Chapter 1- Welcome to Forks

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"Come on Alice, we are going to be late to school on the first day…again." I yelled upstairs toward my sister.

After some more shuffling around upstairs, I heard light footsteps start to ascend downstairs.

"Last time that was your fault we were late." my sister commented in her bell like voice.

"You MADE me change my outfit because you said I looked dumpy!" I yelled incredibly. I might not care for fashion like my sister but I thought I had done a good job with a basic jeans and a t-shirt.

"You bought THAT outfit at Target and it was on the clearance rack. It didn't even fit well!" she responded. She usually had no problem with me buying clothes without a name brand. She knew how I was. "At least now, you have gotten better at dressing yourself to your body." No sooner that later she had spoken, she was standing in front of me, my pixie of a sister. Questions have always surrounded our background when it came to the subject of being related because we were complete opposite of each other.

I was 5'4 with long, dark brown hair and eyes. While she was only 4'10 with light blue eyes and short, spiky black hair. Yet we had something in common if not two things for one, we are both pale as Snow White. It's was funny that after living with our mother in Phoenix, Arizona for so long we should have at least gotten some type of a effect from the constant sunshine but that wasn't the case. While she could get a very light tan complexion along with a sprinkle of freckles on her face and arms, my color would only change if I had gotten sunburned from trying to get a bronzed look.

We moved about a year ago when my mother got remarried to a baseball player named Phil. He was everything to her and she cared for him. However she was constantly unhappy when he had to go to different towns to play ball and she stayed in Phoenix. She stayed home because of us, no matter if we were old enough to look after ourselves. And that was when Alice and I made up our minds to move and live with our father for the remainder of our high school years. Alice was happy to move in with Charlie, our father while I was indifferent. But then again Alice was usually happy about everything.

I saw a flash of white in front of my face making me snap back to the present. Alice was waving her hand in front of my face with an amused look on her features.

"Earth to Bella…..Come back to us." said Alice in an echo voice.

"Ha-ha very funny Alice and we are going to be late while you are cracking jokes at my suspense." I stated as I turned around and headed toward the kitchen.

I went to the cabinets to look for fruit bars to eat on the way. I grabbed a raspberry and a strawberry bar for a quick breakfast for Alice and me. If my guess was right, she spent most of the morning setting up her outfit. Another reason why I'm not that excited to add to my closet, the more clothes you have the harder it seems to pick something to wear.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard her leave the house. Charlie was already gone to work at the station, so there was no need for me to find him and tell him we were leaving. I walked out of the kitchen, grabbed my book bag from the floor and left out the house. I locked the front door before going down to Alice's car, a Porsche 911 Turbo in a bright yellow. We both rode in the same car to avoid bringing too much attention to us when first moved here but being the apart of the new "thing" in Forks that wasn't going to happen until the next "new thing" came along.

Besides I thought as I slipped into the car next to my sister I guess we would never fit in or be normal. No matter if we had grown up here when we were younger until our mother left Charlie and took us with her, we were still outsiders in some of the locals' minds.

"Goddess! I am so hungry I could eat a cow," exclaimed Alice as she took the fruit bar out of my hand to eat it. Her eyes were off the road for a second but it still made me nervous.

"Can you please watch the road?" I asked her as we passed a blurred image of the local hospital. Alice's foot has always been made out of lead. I didn't mind the speed, since I could be a little speed demon myself. However Alice had a way of driving that made it seem like she wasn't even looking at the road.

"Lighten up Bella we be fine." she said tapping her head. I guess we will not be late today or end up like a pretzel on the side of the road. I went back to eating my bar and letting my thoughts wander.

I had another sleepless night…the 4 one in a month. I could go to sleep some of the days but wouldn't be able to stay asleep after a few hours. Other days it was the exact opposite. I have tried everything medical possible like sleeping pills and I have also tried herbal remedies like tea. I have tried simple ideas like counting sheep to some weird ones like using sleep rituals. Nothing seems to ease my mind back to dreamland.

