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Jinx grinned insanely to herself as she stuffed clothes in her bag, she didn't need many to be honest as she was packing all of her clothes that weren't her villain outfits, and that wasn't all that much. She'd not really decided yet whether or not to keep her outfit if and when she turned good, but if she did she suspected that she'd have to make some alterations to it, she'd still be dark obviously just not so evil looking. She went over her mental checklist, she'd emptied all of her bank accounts and siphoned her money into one new one under a fake name which she'd just made herself an ID for, it would take her a few days to steal a proper identity and then she could assume that one as a more permanent solution. She'd packed all the possessions that she really couldn't stand to loose and combed her room carefully for any trace of Kid Flash's presence, the last thing she wanted to do was to give the boys a clue to why she'd left and where she was. Not that they'd probably be bright enough to pick up such a clue.

Jinx surveyed her room one last time and was satisfied that she'd not missed anything, she then opened the window and swinging gracefully out of it grabbed the drainpipe and slid down silently. She grinned to herself, it felt like being a teenager sneaking out of her parents house, except she didn't have parents although she was running off with a boy she knew the people in that house wouldn't approve of at all.

Wally West lounged casually on his sofa with the TV blaring out some talk show, in reality despite his carefully choreographed casual body language he was shaking inside, he wouldn't even have noticed if the TV had grown legs and walked off, although his stress levels were skyrocketing he'd heard somewhere that if you looked relaxed eventually your body would relax. At the moment he was considering that statement to be absolute nonsense, he just felt stressed and marginally silly in his fake relaxed pose. What if Jinx didn't show up? What if her team caught her? What if she decided to be stupid and make a big thing out of leaving to her team and got attacked or arrested or whatever it was villains did to their own when they turned. What if Rouge caught her?

His heart hammered away at a rate that would surely terrify any medical professional and when the knock came on the door his blood pressure spiked so hard that doctors would probably have put him in intensive care. Nonetheless he leapt up shamefully eager and ran to the door and wrenched it open, Jinx's hand was still up against where the door had been, he wondered for a second just how fast he'd actually run to the door, it was hard to keep track sometimes.

"That… was fast." Jinx blinked slightly shocked. He stared at her for a second, she was in jeans and an old red t-shirt, her hair still brilliantly pink was tied up in a low ponytail at the base of her skull and flowed out from it erratically. He'd never seen her look so casual and still so… so Jinx, he thought she'd never looked more beautiful.

"Hi." He breathed sure that his emotions were probably playing rather obviously across his face.

"So I brought all of my stuff." Jinx announced as she slipped by him into the flat and dropped her bag by the door.

"That's everything?" He blinked surprised.

"I travel light." Jinx grinned at him over her shoulder.

"So, what now? What's the plan?" he asked knowing by now that the best way to deal with Jinx with this subject was to ask her what she wanted to do, and indeed she seemed to be reacting better to this method. She tilted her head to the side thoughtfully and made an indecisive sound.

"I'm not sure, I've got all my money, it'll take me a little while to manufacture all the proper papers for a plausible new identity but I suppose I could get on that. I'll need those before I can get a job and I guess at some point we've got to get in touch with the Titans about me." Jinx said pulling a face at that last thought, she wasn't sure she wanted to be there for that conversation.

"Well, it's up to you. You're more than welcome to hang out here for as long as you want and do things at whatever order and timing you want to. It'll be nice having you here, that and when my uncle comes looking for me when he finds out about you it'll be nice to have backup when he tries to skin me alive." Wally grimaced as he picked Jinx's bag up for her and dropped it on the sofa, he really didn't like the idea of Barry chasing after him.

"Your uncle?" Jinx frowned hopping up onto the kitchen counter top and shuffling until she was sitting comfortably.

"The Flash." Wally explained just imagining the oncoming lecture.

"You're related? So it's a genetic thing then, the superspeed?" Jinx asked interestedly. Kid Flash seemed uncomfortable at this, he always was on the topic of family. Although, Jinx considered, she could hardly think of him as Kid Flash, the boy standing before her in a loosely buttoned pale blue shirt with a plain white T-shirt under it was hardly the superspeed hero everyone though of at the name. He just looked… well, normal. Well, more than normal, he looked gorgeous, his blue eyes seemed to almost glow with the blue that he was wearing, she certainly preferred it to the red and yellow.

"No, just an amazing coincidence, he's my uncle by marriage. I- what are you grinning at?" Kid Flash asked suspiciously, it was true, Jinx was grinning in that slightly unhinged way that tended to make him nervous, the last time she'd grinned like that she'd pressed a glowing hand to his stomach and he'd been reduced to vowel sounds.

"I'm just thinking how it's funny, what this whole thing says about me." Jinx chuckled slightly.

