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A/N: Inspired by the "Oh, D" quote from the Local Ad episode.

The kisses feel different now. They are quick and rough, and not at all the way she likes them. Part of Angela knows, as she sits on this couch with her eyes closed tight, that the person kissing her is not the person she wants. He's not the person she loves, and part of her knows that this is wrong and unfair to him.

She doesn't care. If she thinks about it too long, it'll eat away at the calm exterior she wants - needs - to maintain. So, she doesn't say a word. She doesn't shove him away. She lets him kiss her, and pretends that everything is as it should be. She pretends he is someone else, and even kisses him back.

His lips feel different. It's a little hard to explain, but she can tell that something is not right. Maybe it's because these lips feel cold and chapped. They aren't warm and soft. She misses the old lips that used to gently kiss her late into the night.

His hands are too big, and he lets his nails get way too long before he cuts them. He touches her face with one hand as he kisses her. The contact used to be so welcome, but now she has to keep herself from shuddering whenever it occurs.

Even the way he says her name is different, and it scares her because it's the one thing she can't seem to block out. "Oh, Angela." The voice is too deep, too unfamiliar, too wrong. Everything is all wrong.

Her eyes snap open. The face that greets her isn't the one she expected to see. Andy frowns. "What's wrong?" he asks as she abruptly stops kissing him. She almost smiles at the question because it is just so ridiculously absurd. Anyone with their eyes open should be able to see the obvious answer - and that's precisely why she has to keep her own eyes shut tight.

"Nothing." she lies quickly. Just another sin to add to a long list, she tells herself.

She closes her eyes again, and a moment later, she feels the wrong lips touch hers. She ignores the guilt and the pain that is welled up somewhere deep in her chest. She ignores the fact that her life has fallen completely and hopelessly apart. She ignores it all, and instead focuses on imagining someone who isn't there.

If she could only close her eyes forever, maybe she could keep pretending and everything would be okay. Life for Angela, however, has never been that easy.

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