I glanced at my reflection looking to see if my bags were too noticeable. I usually forgo makeup leaving it to Alice but lately I been using it to hide my sleepless nights. I haven't been sporting this many bags under my eyes since I stopped working and moved back with Alice and Renée a few years back. That time I understood the reason for restlessness, now I didn't know what the cause was. At least I was use to running on low sleep or else it would have taken the "jaws of life" to get me out of my bed and a whole tree of coffee beans to keep me upright and functioning.

"We are getting new students today." she said breaking my thoughts.

I noticed that we had reached the school in a new record of 6 minutes and 5 seconds. I looked out the window and noticed no one was in the parking lot yet but a silver Volvo parked a few feet from us. I glance at the clock to see that we indeed made it on time but we were early. Alice's crazy driving and my worrying was unnecessary. I turned toward her to joke on her speed and my mistake of the time but seeing her clouded face made me stop. She was looking straight ahead.

"What wrong?"

"It's just..." she sighed, looking at my face. "These students seem different….really different."

"Are they more different than us?" I joked trying to lighten up the somber mood that settled in the car.

" resources aren't so clear." She confessed to me.

OK now I was worried. Alice's sight never failed her or me before. "How many are there?" I asked

"A female and three males," Then she broke out into a smile and reach over and peck me on the cheek, "It's maybe nothing just some new subjects for the Forks population to swoon over." She stepped put the car and skipped over toward the main office to pick up our schedules.

My body decided to get some extra winks in since my mind told it that school hadn't start yet and I was dead tired. However my mind and body were not working well together so my head hit the dashboard which woke me with groan. That is going to leave a mark.

I turned on the radio to find something to keep me awake. As I flipped though the stations I noticed a familiar band, My Chemical Romance playing a song from a old album.

I looked to the left then the right for Alice.'s return. She didn't care for all male emo group's music. I told her music taste are too narrow and she said mine are too wide. However as much I loved the song that was currently playing today wasn't a MCR day it was more of a "Why does it always rain on me?" by Travis day. Although today it wasn't raining, it was cloudy enough to not rule it out as a possibility. I searched my bag for the CD and popped it into the car radio. I started to sing along with the song when I found the track I was looking for. I felt as sense of relief just as the song filled the car. I liked to sing but I only sung when no one was around.

I can't sleep tonight

Everybody saying everything's alright

Still I can't close my eyes

Alice say I'm a worrier. Which she thinks the cause of my insomnia Which is half true, I can't help it. Past experiences taught me to look out for the bad because it can't be that far from the good.

I'm seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights

Sunny days,where have you gone?

I get the strangest feeling you belong

Why does it always rain on me?

Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

I did lie when I was "seventeen" although I don't think those little white lies could be the reason I was feeling slightly uneasy lately. Dreams were like my version of Alice's visions and I always looked to them for some little glance of the working of my mind and life. Since my sleep has been off, my dreams have been too.

Why does it always rain on me?

Even when the sun is shining I can't avoid the lightning

I can't stand myself

I'm being held up by invisible men

Still life on a shelf when I got my mind on something else

Alice knew something was wrong with me but like Charlie didn't bring it up. I didn't like talking about my problems because it caused unnecessary worry. If I told her everything that was on my mind, she get me a doctor in a quick second.

Sunny days,where have you gone?

I get the strangest feeling you belong

Why does it always rain on me?

Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

Why does it always rain on me?

Even when the sun is shining

I can't avoid the lightning

I consider myself a danger magnet. Anything in a 100 yards of me that can hurt me physically or mentally happened to cross my path. That little quirk of my was helpful when I was working but now its was just annoying.

Oh, where did the blue skies go?

And why is it raining so?

It's so cold

I can't sleep tonight

Everybody saying everything's alright

Still I can't close my eyes

I'm seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights

Sunny days,where have you gone?

I get the strangest feeling you belong

Why does it always rain on me?

Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

Why does it always rain on me?

Even when the sun is shining

I can't avoid the lightning

Oh, where did the blue skies go?

And why is it raining so?

It's so cold Why does it always rain on me?

Why does it always rain..oooooh

As soon as I hit the last note, I felt someone watching me. I snapped opened my eyes to find my sister coming out of the school and a copper haired boy standing by the Volvo. He was looking at me with a expression of curiosity. I felt my checks flame up and looked to Alice hide my embarrassment. She just looked at me then the boy and shrugged her shoulders.