"What what says about you?" He questioned raising a red eyebrow at her.

"I've run off with a boy, quit my whole lifestyle, abandoned my friends and I don't even know your name!" She laughed swinging her legs off of the surface of the counter. Kid Flash's eyes widened, she was right, he never had told her his name, not his real name. He'd never been certain enough of her for it, but he supposed he couldn't get much more certain of her now could he?

"It's West, Wally West." He said simply, Jinx laughed at him.

"That works a little better if your name happens to be Bond, James Bond, but I'll settle for Wally West. Pleased to meet you." Jinx snickered holding out a hand, Wally rolled his eyes and took it and suddenly Jinx pulled him forward towards her perch on the counter top.

"Gotcha." She teased twisting his arm in a lock that whilst not painful clearly would be if he tried to move. He laughed with her and rested his head on her shoulder happily.

"Hey… stand up." Jinx said her voice suddenly a fair bit more serious and interested in whatever it was, she wrapped a leg around his lower back and hips and pulled back forcing him to straighten up and simultaneously trapped him against her and the countertop she sat on. He pulled his head back, he was going crosseyed from looking at her so close, they were nose to nose now but Jinx was staring up at his hair. She wound her fingers through it and inspected him and idly scratched soothingly at his scalp, he smiled a stupidly happy smile at her.

"Oops." She said biting her delicious looking lips. He was transfixed for a second before the word registered.

"Wait- oops? Oops what?" He asked concerned.

"I guess when I dyed your hair I didn't get it quite right, your roots are darker than the rest of your hair. Damn, that's going to look odd growing out." Jinx frowned unhappily.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine. How different are they anyway?" He asked, he'd always thought the colours were pretty close when he'd seen it in the mirror.

"You natural colour has got more gold in it, it's richer. It makes my red look so washed out in comparison." She said her mouth twisting into a disappointed grimace, he felt a little flutter in his chest at the possessive term, his hair was her red.

"I like your red." He murmured rubbing small circles at the bottom of her back with his thumb.

"It looks wrong." She said shaking her head, Wally rolled his eyes, it was nigh impossible to pay this girl a compliment. He smiled to himself and leaned his face into the hollow between her neck and her shoulder.

"So…" He said against her skin, "I had these rules, that I tried to set out for myself about what I could and couldn't before when you were still deciding, I didn't want you to decide things for the wrong reason. I guess they doesn't apply now."

"What were they?" Jinx asked interested. She felt him smile against her skin, she was just about to badger him about him not having answered when he pressed a slow kiss against her neck. She froze half in shock and half in disbelief, he moved his head slightly and licked a line up her neck just above where she could feel her pounding arteries lay and nipped the skin there with his teeth. She regained some mental composure and pressed her hand firmly against his chest, she had expected him to be forced back away from her but it seemed he was far stronger than she'd expected him to be and a horrible notion surged through her brain that she might not be able to push him off. His shoulders moved back from her slightly and he removed his mouth from her neck but still stayed where he was.

"K-kid… don't…tell me this is why you did this." Jinx said feeling ice in her veins as she stared blankly at the opposite wall.

"No." He said firmly as he pushed himself far enough away from her to see her properly.

"So… why?" Jinx asked him shakily?

"Why what? Why did I want you to change sides? Or why do I want to kiss you?" He asked in a voice that was almost a purr.

"Both." Jinx frowned down at him.

"In order, because you were unhappy before and better than that and secondly because you're amazing." He chuckled at her. Jinx frowned uncertainly at this, he ran a hand across her back in what he hoped was a soothing manner, she let out a small encouraging sigh at this.

"So you didn't just do this because…" Jinx trailed off, her question hanging clearly in the air.

"No." He said fiercely to her. Jinx's gaze dropped away from his eyes and rested on his blank shirt instead, she nodded slowly after a while.

"Okay…" She mumbled quietly as if she was trying the idea on for size as she was saying it. She leant forward and dipped her head and kissed him on the lips carefully and experimentally, she giggled quietly as she felt his whole body buzz happily against her, it felt strange on her lips.

"You know what everyone's going to think though…" she said quietly to him.

"Let them, I don't care." He replied biting her bottom lip. Jinx grinned suddenly, the movement of her mouth pulling her lip suddenly out from between his teeth, he pulled backwards slightly and her toothy predatory grin swam into his vision.

"I'm glad you're not a telepath right now." She laughed darkly as her eyes sparkled mischievously.

"I'm not." He replied really wishing he could know whatever it was that she was thinking to make her look at him like that, he liked that look, that look spoke of things that he would almost certainly like.

"Maybe I should just show you then." She purred raising a glowing hand before his face.

"Oh." He breathed his face colouring.