Chapter 4-Dealing with Alice

I made it back in the lunch room without any problems. It took all my control to forget about my phone call and the Cullens. Which is easier said than done since they seem to be prime gossip material. The lunch room was a buzz. When I got back to the table, I just folded myself into the bench and laid my head down on the table.

"I don't want to talk about it," I told Alice once I felt her curiosity and concern. She knew better than anyone in the room and if I didn't want to do something, then I won't do it.

"Are you going to leave?" she asked me in a quiet voice.

My head snapped up to look at her face. She looked dejected. I felt my face soften. "No Alice. I'm not going anywhere," I assured her.

She released a deep breath. "Good because I would hate to lose my favorite Barbie doll," she told me with a grin.

I playfully sighed at her. She knew that I had problems with expressing my emotions in public and this was her way of letting me know she cared.

"Changing the subject, Mike came by here after you left," she gave me a look "He was VERY worried about you and almost went after you before I convinced him that you will be fine."

I must have had a confused look on my face because then she added, "I told him you had cramps."

I let out a laugh. "Thanks"

"You are going to have to confront him soon," she told me.

"You don't think I have done that?" I asked her, "He doesn't understand that I am not interested. I am wondering if I am speaking another language because no matter what I say to him,he doesn't quit."

"You need to have some fun," she told me, changing the subject "When was the last time you have ever did something just for the fun of it?"

I had pulled out my stretch notebook by that time and was doodling in it. I had, unknowingly, started to draw a picture of Charlie. He was at the docks, fishing.

"Are you going to answer me?" She asked as she looked to see what I was creating. "He will love that picture."

"No," I said while adding more detail to my picture "You already know how long it has been." No use reminding her that it has been more than a few decades.

"If you are worried about the big secret, then go out with Jake," she argued "He likes you"

La Push had a secret too…some of its people were werewolves. At a certain age, it starts to manifest in certain teenage boys with the gene. However, there was another component to the change. I unknowingly glanced back at the Cullens...vampires need to be in the area. I shook my head to clear it of my thought process. I focused back on Alice.

I gave her a glare, "Jake is like my brother and last time I checked, that incest "I grabbed another pencil from my pack. "Besides, Billy said he might be changing soon and he doesn't need any more problems"

The funny thing about the werewolf secret is only a few know it at La Push. Billy and Sam, the local pack leader are a few. You can't find out about it until you change or if you are "imprinted" with one of the wolves. Imprinting is very binding. The werewolf and his mate, they can be human, are bound to each other for all of their lives. It's almost most like love at first sight but when no way for either party to get out it. Until Jake sprouts fur, he can't know the secret.

"What am I going to do about you ?" she asked hopelessly, going back to the subject.

"Marry me off quickly to the first 'lucky' gentleman." I stated. "Oh and don't forget to add an high dowry so that he can't forget about my charming personality," I added.

"One day you are going to find your Romeo ." she stated confidently. That made me snap up to her. She was innocently looking over my picture.

"What did you see ?" I threaten.

"Nothing" she said picking up my notebook.

"Now who is lying " I stated.

"Nothing you need to worry about...yet." she told me. "Trust me"

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