The boy looked at me again then headed into the school. Something was different about him. The parking lot was filling up with students and cars and Alice waved at a few of the students as she headed towards the car. I pulled down the window to glare at Alice.

"Oh come on Bella you really think he could hear you ?" she questioned giving me my schedule.

"Hmm...let me thing for a minute Alice ?"I was slightly horrified at the thought of someone hearing me sing. I was also a little annoyed that he was listen to me while I was having a private monument. "Umm..yes!"

"Your window was close." She pointed out.

"That means nothing" I said taking my schedule. I was too caught up in the song, so I knew I had preform some type of movement along with my singing."You should have warned me or stop me."

"Why ? You sing good" Alice always tried to get me to sing public with her but I never had the love for the stage I she did. When Alice gets in the mood, she can really blow. My singing was nothing compared to hers.

"Not the point," feeling myself blush more at the complement than the embrassment I felt.

"That was one of the new students, Edward." She said, changing the subject.

I looked up for her on more info but she looked confused. I grabbed my bad and step out the car.

"OK what up ?" I asked locking my eyes with hers.

"Its just these visions of them are a little weird."

"OK..what do you know ?" I asked walking toward the school. She followed next to me.

"Their names are Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen. They just moved here from Alaska because their father got a job as a doctor here. His name is Carlisle and his wife name is Esme. They are all adopted and Rosalie and Emmett are together. Jasper and Rosaline are twins. Rosalie and Emmett are seniors while Jasper is a junior. Edward is a sophomore like us." she told me. She kept her voice down as we were traveling the halls.

"OK so what can't you see ?" I asked incredibly. Sometimes what she see surprizes me.

She laughed at my face as she walked me toward my first class, English. The hallways were starting to empty out with students heading to class or catching up in the hall. Some students looked at us with familiarity but other looked at us in wonder.

"I don't know.'"she stated confused "I just know I am missing something and other parts of my vision aren't making any sense." She like me ignored the awed looks but I did notice happily, that there seem to be only a hand few of people. I guess the new students could be thanked for that.

We stopped outside my door. "Another mystery for me to finds out I guess" smiling at my sister. And the thought of unraveling a good puzzle.

"Like the rest of Forks high tried to find out the secret to us" she laughed while I cringed from the memories.

"Bye Bella, you better get into class before the bell." she said kissing my cheek and skipped down the hall.

"I still got time." I yelled to her as she rounded the corner. Just then the bell rang and I hurried into class. I should have known by to bet against Alice.


I got a seat in my English class towards middle and in the back. I already knew this stuff so I really didn't need to pay attention but I didn't want to be labeled as one of those people who just goof off in the back. As the tardy bell rang, I opened my notebook to a fresh new page and grabbed a pencil from my pack.

I heard other students talking what happened over their summer break while I started to absently doodled in my notebook. A figure started to take form on the page but I didn't know what it was. Sometimes I draw with the intent to clear my thoughts so my unconscious took control of my pencil.

"Hello students, I hope you had a nice summer and are ready to bring your focus in for your first assignment." said Ms. Patel the English teacher.

I heard some groans and protest about it being the first period of the first day back. I tried to bite back a smile. I had this teacher last year and even though she was a good teacher ,she loved to play on students fears and weaknesses. She had no problem with me but I didn't want to go through her teaching again. I knew I should have picked Advance English. She told us write a paper on what we did over the summer using some weird format that had some student swearing.

I glanced at the clock and with a sigh got started on the work.


I had finished my "What did I do over the summer break" on three pages and in 6 minutes flat. I made it short and to the point. I quickly ran over to look for any errors. I didn't have any ,of course I could do this in my sleep. I guess I would have to do it about 5 more times today since most current High School teachers weren't so creative anymore.

I might have to write more or less pages but it will still be the same concept. What I did over the summer could be summarized into 3 words: eat, sleep, and read. Sometime between that schedule Alice dragged me to shop with her in Paris, Italy or some other exotic place. But other than that I never moved from my four walls of our house unless it got too hot to stay in.

