't going to make me tell you my secrets.

Not a damsel in distress,


24th April

Enjoy a day with a friend

Oh pink haired one,

What do you think of today's suggestion for tomorrow? You and I could go out somewhere, the movies maybe? And I don't mean as Jinx and Kid Flash, I mean just as normal civilian teenagers. Come on, when was the last time you did something NORMAL, mind you it's been a while since I did something normal. It doesn't even have to be a date, see it says friend at the top of the page. Please Jinx? I'll check back at the end of the day to see if you've written back.

Shaken, not stirred,

Flash, Kid Flash!

Oh bond wannabe

Don't you think there are several flaws in your plan? First if we're not Jinx and Kid Flash, therefore out of uniform, how would I find you? Plus, what will you say? What kind of popcorn do you think I like? You're completely unprepared for this Kid Flash, you're in over your head.

Not a Bond Girl,


To she who is prettier than bond girls,

I had to ring the doorbell to distract you so I could write this, so I'll be quick. I'll look for you then so you don't have to look for me, I'll tell you what, I'll wait for you outside of the movie theatre, the one in the middle of the city, by the park. How about I bring you a rose? Then you can find me too. Tomorrow, at eight. Come on Jinx, give your favourite super-hero a break, please?

Waiting for you,

Kid Flash!

Kid Flash,

FINE FINE! Stop pestering me already, I'll go. Tomorrow, eight. Now quit bugging me.