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This story contains spoilers. Big ones. One of which is the main plot. To summarize this spoiler without revealing too much, during the character endings for FE10, if certain criteria are filled, Almedha meets Soren, she realizes something, she tells Kurthnaga. This story revolves around the something. If you don't like spoilers, this story is not for you. Everyone else, enjoy this pathetically short prologue. Oh, and Italicized things are thoughts, like with a Sending Stone.

The prince wasn't in his chambers. He wasn't in the library, nor was he in the courtyard, armory or the stables. Ena was tempted to believe that he had finally just packed up and left, but like herself, he had a reason to stay in the keep. In fact their reasons for staying were very closely related, in more ways than one.

Giving up on the conventional searching method, the dragon checked to make sure no one was watching, and then pulled out a dark blue crystal. Holding the stone in her hands, Ena called to the prince.

"Yes?" the prince sounded irritated, as if Ena's telepathic call had interrupted something important.

"The king sent me to find you. Your presence is required in what appears to be a meeting of great importance." Ena forced as much hatred into the royal title as possible.

The prince picked up the Elwind tome he had been studying and headed for the place he knew the meeting would be taking place. He knew the keep like the back of his hand, after all, he'd lived there his whole life. Reaching the heavy oak door, he took a moment to mentally prepare himself for what promised to be a very stressful experience.

Upon entering the room he glanced around, taking note on who was present. The Four Riders were, of course, present, as were several other generals. Also present was the one person the prince hated above everything and everyone else. His father, King Ashnard. Soren had a feeling that whatever was about to happen, it wouldn't end well.

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