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Notes: This isn't a pairing I usually fangirl about, but I've grown to like it over time. I'm sad that this is the best I could do with it.

This was inspired by a 15pairings prompt, star gazing. No idea about a timeline, so feel free to pick one. Also, for those who missed the announcement in my previous drabble, I have a poll on my profile that I'd love some input on. I extended the end date to next Wednesday so I could hopefully get some more votes. (hinthint)

By: Daystar-chan

"Why does everything always have to be so technical with you? Why can't you just appreciate things for what they are?" (Koumi)

He had spent the last half hour explaining exactly what stars were and pointing out as many constellations as he could. He wasn't sure what had made him tear his eyes away from the sky and look at her, but when he did, he was surprised.

She was frowning, looking far less interested in his babbling than she ever had during his theories.

He stopped, mouth still partially open, and blushed. And here he had been hoping that he might've been able to impress her.

Once she'd realized he wasn't going to continue, she turned to look at him, her frown even more evident. "Why does everything always have to be so technical with you? Why can't you just appreciate things for what they are?"

He stared at her, obvious confusion etched on his face. "They're stars, Mimi."

"No, Koushirou," she whispered, her fingers gently lacing with his. "They're beautiful."

In the back of his mind, there was a cheesy line about how they paled in comparison to her beauty that he was sure Taichi would've capitalized on. Or the terrible cliché of muttering, "Yeah, they are" while staring more at her than at the item in question like in those movies Miyako often complained about.

But neither of them were him, and while a part of him suspected someone like Mimi was far more into the cliché romances than Miyako was, he didn't think he could pull it off without sounding like a complete moron.

So he settled for a smile, which she returned instantly, and went back to staring at the stars; only this time, he settled for pointing out the constellations inside his own head, trying not to look too uncomfortable when Mimi decided to lean against him.

There were some things he could learn to appreciate.