A taiyoukai walked into town and looked about. Here, ningens, both young and old, were frolicking in stands. A marching crowd paraded through the streets, dancing to traditional music and wearing colorful, outstanding kimonos. Children were laughing happily as they received their otoshidama and Nengajyou. Teenagers and adults were standing together, chewing on sushi and steaming chicken, giggling and smiling as they listened to bells of joy.

A little onnanoko tugged at the taiyoukai's hakama.

"May I please go join them?"

The taiyoukai looked down.

"Hai, you may."

As Rin leaped off with the other ningens and started introducing herself, Sesshomaru found himself wondering why he'd just let Rin join her own kind temporarily with hardly any consideration. But in truth, he knew why.

It's Oshougatsu. Why not let a small child into the world for once? Just this day?

I have.



hai: yes

hakama: a type of Japanese, "flowing" pants

kimono: the Japanese, traditional dress

nengajyou: New Years card

ningen: human

onnanoko: girl

oshougatsu: New Years

otoshidama: amounts of money children receive on New Years in attracting, red envelopes

taiyoukai: great demon


(Author's note: Happy New Year, everyone!!)