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Droplets of rain pitter-pattered against the guests and squeals from women emerged as their husbands ushered them beneath the church's edifice. Elizabeth Swann shoved through them, her relatives and friend attempting to convince her to take shelter.

No, she couldn't turn back now.

The musicians trotted past her, leaving their melodies to melt in the inclement weather. The young woman shuffled down the aisle, tears egressing from her eyes, and her slender fingers clutching the wilting bouquet of white flowers. Gazing through the blinding rain and salty tears, Elizabeth witnessed a mass of vessels coasting into Port Royal, longboats stroking toward the shore. Her father's shore. Her shore. Her wedding. It wasn't raining on her wedding. It wasn't ruining her and Will's day. The moist leaves sagged in her grip, clinging to her paling skin as the rain pelted her vibrant embroidered gold gown. The rain intensified, whapping the droplets against her face as she approached the stone paved altar. Her hand grazed the altar's flowered structure, and she looked to the two elegant poles, where decorations flapped hither and thither.

He wasn't coming. He left her to witness the ruin of their wedding day. But, he had to have a reason... A logical explanation for his disappearance. The waves of her heart sloshed in anxiety and disappointment as she crumpled to the wet grasses, her voluminous golden dress shrouding her knees and the puffy damp layers plastering to her bent legs. The constricting corset that forced her to whine and complain only hours before now seemed such a meager trifle, and she did not bother to wipe away her now unfurled tresses as they dangled and swayed in the wind. She desired... So much as yearned to turn back this day. Elizabeth cast her gaze to the gray and hazy sky that whirled a forewarning that the world was prepared to tarnish her and Will's marital felicity.

"Why? Why? Why?" she murmured repeatedly until it stopped being a question. Where was the governor to save her? This wasn't happening. This couldn't destroy everything she and Will had worked for. Everything that she and Will had lived for. The moisture finally seeped through the abundant fine coats of her dress and gradually soaked her bones. Sniffling, her tears suddenly stopped streaming, her ears were tortured as chairs cracked in collapse, and she didn't flinch as music whipped past her face. She swore her name was cried, a piercing cry that could shatter her soul, bursting from every fiber of a man's body and thrust from his fixed jaw. Elizabeth turned her head and gazed over her shoulder to meet the eyes of a white-wigged man.

Although she did not recall his prestigious name, the woman recognized the man's short figure and malicious face that joyously bore a grin at her misery. She had met him in England shortly before their departure, and in her gut as ache swelled in her breast, she knew he caused this wretched fortune. Elizabeth rapidly raised, her white elongated train dragging behind her as she lifted the corners to ascend the stone steps. She breezed past the white-wigged man, ignoring the concern of the guests who crowded in the hallways like men around a boxing match. Her loving fiancé strode toward the woman, menacing and familiar red coats surrounding him. Her eyes locked onto the manacles that bound his wrists, and she quickly touched his hands.

"Will!" she yelped gently, "Why is this happening?"