Title: 50 universes for Raven and Kyd Wykkyd

Rating: T

Warnings: Crack pairing, angst, comfort, friendship, 7 year olds.

Author's note: This takes place when they're seven, so it kind of explains why 7 year old Raven is acting all OOC. Sorry, I like angst too much these days. #37-Tears

"Let me go!" she screamed.

The boy sighed in exasperation as the captive struggled in protest. She had been going on for weeks now, struggling and ranting. It was rather infuriating. Then again, all of Trigon's clan had been infuriating, and his daughter would be no exception.

Finally, rage took over and he swiveled around, his eyes glowing red in the gloom of the cell. Will you please just be quiet? He snarled, long black hair standing on end.

She settled down, and the cell was quiet for a few minutes. Then, to his utter dismay, she began to cry.

Darn. He bit his lip, attempting to stop the flow of guilt as the little girl sobbed.

Standing up and ambling over to her, he knelt down and wiped her tears away gently with his little finger. Hey, sorry, sorry. Did I make you cry?

"N-no," she hiccupped, more tears streaming down her face. "I-it's just…"

What? He asked, tilting his head.

Her voice was a whisper now, so quiet that even the boy's abnormally sharp ears had to strain to hear it. "I miss my mother."

The boy's eyes softened. Of course she would. He understood that feeling all too well himself.

Carefully, he touched her bound and limp hand. Sniffling, she lifted her head, her black colored hair hanging in front of her face like a mask.

Moving towards hers, he wrapped his arms around her.

The general of the Hive army would soon find in the morning two sleeping young children in the cell, both soaked to the bone with tears.