Ok guys, here it is! Finally, I had been wanting to do a fanfiction like this for a while...but I had never gotten around to actually writing it. Now before you shun this couple entirely (Sasuke and Hinata), just think about the possibilities. Sasuke has a very strong and, in my opinion, protective aura. Hinata has a weak presence and doesn't really have much purpose, but those around her always manage to inspire strong feelings inside of her. I think that the two would work out great as a couple, as they would be able to balance each other out. Will they hook up in the manga? Probably not, but if they did...I think they would have a great chemistry.

Anyway, enough with my rambling. Enjoy the fic!

Maybe it was the way his body pushed itself with such sheer force under seemingly hopeless conditions. Maybe it was the way his face contorted with determination as he surmounted the wall of sand before him. Whatever it was about Sasuke that day as he fought Gaara...Hinata found herself admiring him.
Sweat shone on the young Hyuuga's face as she assailed the punching bag with a new series of blows. The moon above provided little light for her as she went on with her training, and the trees began to seem menacing...but that didn't matter. Hinata still struggled on, never allowing herself to slacken her punches a bit. She was going to become strong, strong enough to do well on her next mission.

Which was a little odd, because her feelings about the mission were beginning to become unclear. She was assigned to help tean 7 retrieve Sasuke. The village had received intelligence regarding his location, and so she was ordered to pack and be ready to leave by tommorow morning.

Hinata, although eager to help Naruto, was still feeling a little confused by the emotions welling up inside of her. On one hand, she was desperate to ease the suffering in Naruto and Sakura. Seeing them so miserable hurt her inside as well. But on the other hand...it almost seemed like she wanted to help because she wanted to find out more about Sasuke.

She had never fully understood why he had deserted his friends like he had. It seemed bizarre to her. Ever since the Chunin exams, when she had first watched Sasuke fight...she had really begun to look up to him. He reminded her of Naruto, in a lot of ways. She had watched team 7 grow closer over the years and noticed a side of Sasuke that was really amazing. He would risk his life to protect his friends, and in return his friends would support him. She wished she had that closeness with her teammates, but a bond had never really developed between the three.

Hinata suddenly gasped and took a step back from the punching bag. A shard pain in her side started to throb. She tried to ignore the pain, but found that it was too much. She pushed the hair back from her face, huffing a little as she tried to steady herself. She decided she would give herself a break...after all, she had been at it for three hours.

She found a spot next to a tree and quickly sat down. She pulled out a small water bottle from the satchel on her waist and drank a little. The night had gone quiet, only the distant sound of some birds could be heard.

It was there, lying against the tree, that he found her.

yay! First chapter done...well, maybe its more like an intro, but who cares!

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