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Because of the events of the final battle between Cloud and Konoha, many events were changed. Cloud after reforming their alliance with Rock and integrating in the remains of Konoha was able to avoid a war with mist after the Mizukage was assassinated by one of the rebels,he was replaced by the first female Mizukage who promptly ended the bloodline purge.

Sasuke Uchiha was found unfit to be a genin after his expulsion from the ninja ranks he was put under the clan punishment by Mikoto after he was caught trying to deflect to anther village, this permanently blocked his Sharingan.

Himeko after a few years of denial about her feelings married Yamato/Tenzo (though Mikoto did send some death threats if Yamato did anything stupid.)

Mikoto eventually fell in love with Minako after talking it over with Itachi and Himeko who gave their approval.

Obito Uchiha and Rin Inuzuka eventually got married after a few years of dating.

Hinata and Naruto dated for a few years before getting married with only Neji,Hanabi,and Taki in attendance along with Yakumo and Akira.

Yakumo and Akira also dated for a few years before getting married in a double wedding with Naruto and Hinata (with a bawling Setsuka watching.)

Kurenai Yuuhi and Anko Mitarashi eventually moved in together and started a relationship (after trying to kill Jirayia and Zabusa for peeking on them.)

Yugito Nii eventually fell in love with Haku

Temari eventually found love with of all people Sakura Uzumaki (after finding out about what the Haruno clan did and meeting her actual family Sakura took the Uzumaki clan name.)

Hanabi Hyuuga fell in love with Gaara they took over the Hyuuga clan and restroed the clan to it's former glory Hanabi co ran the clan with her cousin Neji which ended the branch/main house feud.

Itachi Uchiha with help from his mother and half sister became head of the Uchiha clan, he eventually found love with Ino Yamanaka

Taki surprisingly fell in love with Iruka Umino, together the two merged the beliefs from the cloud and Konoha ninja academies.

Shizune eventually married Kakashi Hatake in a double wedding with Yugao Uzuki and Gekko Hayate

A simple choice after the Kyuubi attack caused things to change who could for see how big the changes would be.

The end.

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