Even though it didn't happen a lot since Forks wasn't a tropical place, I went over to the beaches in La Push to cool off while Charlie went fishing with one of the locals, Billy Black. I always had fun with his children, Jake and his older sisters when I was younger. However it would be just Jake and me since his sister are married with families of their own. Alice got along with Jake fine but she confessed she felt like a third wheel without his sisters along to talk to. Alice also felt the need to tell me often that Jake liked me more than a friend but I never wanted more than friendship with him.

As I looked around I saw students still working and the teacher checking the web on a old computer on her desk. To kept myself from dying of boredom ,I decide for the next 30 minutes I will finish drawing.


The ring of the bell startled me more than normal which made me jump out of my seat and fall on my butt. I was the clumsiest Swan sister. Another reason why I think Alice got stuck with the good genes. I never saw her once trip over air like I do on a daily base. Her movement remind me too much of a ballerina.

My embarrassment caused a blush to grace my cheeks again. After I gave the teacher my paper, I quickly grabbed my notebook and rushed outside. I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings so I had another accident. I had once again fallen down but this time I brought down someone as well. I felt like I ran into a brick wall.

Of course if I wasn't mortified enough my loose drawings started scatter on the floor after falling out of my notebook. Thank goddess the hallway was almost cleared. I bent down to grab my papers.

"I am so sorry about that." I apologized while trying to gather all the paper before someone stepped on them. I felt the person I ran into bend down and help me. I saw a large pale white grab some paper in front of me before I could reach them.

"Oh, no problem, accidents happen," boomed a male voice. I snapped up my head and almost dropped the drawing again.

He was huge. He had a good foot and a few inches to my 5'4, he might be about maybe 6'5. He had the muscular built of a bodybuilder. He had short, brown, curly hair and golden eyes. He was also paler than me the albino, a feat I thought wasn't possible untill now.

I don't think that was what made me speak-less. It was, along with his impressive size, his looks that caught my eye. He was very attractive, extra underlining on the "very" part. A slight fearful thought went thorough my head about the cause of his looks and then I cut it off in second. It seemed as if my past was in the forefront of my mind today.

The model looking student was now focusing his attention on the drawings he picked up. I flushed cherry red as he examined my work. I usually don't let anyone see them because it was just something I did to pass the time, not a craft I had worked on perfecting. Art classes helped out with basic forms but I got restless with the normal drawing I had to do in the class.

"These are really good" he stated flipping through them one at a time. The drawings he was looking at were mostly of nature scenes of Forks and Phoenix.

"Thank you." I put out my hand to show I wanted them back.

My voice must have sounded annoyed to his ears because he had a sheepish look on his face as he gave me back my drawings. As I stuffed them back into my note book I wonder faintly if he was apart of the new family Alice told me about this morning. Once everything was secure in my bag I looked up to him staring at me. It looked like he was concentrating very hard on something.

"Are you OK ?" I asked worried. I hope he wasn't just brawn but brain too since it would be a shame for him the live up to the stereotype. The one were burly guys usually had the IQ of a bug.

He then broke out into a smile and stuck out his hand. "Emmett Cullen" Something I said must have decided I was "okay" for introduction.

So he was one of the new students. I confirmed this from the looks the other students were shooting him. I looked at his hand than his face. He seemed friendly enough but warning bells were going off in my head.

"Bella Swan" I shook his hand. I faintly heard the final bell ring but I didn't move.

I was surprised at the coldness of it but I just dismissed thinking he had just came in from outside. While I was in class it had started to drizzle. By the look of his hair and clothes he had gone without protective other gear.

"Where were you heading?" I questioned him. I was going to be late for class but it was the first day for crying out loud. If my next teacher was upset with it then they could write me up for all I care. Just another reason I use for leaving before school ended for an "early dismissal".

He pointed behind me to my first class. "Be careful. That teacher uses students as toys." I warned, moving out of the doorway. The hall was empty now.

"I watch my back. Thank you." He told me smiling again. He had a very contagious smile.

I nodded a goodbye and headed down the hall before I missed the whole class. I suddenly had a thought and turned around. Even though I was almost around the corner, I still saw him outside the class.

"Hey, Emmett!" I yelled down the hall. He turned around toward me.

"Welcome to Forks" I smiled.

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