Just something that popped in my head and had to write. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

Just A Child.

They call me the Hero of Time.

It's my Destiny they say.

But I'm just a child.

I may look like a 17 year old, but inside I'm just a 10 year old afraid of what can happen in the future. I don't understand why they decided that it should be me their hero. I still don't understand.

And I don't like being the hero.

Everything was so simple back at Kokiri Forest. I didn't had a fairy or any friends, save Saria, but I like it.

It was better than be a hero.

I don't like having such a burden, the weight of the world. I hate it.

I'm afraid I will let everyone down, they all trust me, but they don't understand how I feel.

Do they ever care about how I feel about this?

Do they ever think about my feelings, my emotions?

Did the Deku Tree, with all his wisdom, thought I would like the task of being a hero of the kingdom.

I'm just a forest boy, I may be a Hylian, but Kokiri Forest is my home. And I miss it. I feel afraid of the time, even if I have the Triforce of Courage.

I'm brave, but I'm not ready yet.

They thought that being frozen in time for 7 years would get me ready. But they're wrong. Rauru is wrong, as well are the others.

Rauru, Impa, Nabooru, Ruto, Darunia, Saria, Deku Tree, Navi, Malon and Zelda trust me to save the world. But I'm not ready.

Without Navi, I would have probably gone insane. With no one to talk to, no one to listen to me about this burden, about my Destiny.

I can't say I'm a coward, I fought monsters from Gogma to the evil Twins, and I survived and won every task. From inside Deku Tree to all the temples. I defeated the most fearsome monsters.

I'm brave, I have Din's courage within me.

But that doesn't mean I'm not afraid.

Every night I pray to the goddesses to help me in this task, I'm dealing with a master of evil, someone who had a life of training and power.

I might look 17…

But I'm just 10 years old in heart.

And Zelda is counting on me.

I can't let her down.

I can't let them down.

I have to be brave, I have to fight. Even if I cry myself to sleep sometimes.

I still have to fight.

I still have to save Hyrule.

I still have to fight Ganondorf.

I'm still the Hero of Time, nevertheless.

And I wonder, would have been any different if someone else had been chosen to this task?

Would someone else have the ability to defeat such monsters and survive those dungeons.

Why is it me the Chosen One?

Why is it that I'm different from everyone else?

I'm just a forest boy, nothing special about me.

But I was chosen, and I have to finish what's started.

Is my Destiny after all, and I have to fufill it, so I can live in peace.

Maybe after all this, I will have a chance to get my childhood back, that's all I wish.

I pray to the goddesses, and I pray to my mom, who is with them, that they will guide me.

I may be just a child, but I can do it.

I must.

"Are you alright, Link?" asked Navi worriedly at his friend.

Link nodded, wiping a tear that rolled down his cheek, "Better than ever. Let's go."

With that, the Hero of Time walked up the stairs towards Ganondorf's chamber.

Where he will fight his final battle and save the Princess of Destiny and the kingdom of Hyrule.

It's his Destiny.

Even if he was just a child.