I was walking through the area when I heard the voice. A girl was singing, and her voice was beautiful. I went to investigate the source of the sound. I girl was walking a fox. Without a leash, the fox was following her. Do pet shops even sell those? Probably not. But what song was she singing? I finally recognized the song as Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan. AN: Good song,) I didn't talk to her, though. I wanted to hear her sing, and I didn't think she would if a stranger came up to her and said 'Hi. Can you keep singing because I want you to?' So I was stuck watching the beautiful girl. She walked right out into the forest and up to a river. She collapsed at the edge, gripping her stomach and groaning. That got me worried; what was wrong with her? I finally noticed what I hadn't before; she looked extremely sick. Her fox stopped and looked at her. Then, it ran off. I walked up to her and looked to see where we were. I quickly figured out that my house was half a mile away. The fox came back with medicine in its mouth and a blanket on its back. It dropped the medicine when it saw me and started to growl. Wow, I have never seen a fox growl.

"I'm here to help her. My dad is a doctor, I can take her and he will make her better. Is that okay?" I asked the fox. It nodded and came over to where I stood. It shook the blanket off itself and gripped the edge with its teeth. Then it walked backwards over top of her, covering her with the blanket. It proceeded to nudge her; she woke up a little and whispered her thanks to her fox, not yet noticing me. She took the medicine from the fox and drinking some of the liquid. I decided to make my presence known.

"Are you okay? I'm going to take you to my father." She turned around and nodded.

"I'm okay,"

"No you're not."

"I am." I picked her up and started to walk to my house. She fell asleep quickly after that.

She woke up a little when Carlisle started checking her. "Edward, she would have to eat before I do anything. I t looks like she hasn't eaten in a long time. She is also dehydrated." I was beginning to wonder how she got sick and what was wrong with her.



"What is wrong with her?"

"A lot of things. First, she has a sprained wrist, a sprained ankle, and a broken arm. Second, she has the Spanish Flu and stomach flu. If you had brought her here any later, she might have died." Did I really save her life? Was this strange really hurt so bad that she would have died without help?

I haven't run out of ideas this time. I wanted to build up a little tension. You know, like they do on TV? Tune in next week for the next chapter. I'm kidding. The next chapter will probably be up tomorrow.